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Nkandu Luo moved from Ministry of Education in mini cabinet reshuffle

Headlines Nkandu Luo moved from Ministry of Education in mini cabinet reshuffle

Minister of High Education Nkandu Luo speaking to Journalists whilst Minister of General Education David Mabumba listens during the Joint Media Briefing at Ministry of High Education yesterday 14-01-2019. Picture by ROYD SIBAJENE/ZANIS
File:Minister of High Education Nkandu Luo speaking to Journalists whilst Minister of General Education David Mabumba listens during the Joint Media Briefing at Ministry of High Education

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has made what appears as strategic reshuffles to his cabinet seeing Prof Nkandu Luo moved from Higher Education to Livestock and Fisheries. Hon. Brian Mushimba has been removed from Transport and Communication and becomes Higher Education Minister.

The President has transferred Minister in the Office of the Vice President Hon Sylvia Bambala Chalikosa to the Ministry of Works and Supply while her counterpart at the same Ministry Hon. Mutotwe Kafwaya has since been transferred to the Ministry of Transport and Communications.This is contained in a statement released to the media by Special Assistant to the President, Isaac Chipampe.

Other Ministers who have been transferred include:

  1. Minister at the Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure Hon. Ronald Chitotela moves to the Ministry of Tourism and Arts and Hon. Romel Charles Banda who was until now Minister at the Ministry of Tourism and Arts to the Ministry of Local Government in the same capacity.
  2. Hon.Vincent Mwale, Minister at the Ministry of Local Government has since been transferred to the Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure Development.
  3. Hon.Kampamba Mulenga Chewe, Minister at the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock moves to Ministry of Community Development and Social Services while her counterpart at the same ministry Hon. Olipa Phiri has been transferred to the Office of the Vice-President in the same capacity.

The President has terminated the appointment of Hon.Moses Mawere as Minister of Youth,Sport and Child Development and has since appointed Ndola Central Member of Parliament Hon Emmanuel Mulenga as the new Minister to take over from Hon.Mawere. Hon Mawere has been relegated to the position of back bencher in parliament.

And the President has appointed Dr.Francis Chipimo as Deputy Governor of the Bank of Zambia with immediate effect. ” In exercise of the powers vested in me under Article 92(2) (e) of the Constitution of the Republic of Zambia and Section 11 of the Bank of Zambia Act Chapter 360 of the Laws of Zambia, I hereby appoint you as Deputy Governor of the Bank of Zambia with immediate effect,”the President’s letter to Dr.Chipimo states.

The President said he wants to rejuvenate the performance of his ministers because overstaying in one position might affect their performance.

The President has also observed with concern that some Ministers have not been visiting their constituencies regularly to ensure Government projects and programmes are implemented and monitored.

The President said if this is allowed to continue citizens will believe that Government has abandoned them and therefore,the president has urged all Ministers to ensure they visit their constituents regularly.

The President will not hesitate to part ways with Ministers who will not improve their performance.


  1. digging a new hole to file an old one. recycling the already failed and tired individuals
    party affiliations and a ss kissing is the prerequisite for jobs in this regime

    • I’m afraid these don’t inspire any confidence at all.

      What you needed is to remove completely people like chitotela, Luo Brian and anyone who has underperformed. Even Kampamba Mulenga is not fit to be a minister F one has heard her talk about anything.

      Not impressed



    • I am vendicted!!
      Respect me. And respect relationship I am enjoying with Ba Edgar.
      This is not a fake as Lubinda’s drunkard friends in parliament.

    • That is not a mini reshuffle, that’s the best Ba Edgar can do.
      Boyi Brian open that damn University tomorrow. Our children are ready to go back on Monday.
      Reopen the thing man!! You have nothing to lose.

    • This is the best Edgar has done. Luo has really gotten on people’s nerves. Some times its not all about being a proffessor in decision making.

    • Mini reshuffle? Just say reshuffle. Minister of finance gone minister of education gone sports minister gone and you want to say mini?

    • Reshuffling the selfsame deck of dog-eared cards expecting magic I mean if this clown Luo has under-performed where is she going to perform, she will simply go to fisheries and issue blanket all year round on fishing. Spare a thought for dull Brian you thought you were smart, i hope your silly airline is shelved and we get back our money including the money we are paying for those Executive Directors of the airline that has not even taken off. Chitotela and family will now enter the Tourism business all Hunting licenses will be sold and more…they will finish everything!!

    • Really laughable …People like this dull lady Kampamba Mulenga Chewe with every reshuffle she is downsized from Information to Fisheries now to Community …this has to be the worst pool of MPs to pick from as some of them are so myopic they are simply there to make up numbers…deadwoods, boy I sure miss them days of Levy Mwanawasa whose cabinet had passionate men and women like 1. Finance and National Planning Minister: Ng’andu Magande 2. Defence Minister: George Mpombo 3. Home Affairs Minister: Ronnie Shikapwasha 4. Foreign Affairs Minister: Mundia Sikatana(Deputy: Mike Mulongoti)5. Justice
      Minister: George Kunda. None of these empty tins in Lazy’s cabinet could even make it as Deputy ministers…I mean you had to go prepared to cabinet meetings.

    • Not forgetting
      6. Energy and Water Development Minister: Felix Mutati 7. Community Development and Social Services
      Minister: Catherine Namugala 8. Lands Minister: Gladys Nyirongo 9. Local Government and Housing
      Minister: Sylvia Masebo

  2. At atleast bwana Luo will likely do better in her new role, dealing with fish and animals NOT people, especially intellectuals! It was long overdue! Now Mushimba must right away reopen CBU as his priority task!

    • Nah, the poor animals will suffer worse.
      She’s been heartless with university students and I don’t think she cares much about farm animals and peasant farmers.

  3. Well done President Lungu for listening to the cries of your masters, thats the Lungu we know! Infact you have been too kind with Nkandu Luo because wherever she goes she messes up and hopefully she wont destroy the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries because this is a key ministry as the country positions itself to diversification. Another Ministry that needs close attention and monitoring is Lands and forestry and also Local Government.
    With the Climate Change posing a real and clear danger, the Ministry of Lands and Forestry needs to be extremely geared and on top of the game to protect ALL Catchment areas and regulate charcoal burning and indiscriminate cutting of trees. For instance, Southern Province is slowly becoming a desert and this should not allowed to spill to other areas,…

  4. He’s just moving around deadwood. I expected him to fire Kampyongo, Nkandu Luo, Chitalu Chilufya, Freedom Sikazwe, Bowman Lusambo, Vincent Mwale, and Chitotela. These are useless reshuffles

    • @ Ayatollah
      Please consult before you comment on things you least understand. If President Lungu had to fire all these people, where is he going to find replacements because for one to appointed Minister he/she needs to be an elected MP or nominated. Thats why always tell you that your HH cant be President of Zambia because all his MPs are Tonga from from one tribe meaning Zambia will be ruled by tribesmen which is practically impossible. So when we say HH is an Under 5, you start insulting us. For UPND to be a viable party worth investing in, its needs radical leadership change starting with your perpetual loser. Maybe this gives a hint.

    • He can fire those as they are there for more important things to him than actual performance in the ministry!!

  5. Nice move viva ECL things must move.Those not preforming must be dropped.That is the way it goes way from memorial.

    • Most of those who have been reshuffled are non performers and those who have been sacked are lightweights…Lazy Lungu is a coward, he is scared of Chitotela as he is backed by the Luapula Chiefs come rain or shine.

  6. contd
    For instance, Southern Province is slowly becoming a desert and this should not allowed to spill to other areas, hence the need to start getting tough to restore the vegetation.
    Just fire those that are deliberately letting you down and people are ready and will always support you.

  7. Are there any achievements that any of these appointments have made towards the development of the country? Reshuffling like musical chairs with nothing left to show for their productivity if any while in these positions. The country can only progress when these appointments add value to the country. No where else but Zambia is non-performance entertained.


  9. ACC should keep an eye on issuance of hunting licences at ministry of tourism. The chief pompwe is now in charge. Nkandu Luo should have been moved to Chiefs and traditional affairs. Maggie may be a drunkard but she is much much better than some of those clowns Lungu has kept.

  10. I only give 12% ecl . Ecl shpuld completely fired Lou and ksmpyongo
    These two poeple have done more harm to the down fall pf and ecl more than any minister plus the fired finance minister. Given lubinda should have been another minister to be fired for having wasted state resources on ndf for feeding parasites on state finances over the discredited ndf project fpr praise singers of pf cadres

  11. Now ecl. we demand that you open cbu with minimum delay
    Our children jave siffered too much. Learn to value education

    • That is up to the minister of education. We should not always run to the president, but write him when a minister is under performing. Great Job president Lungu. Now Replace Kampyongo please.

  12. He has just shaken a basket of rotten tomatoes except Dr Chipimo. Nkandu Luo’s reshuffle is the best so far. May she is going to close abattoirs indefinitely like she did with CBU. She is a let down to civilization. The best the president would have done was to fire her. Am even scared animals will not be receiving medicine for Foot and Mouth disease with such a mentality of a minister. She is a very diabolical and evil woman who has no heart for other peoples’ children. Next elections, electorates should kick out such useless ministers. They are a let-down to national development.

  13. The new Minister of Higher Education, Brian Mushimba must move swiftly yet cautious to understand the root cause of problems in our Higher Institutions of learning, consult widely and find lasting solutions and OPEN CBU. The students are our people and they need to be engaged in the formulation of the policies. Am sure with right policies and conducive learning conditions for our children in Higher institutions of learning, PF is assured of their support since they are expected to interpret Government Policies and help government in explaining the same to the masses. So ba Mushimba, engage the students and lets see very positive results and reopen CBU and restore the support of UNZA past and current students.
    Lets not leave room for liars like HH who says things that even a grade 2 pupil…

  14. Rearranging old cheap furniture in an effort to improve appearances but not performance.Throwing away one unvarnished piece bought three years ago from Chipata Market and bringing in one just bought from curio dealers at Masala Market in Ndola. What a house! President Lungu really hates the beautiful and durable furniture from Southern,Western and N/Western Provinces and none are in State House.

  15. I really feel for the president, he does not have the right tools to work with in terms of ministers. PF has quantity but very little in terms of quality – (Sata once said, i have very useless ministers). That said, their are a few credible Ministers like Hon. Chalikosa. Next time ba PF, adopt credible people to stand as MPs.

    • mwelwa – I said the same thing yesterday…SG Mwila needs to headhunt smart young people to send to Parliament, a person like Luo who has worked everywhere under old man Sata and Lazy Lungu left nothing tangible but divisions can never change, Chitotela will always look for deals everywhere its in his DNA.

  16. Yes chawama now ba mayo ba Nkandu Luo kabiyeni mukumana nefi nama……. This woman was a total mess. Good move bakateka.

  17. Different messengers same message. Or could it be same message different messengers.
    I can see someone trying to please his dons at UNZA. He just got his PHD from there and he must payback before dons get back what is theirs.
    What a disaster.

  18. Really laughable at how people are rejoicing at the transfer of Nkandu Luo to another Ministry.UNZA and CBU problems come from way back. They were not caused by Nkandu Luo.We shall see if UNZA\CBU problems will now end following the departure of Prof.Luo

    • Don’t miss the point, Gogo Luo didn’t cause the problems at UNZA and CBU, she just inherited them but did nothing to solve problems. In fact she, in more ways than one worsened problems at the two institutions of Higher Learning. Dr. Mushimba did not create problems either, he has inherited them and he has been transferred there to sort out those problems. If he doesn’t, the country will rejoice at his firing or transfer to some Ministry with moderate significance.

  19. The button has been pressed as the heads roll again.What happened to Cabinet Minister Monthly perfomance reports?

  20. At least now Nkandu Luo can go and quarrel with animals and fish, she has messed up all the ministries she has served in. Let us just hope she wont ban fishing for the rest of her tenure in that ministry.This educated woman is a very big disappointment, as for Mawere I think it is the Kamanga/Kalusha saga that has cost him the job he backed Kamanga instead of Kalu whom ECL wanted.

  21. @Malinso … For your information, he can fire the whole lot and appoint from the currently sitting MP’s.

  22. Nkandu luo is not the causer of closure of Cbu she has actually been trying to convince the president to forgive the students and open the university ,I personally have had a chat with our mother and Hon minister. Please dig dip and find out who closed the university.

    • That’s the problem with following blindly and throwing your professionalism out of the window …Luo once said that the decision is with the Lazy Lungu but its Luo who will come out with mad and Lazy Lungu will look like the hero who saved the day by bring Brian Mushimba.

  23. well mwe Bantu, it seems people,s prayers have been answered partly in some circles following presidential reshuffles
    when you are a leader apply social sciences: listen to the people who need your intervention you are not the best but you are simply a media through which God has chosen to reach multitudes
    If you are appointed to run new ministries like fisheries and livestock, listen to fishermen and animals keepers avoid unnecessary fishIng bans ,prolonged animal quarantines people are striving to earn their living
    other wise job well done individual persons should not subject multitudes to suffer
    .besides, Ministers with natural sciences background try to combine these skills with social sciences to achieve desired results in governance
    regulating affairs does not mean…

  24. Still it’s too late you voters just kick PFs ass out of office. They would have removed Prof Luo that time UNZA student (Keeper) died.

    • Still it’s too late you voters just kick PFs ass out of office. They would have removed Prof Luo that time UNZA student (jesper) died.


  25. Given her heartless insensitivity towards the plight of university students, that Nkandu Luo shouldn’t be given responsibility for the poor peasant crop farmers and their animals.
    I wouldn’t trust her with my beloved dog for a minute.

  26. PF is still vibrant party well represented an liked by the Zambian people Certainly UPND or NDC is and has never been the option in many Zambian Minds especially HH

    Edgar Lungu still has the potential to lead the party into the next generation from 2021 He can reshuffle and change his cabinet but never discard anyone an keep the members for future deployment He will never an would change the members unless he sees it fit and for the long-term positioning of the party All members will be cherished loved an given the roles for the proper functioning of the party and Gov Those accorded the opportunity must act with restrain an effort to ensure he delivers to the Zambia people
    There is…

  27. is no better alternative than listening Lungu or whoever but only PFs but lungu should be alloed to run for 2021 for success an retention of Pfs Lubinda can go We have many able leaders both in parliament and outside capable to replace him urgently

    We will support Edgar Lungu an PF party although tatwaliamo Its a better party Saving the needs of the country and people of Zambia

    Better PF and Lungu than another one

  28. When the blind lead the blind they both fall in a ditch.Louis Farakan.Divine leader of the black Moslems.Let this sin not be held against them.That is all i want.Peter Carlos Hinds.

  29. #1.10 Gay Jay, Sylvia Masebo? Mike Mulongoti? …. really laughable. .. only a trib.al like yourself can say that.

  30. A reshuffle is always good. Refocus, bring new eyes to the situation and new energy.

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