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Police nab ZANACO female banker

Headlines Police nab ZANACO female banker

Zambia Police spokesperson Esther Katongo
Zambia Police spokesperson Esther Katongo

Police in Pemba have arrested and detained Imenda Musialeki of Fairview Extension in Monze an employee of ZANACO Bank, Monze branch for allegedly stealing K59, 000 from the Bank.

She was found walking along Monze – Livingstone road near Muzoka at a place commonly known as Nigeria.

Police Public Relations Officer Esther Katongo said when searched, she was found with K2, 140.

Mrs Katongo said Investigations have continued.

On July 3rd , Imenda Musialike fled after allegedly stealing K59,000 from ZANACO Monze Branch. Police had launched a manhunt for Imenda who was suspected of arson and theft of K59,000 from a Bank client using a cloned ATM card.

According to Mrs Katongo, Imenda is alleged to have stolen K 59,000 from a client and that at the time officials from the Bank were viewing CCTV footage from the information technology room to establish who could have withdrawn the money using the cloned ATM, she is alleged to have set the registry room located next to the information room on fire in a bid to destroy evidence but the fire was quickly quenched by other Bank officials.

Last month, a female Barclays employee identified as Pamela Gondwe fled after staging a heist involving US$ 400,000 and Interpol have since placed her on the International Watch List.


    • LT is now very boring … are we really serious??? It now seems to me, at least, that we are now running a government of the thieves, by the thieves and for the thieves thus these subsequent bank robberies.

      The smart people of the Zambian Enterprise have been baptized by the MMD spirit of thieving which has now spilled over into these PF surrogates.

      I miss my UNIP years of innocence and common decency. During those days, Somalians, Zaireans and Ma Goregore (Zimbabweans) were the only thieves we knew about.

      Heaven help us all … epo mpelele.


    • Arrest whoever in-sighted them that they have to take whatever is in their fields. Ubomba mwibala… even her own daughter forgot about romancing, just busy nesting on cash.
      Youthful women resort to robbery. Women lobby groups can’t do anything now for women, because some one they looked for as a father told them to be thieves.

    • BR am shocked!! What has happened? Youre slowly seeing what we have been for years! Keep seeing and finding out more truth. Soory for your heart ache. We are used to it.


    • Ba Br Mumba imwe, we told you your beloved P.F was a Den of Corrupt thieves, & Vipers, & you accused us of being Tonga & U.P.N.D sympathisers, despite me being your “mbuya”
      Wa wona manje, wa believa!
      Please DONCHI blame M.M.D.
      At least Mwanawasa tackled Corruption, & leaders were being locked up!
      Your Beloved Jonathan Chakolwa, enables Corruption, & LOVES CORRUPT GOON’S like Chitotela, Chimpyongo Jean Mukula Baptist!

    • It’s all about Ubomba Mwibala. It’s a shame that our leaders encourage theft instead of people working hard. Stealing has become the Norm in Zambia. It starts with Ministers so what do you expect.

    • B R Mumba, please note that it’s your buddy, corrupt clueless Lungu, who has brought about this culture of stealing. He’s the thief in chief. His “Ubomba mwibala alya mwibala,” advice is bearing fruit—as you can see in the news above. Your buddy is robbing the Zambian people blind by his wastage of taxpayer money, making unnecessary trips to go open private hotels. Please advise your buddy to stop stealing, will ya? Thank you. Naine empo mpelele ba Mumba wesu.

    • @Cat Power … Axiomatic!!! Sancho saana.

      @Keleni Zambolina Afwenkula Fimo Fimo … Okay Mbuya!! But, please don’t stereotype me with Tonga haters. I love the smart people of the Southern Province. Almost married Munkombwe’s youngest daughter. She was a little wild for me. Besides, my favorite uncle married Dad’s first cousin. He was Tonga!!! My Tonga cousins are the sweetest of all my cousins in the entire world.

      @LIE DETECTOR … my buddy has messed up here and there but my money is still on him come 2021. He listens and has the ability to self-correct. His cadres are thieves though and that’s a negative blight on him.

      Epo mpelele,


  1. Let her go

    We pay our mortgage at a massive £690 per month – my fiance and i . We do NOT complain

    We find money with my fiance by crook or hook.

    Listen- what i am trying to say is, nabbing her means nothing. She hasn’t killed anyone.

    U am not saying I condone what she did. All I am saying is $400,00 is not even the value of my house.

    Do I have your attention Please?



  2. I am sure Politicians in govt are just laughing at these fooooooools physically stealing money from banks…when you can steal from taxpayers and if you are caught you an attend court whilst working as you will be given time off!!

  3. When you steal to solve your immediate problems you get caught, simple as that. Why steal such a small amount of money, she worked for a bank and could have gotten a loan elsewhere, since she had probably reached the limit with her employer.
    Maybe it was the case of black dollar or worse, we will know eventually.

  4. Mushota needs to take several seats, the fudge does everything have to do with your Fiance?
    That must be one unhappy man.

  5. When she was caught walking between Monze and Livingstone, was she supposed to have been at work? Crime is crime is crime. Imenda Musialike is a suspect. Don’t bring in tribe here.

  6. @Mushota
    $400,000 is equal to approx. £330,000 which is more than the average value of houses in the UK. You are fake and ignorant and does not even know how to convert currencies . In Scotland, where you claim to live, most houses are below this value except in London were a minimum value of a house is £500,000.

    • Alibaba # 8

      Be specific. Which zones are you talking. You can get a house for £350, 000 in london. All you need is to do is go further away from central london. It also depends if you are buying houses Victorian Houses or Modern Structures.

      Go on rightmove.co.uk and search by zone from 1 to 8

      Scotland also does gave cheaper and expensive areas. Glasgow and Edinburgh are dynamic areas.

    • Do your maths properly, k59 000 = £3, 500 a monthly salary in UK and you cannot buy a house anywhere with that amount. This is very little money compared the allegedly stollen 6 million in FIC report

    • Observer 8.2

      I can truly see you are blind. Or its a dislike you have for my comments. Take heart.

      My specific argument is the notion that a minimum value of a house in london is £500K, which Alibaba #8 has claimed.

      I repeat. You can get a house in london for £350,000 in zone 7, 8 and 9 of Greater London Boroughs.

    • cont..

      (1) I have not commented or referred to the K59,000 stolen as claimed by Zanaco and what you can do with it in UK or Zambia in my statement above. ZERO !!

      ( 2) I have not mentioned about 6 million in FIC Report.

      You are the one that has brought in this , creating this mixed Mambao Jambo and about doing the your maths.

      +++ Dont assume. Assumption is the biggest killer of people’s endeavours. ++

      Its not always about how much you earn. Its about how much deposit you put down and your monthly commitments, that a mortgage manager will look at. The more deposit you put down the less monthly payments on your mortgage.

    • cont..

      If a person earns £40,000, per annum, with a very ++Good Credit File history; plus I have ++ extra cash to put a huge deposit amount to a £400K mortgage.
      She/he can still get a £400K house on those wages.

      Because of the large deposit, it will reduce, or offset from my monthly payments. The whole idea is to finish the mortgage pay off in fewer years and beat interest rates than to wait for the 25yrs life payment.

      If you want, you can even get 100% Mortgage. Which just means you dont put a down payment but your monthly payments will be higher interest rates.

      Or a Buy-to-Lent System. Which means the house pays for itselt. That all property investors use to become wealth.

    • Lastly, If you have never owned a house in london or UK !!!!

      Please dont scare Zambians who have aspirations to buy their first time house in London or UK. Lets be sensible in posting. The idea is to help another person to climb the ladder.

      The more you help another person to acquire wealth. The more the Universe gives you. This is the greatest winning formula in life. And not stealing.

      Amen !!

  7. #1.1 BR Mumba, “The smart people of the Zambian Enterprise have been baptized by the MMD spirit of thieving which has now spilled over into these PF surrogates.”

    If you are serious then you must be a PF trib.al, if there is such a thing.

    • Don’t worry 18th October is just around the corner, the emperor will call his people to fast and repent, factory reset and the holier than thou will restart all over once again.

    Read properly, I said except in London were a minimum value of a house is £500,000.

  9. The £500,000 is an average off Couse for central London and what you should know is that in every market there will be a forced sale that would sale below this average.

  10. how about uyu uwakasaka ka ndalama, is anyone investigating that, plus the other cadres donating money which they haven’t lawfully earned. how far have those investigations gone?

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