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Police summon Fred M’membe

Headlines Police summon Fred M’membe

Fred M'membe
Fred M’membe

Socialist Party 2021 presidential candidate Dr Fred M’membe has been issued with a call out to report at Force Headquarters in Lusaka for interviews.

According to a call out served on Dr M’membr by police officers who went to his Garden office this morning, Dr M’membe is expected at Police Headquarters Thursday afternoon.

The call out which was received by Dr M’membe’s personal assistant Andrew Kapasa, does not state the exact nature of the interview.


    • Politics of harassment and intimidation.

      Lungu is way too insecure and does not like being challenged.

    • #Its Politiicow…….. Only we can…The citizens of Zambia…………………….people are dying in hospitals because of no medicine, farmers’ are suffering because of lack of measures to combat FMD – there is no money to buy vaccinations, the only reason the kwacha has strengthened is because of year end taxes- once the government has pocketed the money the kwacha will be above 13 again…….. our roads are falling apart, they would rather export maize than keep it to feed Zambians, food prices are rising daily……………. yet these crooks remain in power…………..

    • Dictatorship in the making. The “humble” and corrupt dictator is slowly tighting his grip around the neck of zambian democracy until he has strangled it.

    • This interview have the reporters got their facts right? Mmembe could become the new police spokesperson? Or even take over from Kanganja?

  1. #1 Njaliti, agreed… kikikikikiki….. after swearing in at State House we shall enrol him at Lilayi police training school.

  2. Mmembe is not coming into politics to make a difference. He wants to settle scores and strike a blow on RB. The question is – will Zambia believe him. He is a satanist. As far as he is concerned it was rightful for him not to pay taxes. He still believes Zambia owes him a lot. The more they summon him, the more he gains popularity. They should just ignore him and his party will die jut like Wynter Kabimba’s ghost party.

    • Aside from the word Satanist,your points are valid about M’membe.I remember how he harassed his perceived enemies with Wynter as PF SG and Nchito as DPP when they held late Sata hostage with their state capture comparable only to that of Gupta’s in SA under JZ.

  3. Jokes apart, leave him alone. Such actions bring him in the limelight and sympathy wave like Sata got when Mwanawasa arrested him for vehicle theft.

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