Zambia Police spokesperson Esther Katongo
Zambia Police spokesperson Esther Katongo

Constable Edwin Kabasiya, the fugitive Police Officer who has been on a wanted List for killing his fellow police officer Constable Lenox Kapila in Lusaka’s Kaunda Square has handed himself to Police at Chipata Central Police Station in Eastern Province.

Constable Kabasiya is currently in custody in Chipata yet to be brought to Lusaka, according to Zambia Police spokesperson Esther Katongo who confirmed the development to the media.

In January this year, constable Lennox Kapila was shot by Constable Kabasiya for refusing to arrest a technician who was repairing his television set.

According to eye witnesses, Constable Kabasiya and his wife had a television set which needed to be repaired and later be sold.

The television set was taken to a named technician within Kaunda Square and after some days, the technician paid a deposit of K500 remaining with a balance but on 4th January,2019 at around 20:00 hours, the wife to Kabasiya went to Munali Police Post to have the technician arrested for failure to settle the balance.

Kabasiya’s wife found Constable Kapila on duty who advised her to take civil litigation because the matter was civil, but the woman insisted that the technician be arrested.

After constable Kapila stood his ground, Kabasiya’s wife left and a few minutes later, Constable Kabasiya appeared at Munali Police Post in uniform armed with an AK47 rifle and wanted to confirm if the technician was detained and he proceeded to check in the cells and in the Arrest and Prisoner’s Property Book where he did not find the name of the technician.

According to Mrs. Katongo, Constable Kabasiya pestered his colleague about the whereabouts of the technician after which he threatened to shoot him and he later fired the gun.

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    • Hoo that case they failed to arrest him? They should promote him to be such a good undercover officer.


  1. We always advise this government that the tendancy of recruiting PF cadres as police officers is a danger to the public. These cadres can do whatever he can at any point. Look at how the officer who acted so professionally but killed by a CADRE. MHSRIP


  2. Comment: that man is not a trained police officer, but a cardre who is so heartless. how can he do that to a fellow officer?



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