The Foot and Mouth disease which was confirmed at farm A and D in Musenge area of Chingola district on the Copperbelt province has been confined to the same farm, due to the strict quarantine measures that have been put in place by the veterinary department.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS today, Chingola district livestock and fisheries Coordinator Dr. Emmanuel Chitambala said the situation is under control as it has not spread to other areas.

Dr. Chitambala said so far, out of the 826 animals at farm A and D, 500 animals are infected with the disease but no new disease has been spread to other farms.

He said the task force team which is carrying out surveys is on the ground making sure that there are no animals that are entering or leaving the quarantined area.

Dr. Chitambala further noted that the district has not only intensified barrier security but that the officers are also sensitising farmers to restrict the movement of livestock.

The Foot and Mouth Disease which was confirmed in the district last week, is a highly contagious disease of cattle, goats and pigs characterized by excessive sores in the mouth and feet.

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  1. How did that disease find itself in that area? Does it mean some opposition leader was in the area, they are the only ones who can transport that disease.
    No insults please, This is a fact.


  2. This is why the law limits animal movements during outbreaks- to avoid disease spreading. But some people think the law is an inconvenience. Let us not be lawless



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