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Government committed to ensure defilement cases are curbed

General NewsGovernment committed to ensure defilement cases are curbed
Vice President Inonge Wina
Vice President Inonge Wina

Vice President Inonge Wina says government remains committed to ensuring that defilement cases across the country are curbed.

The Vice President added that government is aware of the increase in the number of reported cases of child abuse and the age of the girls that are being affected which she says is demeaning to the country.

Mrs Wina was speaking in parliament today during the Vice President’s Question and Answer Session in response to Chilubi Member of Parliament, Rosaria Fundanga, who wanted to know the holistic measures that government is implementing to address the vice.

The Vice President said it is worrying that young girls are being defiled without knowing what is behind the trend.

Mrs Wina said government is working with cooperating partners to address the issue, adding that there is also need to ensure that funding for sensitisation programmes in communities is increased to intensify on the programmes.

The Vice President stated that no one knows what is happening to Zambian men for them to engage themselves in such a dehumanising act.

She said if it has to do with fast healing from certain diseases then there is need to sensitise traditional healers to start advising their clients to do away with the vice adding that if it also has to do with release from prison, there is equally need for more sensitisation.

Mrs Wina said it is regrettable that defilement is killing and damaging the future for the children and women that are being victimised.

She said government will continue working to ensure that the message gets to all the people and that she is hopeful that the law will continue to take its course in many issues of defilement.


  1. Do people or herself even take account of the time she reassures …this woman and her office are toothless if you had a young individual in that office with ambition there is now way s/he would tolerate the nonsense in PF. This senile old hen Bo Inonge is merely happy to sail through till 2021 provided her immediate family in Mongu are looked after as per her “selling out” agreement.

  2. What about corruption, nepotism and tribalism which is in PF are you not read to fight for it.if you really care please evacuate Noah HAABENZU to India than telling people what you can not do.those are future things that can not happy.copperbelt and lusaka voters are most people to be blamed.where isGBM ? A man is finished .lameck mangani he is also finished.

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