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Withdraw Constitutional Amendment Bill from Parliament now, demands HH

Headlines Withdraw Constitutional Amendment Bill from Parliament now, demands HH

Mr Hichilema speaking at a news conference at his residence.
Mr Hichilema speaking at a news conference at his residence.

UPND President Hakainde Hichilema has called on the PF to withdraw the Constitutional Amendment Bill from Parliament immediately.

Mr Hichilema has since demanded that the PF returns to a national dialogue process that is consensus based, inclusive and transparent.

Speaking during a Press briefing held at his residence Tuesday morning, Mr Hichilema said the PF should withdraw the Bill from Parliament because the people of Zambia have spoken.

“A serious government should withdraw the Bill and not merely u-turning and making false assertions,” Mr. Hichilema said.

President Lungu should not assent to the Bill but withdraw it to the expectations of Zambians who have the power as they own the three arms of Government,” he said.

The UPND leader recommends that Zambia goes back to the three Church mother bodies led dialogue process which he said is all inclusive.

He refuted claims by PF Secretary general Davies Mwila that the reasons the PF is u-turning on the NDF dialogue process is because they “cared for the Zambian people”.

Mr Hichilema said the truth is it was as a result of the unwavering pressure from the Zambian people.

He said after feeling the pressure from the people of Zambia, the PF are left with no option but to back down on the NDF resolutions because they have realized that the Zambian people are not interested in this money and time wasting venture.

President Hichilema says the people of Zambia have won the battle against the PF regarding the Bill and called on all Zambians to continue pushing them until the bill is withdrawn from Parliament.

He also directed UPND and independent MPs not to entertain the Bill as it will destroy the country further.

Commenting on the appointment of Bwalya Ngandu as Finance Minister, President Hichilema said the new Minister will not able to fix the economy under the Patriotic Front because it is beyond redemption while his professional career just like his predecessors would be messed up.

And commenting on suggestions by the PF to disband the Financial Intelligence Centre and fuse it into the Drug Enforcement Commission,the opposition leader said the move is a clear indicator that there is no political will to fight corruption.

He said FIC is a statutory body which has done a lot of good works with regards to the widespread fiscal indiscipline, embezzlement and misuse of public resources by PF officials.

Mr Hichilema speaking at a news conference at his residence as Chairperson Mutale Nalumango looks on
Mr Hichilema speaking at a news conference at his residence as Chairperson Mutale Nalumango looks on

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    • @ B R Mumba

      You are not ashamed of your 1mbecility?
      Or perhaps, you are just crapping because your livelihood and sojourn in USA depends on the plundering of the People of Zambia?
      Which one is it you 5cum?

    • @BR Mumba,
      what the hell, did you just cal HH a loser? Why?
      What HH said is same things I used to tell the proffessor guy from the closed CBU who chaired the useless NDF.
      I said it is ok to have workshops and Seminars of “Constitution Capacity Building”. But don’t take that stuff to Parliament.

    • Now he says return to National Dialogue, which he was asking his MP’s to Bot-Out. HH has failed in politicss.
      And if PF return to National Dialogue and his MP’s get invited, again he will ask them to Bot-Out.

      HH behaves like a spoiled child! Just like King Kobra ( Sata ) said. Ba Under Five

    • @Mzambia Fimo Fimo … No need to withdraw my statement. He refused to attend the NDF thereby abrogating his duties and capacity to speak authoritatively on its outcomes. What a real sole loser this cretin really is. For all I care, he can go hang and Zambia will be a better place without him.

      @Nostra … Bro, I know he’s your boy and truth hurts. Your boy is a loser, period. Sorry

      @INDEPENDENT OBSERVER … Ala walasa again!!!

      @Just Asking … No, GRZ has no bearing on my livelihood and will never have. Go hang with HH too.

      Let’s roll … epo mpelele,


    • @B R Mumba you’re the man this hh is a huge loser indeed. He refused to attend the NDF and now he’s calling for another one so that he can tell the nation that it was his idea to hold a credible dialogue. Mr. Loser are you going to fund it? Looking at how hh comment on national issues, upnd government will be the most useless government ever. The good thing is that Upnd will never form government.The same thing that you didn’t want and it called it names today you want the government to waste money again. To be honest with you hh you’ve failed this has nothing to do with tribe, but have failed big time

    • @B R Mumba HH is not a Loser, he knows what he is talking and listen to ZNBC today and hear what the PF, the Minister of Justice himself are saying about the NDF and the constitution amendment bill. The NDF was a sham and as such the Constitution amendment bill should be withdrawn.

  1. These self seeking parliamentarians should withdraw this half baked bill and return to the people for consent of the governed.

    • Well said HH. Instead of debating the NDF proposed Constitutional Amendment Bill the Church led process should refine the Current Constitution and remove the Lacunas. The Bill b4 Parliament is unnecessary and should be withdrawn.

  2. Bwana. You were not part to the constitution process. You refused to participate.

    How do you become a defender of something you vehemently rejected and you had even instructed your followers to reject the current constitution in its form.

    Zambia has become a nightmare because of leadership crisis. Ruling party is failing. Opposition has no clear agenda

    • FACTS

      how do you describe a political party were 90% come from one tribe.

      From driver, cleaners, lawyers, garden boy, press aide and TOP man they come from one tribe

      The party foundation is perceived to be tribal. Thats why you have difficulties getting a single seat and lsk and cb.

      PF needs urgent replacement but opposition has no clear agenda unfortunately.

    • @ facts. Insulting others will not endear your leader to us. Instead it makes us avoid voting for him at all costs.

  3. HH is like a neighbors dog that barks whenever there is any activities in neighboring yard. When the neighbors are having a braii, it barks, when the open the gate it barks but it is up to the neighbor to through a bone across the fence. How many things have HH demanded to be done immediately and the government has don it? Last time I checked CBU was still closed.

    • And what is your contribution for making Zambia better?
      5ucking to the “anointed one” three times per day?

    • @ FACTS you check is ready at new Kasama Residence for insulting people online. You can go and collect it.

  4. I agree with him on the false hopes investors may have on Bwalya Ng’andu as Finance Minister,on the FIC and on Ministers to continue in office after disollution of parliament.Ng’andu will not change anything as long as the appointing authority is the same with unchanged attitude towards public resources,that is why he is fighting FIC and wants Ministers to stay on at election time to influence use of public resources in PF’s favour! HH has ideas BUT LACKS CONSISTENT CLARITY TO MOBILISE PEOPLE AROUND HIS THINKING! AS THINGS ARE,HE SHOULD FOCUS ON TELLING PEOPLE ABOUT WHAT SHOULD FURTHER BE REMOVED FROM THE BILL,COZ IT WILL CERTAINLY GO TO PARLIAMENT!

  5. HH didn’t ask the people of zambia he is just guessing that that’s what people of zambia thinking.my question:HH residence is the State House for upnd?does he have office anywhere apart from his residence? Upnd guys answer me please.upnd is a bigiest opposition in zambia we expect them to form government soon under one condom sorry condition change of leadership that’s the key.people fed up with one person being the president.so many members need that post within upnd .MMD is a die slow now is in intensive Care unit ICU after 2021 will be dead 2026 buried like UNIP . UPND keep out of HH and form the government at the end you will end up like UNIP HH has no vision for zambia he jumps from so many questions when asked how will you transform zambia he talk about other people .

  6. Changing a minister is not a solution that BN is on payroll now.the problem is with ka Lungu.he will keep on borrowing to pocket himself and his id…t cabinet.if BN is just appointed as a minister he knows for sure he can leave that job any time once he will not follow instructions from Edgar chagwesa zambia Lungula . zambia is lacking leadership we have so many resources to build our country to higher level

  7. Negotiations could help. For instance, the multi-religious nation constitutional clause that PF supported makes sense. It was crazy to place the Christian nation clause at Constitution level. The Constitution may not be used as instrument for excluding any individual from enjoying the human rights in totality. Christian nation clause was the antithesis of Islamic State. To that extent, it excluded individuals belonging to religious groups different from Christianity.

  8. HH suffers from acute inferiority complex just like his group think mentality followers who are scared of him more than they fear death….


  10. Simple mathematics show me that from 2006 to 2019,HH has wasted 13 years in opposition!!imagine 13 years of talking nonsense on daily basis,WHAT A LOSER!!!
    This is a nigga who thinks only him shall turn Zambia into America,how?ONLY HIS SICK MIND KNOWS!
    Look at how hungry Mutale Nalumango is?She is damn broke despite being a MP and minister under MMD….kkkkkkk…it is hard in opposition!!!Moreover,which RESEARCH did HH conduct before giving us a GENERALIZATION (CONCLUSION) that Zambians have rejected NDF dialogue resolutions?Indeed HH thinks like an under 5.any UNZA lecturer would give him zero mark for making his own opinion into a STATEMENT!!!


  12. Some bloggers just comment without having followed or understood stands and arguments that were made against the NDF in its form. The NDF was bulldozed into sitting by the PF to push through what it had already designed as changes that would consolidate it in power. This was without consensus – as there was still disagreement about who was to facilitate and who would be the attendees. It was never about simply boycotting the process. It was from a clear recognition that this was a PF agenda, with mostly PF apologists as attendees and facilitated by those handpicked by the PF. Suggestions for other neutral entities to mediate were scampered. Now the PF itself realizes it went too far – as right thinking people can see the glaring absurdities of the resolutions.

  13. The only thing that stands out from this stance; is how absurd that the man who refused to attend now says he wants it withdrawn! How does he know it’s not acceptable when he should have attended to prevent the items going forward for parliamentary approval? Would that not have been easier? Should have attended to debate and convince his fellows not shoot from the back. Daft.

  14. HH is Spot on. If PF refuse to withdraw the Bill then all UPND and PF MPs should be mobilised to vote against the Bill when its Tabled for Debate in Parliament. MPs who will vote for the Bill will be clobbered in their Constituencies just like Given Lubinda has been clobbered.

  15. What a bum, his worshippers refused to take part in NDF because he said he will expel them from his cult if they did. Today the next stage if the process is in parly and the mad man wants us to go back to a dialogue forum, total madness

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