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Constitutional Amendement Bill not personal – Lubinda

Headlines Constitutional Amendement Bill not personal - Lubinda

Justice Minister Given Lubinda
Justice Minister Given Lubinda

Justice Minister Given Lubinda has expressed concern over some debates targeting personalities instead of contents of the constitutional amendment bill.

Mr. Lubinda says some people are personalizing the constitutional bill to the President and himself as Justice Minister.

He has told ZNBC News in an interview that the proposed amendments emanated from the National Dialogue Forum which was a Democratic process consisting of more than four hundred delegates.

In an interview with ZNBC News in Lusaka today, the Justice Minister has pointed out that President Edgar Lungu did not participate in the NDF and that as Justice Minister he only concentrated on procedural matters.

He said nothing in the constitutional amendment bill should be attributed to any individual and that the dialogue forum is a democratic process.

Mr. Lubinda said the Patriotic Front -PF- has already indicated that there are some provisions of the constitution amendment bill that they do not agree with.

He said he hopes other political, professional and faith groupings in the country can study the proposed bill and raise issues which they can present to parliament as the process is still open.

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  1. Bakateka please appoint PROF KENNETH K MWENDA the world renowned scholar to take over at Ministry of Justice, he will sort out the mess. He was awarded the Insigna Award recently so you know him

    • There is rumour circulating on social media that this Lubinda has tendered his resignation letter, is that true ?

    • Given, I don’t think your street fights are to do with the Constitutional Amendments. Your street fights with your thugs has to do with your dirty businesses of bars, brothels and city land.
      What we with hearts on left side are saying is “stop undressing the constitution. Our constitution is not a prostitute. Stop drinking in Parliament, it is not Lubinda’s bar”.
      If you start treating parliament like your bar in Kabwata, then it will be personal my friend.

    • Given, not all MP understand Kabwata and Lusaka bar management methods.
      Parliament is not Mayela bar. Stop using constitution for pimping or it will be personal.
      What we are saying is to change that PF language in constitution. Keep same verses, but not King Jameson Version.

    • 1. This was a waste of time
      2. It was a waste of money. We could afford to buy gord rangers for these charactors, but cant finance universities, pay workers etc.
      3. This was not a democratic process. It excluded key stake holders.
      4. It is personal Its main aim is to keep Lungu in power.
      So Mr. Lubinda, please stop patronising us. We are not children

    • Zambians & rumours! That’s why even gost online media like watchdog misleads you. You are so quick to leave your lives by rumours. That’s why even people like Kambwili, who as minister was getting government tenders, today after being fired you are there listening to his foul mouth. Verify your data

    • Lubinda has a diploma in Agric. Only Edgar Lungu would appoint a person so unqualified as Given to be in charge of Ministry of Justice. The result are there for all to see. A total disaster!!

    • Now that internal forces have started voicing their concerns that’s when he rushes to media. I have always stated that Bo Lubinda is a coward, how is not personal when Lazy Lungu is on record for saying that NDF will go on despite objections and criticism

    • On what grounds should Prof Mwenda be appointed as Minister of Justice? Going from what he posts daily on facebook I would think he is more suited for Minister of Arts and Culture.

    • @BamakeManyengo, you are exhibiting high levels of ignorance. Ministries are not run by ministers but by technocrats. They can even block a minister who is too arrogant or thinks running a ministry is academic.

  2. Mr Lubinda, probably that’s why your friends got ride of you from PF. You are in such a hurry. You did you see the making of important constitution amendments and presentation of a bill to Parliament within a month. So to you the 400 people you bought with allowances represented the 17M Zambians. You have no ashame to even answer back. Go resign useless for nothing

  3. For all his eloquence Hon. Lubinda was doomed to fail in the justice Ministry. The man is not a lawyer and its visible that he lacks the necessary support from the Technocrats .This man is clearly lost and un inspiring . Please Dr. Lungu as you did to Mwanakatwe , please do it again to Given Lubinda. The Man was fired a long time ago, just sign that dismissal letter and let Sir ISAAC CHIPAMPE announce it to the Nation. we know the verdict : the man has lost the Party Trust, didn’t Mumbi Phiri tell us a month ago?

    • Given Lubinda is not the problem.The biggest problem is we the citizens because we have become so political even on matters that are straight forward.Hon Lubinda has done his best at the ministry of Justice.Remember,its not his role to draft bills but that is the responsibility of technocrats at the ministry of Justice.The ministers role is provide policy direction of the ministry.Leave our beloved Zayellow alone.He still remains one of the most hardworking,credible and intelligent Ministers in this govt.

    • What PF need to do if at all they will win in 2021..they need to headhunt technocrats to run for some of their seats in their major strongholds get rid of the empty tins who bring nothing to the table but like Mines Minister, Luo, Kapata, Kampyomgo, Chitotela etc

    • @Jay Jay,you have now become a PF election strategist? We don’t need your advice because its rubbish.For 20 yrs you have been advising the grand Ayatollah and supreme leader of UPND but the party has continue to lose to new comers on the political scene.You lost in 2001,2006,2008,2015,2016 and you are losing in 2021.If you want Ayatollah HH to win elections advise him to deal with his bitterness and anger that has dominated his heart since you came on the political scene in 2006 through a quota system that favors the Tonga’s above all tribes.These are notorious facts that I am simply buttressing.

    • Vubwi – You are a cadre …you can not see beyond your nose, you think I care about PF or UPND I care about the betterment of our country, Lazy Lungu has tried poaching from opposition for a Finance Minister now he has tried a Technocrats…its clear that there are no suitable candidates in the PF pool. Silly cadres just look at Simon Mwewa he is trying hard to keep that area clean but he is fighting with cadres and LCC officials for that little space. Sampa and his keep Lusaka clean fake campaign is nowhere to be seen.

    • Jay Jay come back to Zambia if you are a truly hardworking person…You run away from zambia because of laziness but now you want to insults us.Dont worry ayatollah Hichilema will come and fix your laziness.

    • Vubwi – Really laughable you don’t know hard-work if it was sitting on your lap…you think going to work in Zambia at 9:30 then reading newspaper till 12:00 is hard-work then going to lunch coming back at 14:00 is hard-work…clearly you have never been abroad. Do you know what a fob is …for checking in work that is linked to payroll dept? Every time I am on holiday I am with senior Civil Servants who drink till 5 o’clock on a weekday and check in at 12:00hrs…you call that hard work.
      You are still talking about your silly Hakainde when its clear I have told you I am above that…you can not engage me on issues beyond political parties because you are a dull cadre.

  4. This is the same Lubinda who initiated that commission of inquiry about whether Zambian whether should withdraw from the ICC or not at a great cost. That is why it is important to be professional and be principled. Now you are a loner bonse basambamo.

    Tell us about ministers remaining in office during elections. You want to run away from that ConCourt ruling.
    Vubwi – The problem is not with the people but with Vubwi

    • iwe chi Ndeti Nati ,,thats exactly the problem we have in this country…The Hon Lubinda is urging all those with views about the proposed constitution bill to go and present their views to parliament because this process is still open but iwe busy making noise on Lusaka times .The reason why this bill was released to the public is so that we the people can read it and propose changes where necessary to meet our aspirations.What do u want imwe mwebantu?

  5. The most eloquent,intelligent,sharpest Minister in the PF govt Hon Lubinda should be supported by all zambians of good will in his quest to facilitate a truly people driven constitution.All those who have views about the draft bill are free to go and present those views to the parliamentary committee that will be appointed to scrutinize the constitution bill.This is an ongoing exercise even those who did not attend the NDF are at liberty to join the process at contribute in panel beating this bill so that by the time it will be presented to parliament for second reading,alot of concerns would have been addressed.This is about Zambia and not PF or UPND.

    • @7.0 Kaunda. What do you mean by “a people driven constitution..”?
      A people driven constitution does not have 400 people discussing what changes are to be made to a constitution that represents the aspirations of 15million people. The way we have always provided a “people driven constitution” is to go to each and every provincial centre and town ask the citizens directly for their views. Yes we give an opportunity to as many people as we can to have their say. This is what a people driven process looks like!!
      Not these pre-selected skolongingo parties and bootlickers like Dan Pule who say what the PF wants them to say.

  6. Like European royalty.Claiming ancestry from the gods.To me man is just another animal.Peter Carlos Hinds..

  7. Government should consider the cost cutting measure of shutting the Institute of technology.In Barbados.Peter Carlos Hinds.

  8. @Jay Jay,you have now become a PF election strategist? We don’t need your advice because its rubbish.For 20 yrs you have been advising the grand Ayatollah and supreme leader of UPND but the party has continued to lose to new comers on the political scene.You lost in 2001,2006,2008,2015,2016 and you are losing in 2021.If you want Ayatollah HH to win elections advise him to deal with his bitterness and anger that has dominated his heart since he came on the political scene in 2006 through a quota system that favors the Tonga’s above all tribes.These are notorious facts that I am simply buttressing.

  9. That science is irrelevant?Cloth consists of fibres made by science.Polyester rayon nylon.So black people should go naked.Peter Carlos Hinds.

  10. Vubwi – Do you call those elections or a sham? Your so called new comer is a crook. Just look at the way he was elected to PF presidency – Show of hands and the working up of a judge at 03 when there was no emergency in the country. Some things mule unfwako nensoni.

    • @Talk,Yes those were credible,transparent,free and fair.The EU,SADC,AU and other international monitors attested to the credibility of the elections.You also raised the issue of Edgar Lungu being elected via the show hands,how did you expect them to vote when all other candidates had withdrawn from the race effectively leaving ECL unopposed.Let me also educate you on how the high court operates,in your ignorant bongobongo when the door of the high court closes even the Judge stops working.A high court Judge is a moving court and can issue an injunction from any place within the jurisdiction of his/her court.If they an urgent matter and you have access to the Judge,there is nothing that can stop you from requesting his services.

    • @ Vubwi!! Don’t have selective amnesia!! Don’t forget Willie Nsanda’s panga weilding “voters” who ushered in H.E. ECL into office while blocking the then acting President Guy Scott, haplessly outside Kabwe. Hahahaha! Free and Fair elections indeed!! And now, anyone who so much as hints that he will stand against “the anointed one” is quickly ejected! Ask KBF!

  11. Vubwi – What problem are you talking about? They sat as cabinet and proposed all those amendments they are today saying they are not in agreement with. How? They signed the constitution they are trying to amend today at Heroes stadium against all advise with their renowned lawyer. You cant see this as a problem? or are you just a cadre who cant see where the problem is coming from. 400 stooges against 17 Million Zambians want to amend the constitution. Your liars have been caught pants down.
    Who gave them the views that Zambians want ministers to continues in the office after dissolution of parliament? You cant see that as a problem and manipulation? Why waste time to make submissions to such nonsense.

  12. Vubwi – kikikikikikkikikikik – such people like you are a problem. Why should you say I’m busy at Lusaka Times posting comments when you are doing the same.

    • @Ndeti Natinanya,I have already made my submission through my legislative representative.So my concerns will be addressed by parliament.Continue making noise on LT meanwhile we the patriotic citizens sharp your republican constitution.

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