Father Bwalya finds love

Frank Bwalya
Frank Bwalya

Zambia’s High Commissioner to Australia Frank Bwalya is in the next few months expected to tie the knot to a woman only described as an Easterner with Northern blood.

Bwalya a former Priest who renounced his title when he joined the Patriotic Front says he is engaged to an Easterner with Northern Province blood.

“Hear it from me that steps for another phase in my life as a married man have been taken. In a few months’ time, God willing, it shall come to pass,” he shared.

Mr. Bwalya was Patriotic Front spokesperson before his appointment as Zambia’s High Commissioner to Australia last year.


    • Ba Frank that marriage won’t last, looking at the way you start tribalizing. Sounds like had to find a wife to be accepted by Edgar. You are cheap Frank.
      You should have gone to get a wife from Ethiopia, they are so cheap. And spend nothing on wedding, just your presence, and Emmanuel would be happy to pose as a relative.

  1. What happened to “one Zambia one nation” ? Why do you not just say that you have fallen in love with a Zambian woman. Mr. Bwalya are you writing a thesis to start telling us those details?

    • Coz these Goons are forever throwing the tag “Tribals” @ others, when we all know who the real Tribalists are, just look @ P.F, cabinet, & all other Government appointments.
      THESE P.F, GULUGUFE’S HAVE SERIOUSLY UNDONE ALL K.K’S GOOD “ONE ZAMBIA, ONE NATION” GAINS, in just 4 years, whilst increasing Zambias debt, to worse than what K.K managed in a quarter of a century!
      Only Chakolwa -Chagwa, Chitotela, Chitalu, Chimese, Chimpyongo, Chanda -Red lips, & Mcpherson, Kapata, Lusambo, & similar vagabonds are enjoying Zambia, & the rest NINJALA YEKA!!

  2. Bwakujaya bunyangulukwa bwana, get married it’s been long indeed . You will feel it, it’s nice but don’t cry the first day you will be with her,be man enough

  3. Another big piecve of sh.it from this wan.king monkey with an Inborn Tribalist mindset!! Do we need to know the tribe of your sex mate you bloody idyot? You are spending so many hours in the midst of Australian civilisation thinking about Zambian tribes which shows how shallow minded and stu.pid you molther fcker are!!
    This is a person that spent many years pretending to be serving God only to come out openly telling us how he thinks only Bembas and Ngonis are superior to other tribes. Fortunately, there are very few Bembas and Ngonis who believe is Bwalya’s nonsense!

  4. Jealous? Yes jealous, bitter jealous!
    Change your attitude and outlook on life and you will get a nice lady too, from eastern, northern or southern or western, or northwestern, there are gorgeous Zambian ladies.
    Congrats Bwalya.

  5. So dissappointing that a person deemed to represent “One Zambia,One Nation” in Australia can sink so low as to describe the ethnicity of a woman he is marrying from among Zambia.I can only guess that Priesthood had shut him off from open and free association with ladies for him to know that ethnicity among Zambian ladies doesnt count,all ethnic groups have both good and bad ladies.The more you socialise and freely mix,the more interesting you find ethnic groups that are different from your own,the more you appreciate the diversity we have as a blessing!!

  6. ‘ve notice pipo complaining have questionable names.
    What wrong with one praising his partner.
    He ddnt choose a tribe.He chose a woman and the woman happens to be northerner /easterner.He know why he has found.
    Praise your own too.????

  7. I pray the LORD will show you how much favour you must experience after your marriage. “He who finds a wife finds favour with God.”

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