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Jerabos march on the streets of Mufulira to demand the Black Mountain

General News Jerabos march on the streets of Mufulira to demand the Black Mountain

Jerabos celebrating the controversial decision to hand them back the Black Mountain.
FILE: Jerabos celebrating the controversial decision to hand them back the Black Mountain.

Hundreds of small-scale miners commonly known as Jerabos backed by freedom fighters and youths from the ruling Patriotic Front have marched on the streets of Mufulira asking for government to give them the mineral rich dump site called the Black Mountain.

The procession, which stretched for over five hundred meters, involved several Jerabos riding in tipper trucks and mining equipment.

The marchers went through Mufulira’s Central Business District carrying placards for their various mining cooperatives calling for the handover of the Black Mountain in the mining town.

At the Mufulira Civic Center where they gathered, Bonse Chesu Mining Union Cooperative Secretary General Gift Chibale said over 50 cooperatives are appealing to President Edgar Lungu to hand over the Black mountain to the youths.

Mr. Chibale said the slug dump will help young people create their own jobs and have viable businesses.

He added that among the cooperatives are those representing widows, former miners, Jerabos, youths and freedom fighters.

Mufulira Deputy Mayor Beatrice Kapansa and PF Copperbelt Province Youth Chairperson Don Mungulube attended the event.

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    • I wish these thieves would demand for the FIC report to be acted upon with the same enthusiasm.

      Why does government tolerate these thugs? They even demand that contracts on the copperbelt should only be for copperbelt companies. What if other provinces also started demanding the same thing? Would they be tolerated?

    • Do they even understand what you mean by FIC, thats the weakness, you think everybody knows about your FIC report and yet its only you the few “Educated” ones, the scared ones as Sata put it, that knows about that FIC report. Put it in the lay man language so that a common man can understand what you are talking about!

    • LT, please show us their Police permit. Do not just be reporting illegalities and not show what it is.

    • To your Sata being civil meant being a coward,he is the one who put us in this position where dullards take over and the educated take a back sit the man.What we are seeing here is Sata’s proper legacy,matching without notifying the police,misplaced militancy,*** stupidity[just look at how the fools are risking life and limb without thinking],what a loss of a man

    • Hmm aba nabo. These are not youths but cadres. Can we empower youths not because of political alignment? Zambia belongs to all

    • These natural resources do not belong to one group of people but to the whole nation whether you are from Dundumwezi or Katete as a Zambian it is your birthright the same applies to those in the Copperbelt you to have a birthright in any corner of Zambia that is what citizenship means-we are one family let’s not say jerabos own thisbor that on the Copperbelt, no one can own natural resources they belong to all Zambians.

  1. Mufulira City Fathers should learn something from their Kitwe and Kalulushi Counterparts. The Black Mountain Business left a trial of destruction on their Roads and they have nothing to show for it.

    At the end of the day the moved slag (NOT SLUG) is now in the hands of Chinese who have stockpiled it.
    In steady of levying Charcoal burners and peasant farmers, Mufulira City Fathers/Mothers (in the event that the slag is given to these reclamation Engineers)they must come up with a levy on the slag. In turn our reclamation Engineers will transfer the LEVY to the Chinese. That way we will get money from China into Mufulira Council. Way to make money.
    Here is some simple calculation

    If the slag total tonnage is say 40 Million tonnes
    A truck load picks up 30 Tonnes
    You Charge 20 US$…

  2. These people need dignified jobs instead of this scavenging. These shameful politicians will use the poor citizens to advance their evil agendas. Black Mountain is not a long term solution and it’s just going to cause more deaths. Good luck to these poor souls if they think that the black mountain is going to fix their money issues.

  3. Lusaka Times where is the story on the non-implementation of Sales Tax on 1st July?? Am thinking that’s more important than these PF cadres

  4. Did these P.F, aligned Thugs get permission to gather in such huge numbers?
    Yellow card movement has been forbidden to congregate, with the threat of serious violence & repression by Kaponya (Chimp)yongo, & his clueless Corruption Captain Jona Chakolwa!
    ONLY IN [email protected] ZAMBIA!

  5. Why are these gangsters called ‘small scale miners’? Why should they be given that mountain in Mufulira? These fima thugs from Chingola and Kitwe are a nuisance. Don’t even talk about the a police permit, the coppers fear them. Only the men from the national army can sort them out. What’s the governement’s and not PF’s position on this? The situation of only 6 thugs controlling black mountains of the country should come to a stop. Every Zambian should benefit.

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