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I am ready to meet President Lungu – HH


HH and President Lungu meet at late Munkombwe’s burial in Choma
HH and President Lungu meet at late Munkombwe’s burial in Choma

UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema says he has always been ready to meet President Edgar Lungu without any conditions attached.

Mr. Hichilema says he has taken note of the remarks attributed Mr. Edgar Lungu in today’s edition of the Daily Nation that he is ready to meet Mr. Hichilema.

“We are very consistent and mean well when we say we need genuine dialogue under the leadership of the church mother bodies and resolve a number of outstanding issues in the country”, he said.

Mr. Hichilema said Zambians are hurting and time is running out to resolve key issues in the governance of the country.

He said the church mother bodies have done it before with a proven record of success in resolving the impasse and the UPND believes they can do it again.

Mr. Hichilema noted that all it takes is genuineness and openness in discussions within the spirit of give and take and readiness to implement whatever is agreed upon.

“So let’s get on with the business and start engaging with one another under the church leadership”, he added.


    • NDF came up because of that meeting between HH & Lungu, that’s where National Dialogue thing got word “dialogue” from.
      Lungu told PF that The Church are on HH side, the “dialogue” will just be one sided. The UCZ guy even left position of leader of church bodies because of PF harasement.
      Ba Edgar went to get some guy called Mwanalunshi who with Tutwa, na Mwanza threatened whoever not going to attend a “dialogue”. The 3 Church mother body were not invited.
      The “dialogue” ended up a Constitution Amendment Forum. Infact Lubinda can go to jail for that abuse of Zambian people’s minds. But Zambians are not all styupidy, they will meet in market.
      HH is constantly saying The Church can facilitate “dialogue”.
      A meeting between HH & Edgar.

    • Considering that HH has always been bitter, is it realistic to think he can come with good intentions?? And again meeting about what?? ECL has a job to do, a country to run – with a clear mandate from the people of Zambia. Let him avoid useless, fruitless, meaningless meetings.
      HH is incredibly self-centered and SELFISH. One of his major weaknesses. You should always be mindful when you meet him. He sees himself as small god.

    • People Don’t worry!!!

      HH is going to report to Lungu all the lies Kambwili has said to HH about Lungu. All is good.

  1. Interesting….when you were about to be summoned regarding the alleged sale of ZAFFICO,you arranged to meet the President at night with ease when everyone was fast asleep.Were you not in a position to remind the President of the long awaited dialogue? Upto now, you have never shared what was discussed that night.

  2. You are welcome to just come to state house. I hear your house is better than state house, but with limited influence on zed. The church, let us go and worship God and not politics with bishop mpundu.

  3. With no conditions attached? I thought bringing in the Church mother bodies is a condition already. Does Edger Lungu want to meet HH or may be he thinks it is a waste of time to meet a perpetual loser.

  4. Political opposition does not require dialogue. The opposition can play a very important role buy raising material issues (not personal issues like calling a person Menomeno). What do you want the church to do? I don’t agree with PF on many issues such as size of the cabinet, economic policy, corruption etc but your approach is that of hate and spite. UPND is a party based on tribe even if other tribes are members. Its core is ethnicity such as Nazi, Apartheid Government as can be seen from same symbol. Reform the party to offer credible opposition. Even if I want to leave PF and go where? From the frying pan into the fire?

  5. You can meet but just remember that both of you are now irrelevant to Zambian politics. Save us time by quickly getting out of the picture

  6. There is nothing to discuss, stop wasting our time. Tell your slaves to raise whatever issues you have in parliament, not through upnd cadres masquerading as bishops like Telesphore Mpundu and John Mambo. Why do you always want everything to be on your terms? Dictator with no vice president!

  7. The UPND chief Whip is the one that should be meeting the president. Not people that hold no public office. Let the president attend to more pertinent issues about the nation.

  8. These leaders just fool the people
    And make their people fight but they
    Are meeting at night as mwila said
    About kambwili. So cadres don’t get
    Carried away by their statements.

  9. I loathe UPND together with its tribal leadership. It is the first fascist party in Africa after apartheid National Party. It is reminiscent of Nazi party in Hitler Germany which thrived on racial supremacy and ended up oppressing other races or social grouping. This UPND believes in tribal supremacy and allot of other parallels with Hitler’s Nazi party beliefs are at its core.

  10. “So let’s get on with the business and start engaging with one another under the church leadership”, he added.
    HH, President Lungu says no conditions, including church leadership, are you serious or are you afraid of meeting your conqueror Edgar?. Church dialogue collapsed because they are spoilers and partisan, and their dialogue will never work again.

  11. This is another waste of time by HH we want development not these dark corner negotiations for your position. HH bring back the money you took to invest in tax havens. It will contribute to development Zambia. The general elections are in 2021, concentrate on organising your party and formulate better policies to sell to the Zambian people not the ten point plan that has already been overtaken by Lungu. If you do not do that, HH you are headed for a louder cry. Once the 50+1 vote has been achieved by a political party it is “ winner takes all” the Govt. Of national unity does not work and has not worked anywhere. So shikulu ba HH koseni fye ku makampeni.

  12. Meeting HH is at own peril. Soon we shall hear GBM and Kambwili are gone just like many others before them.
    So, our dear president must never ever meet this guy.

  13. the pf are dull always want to hide their dullness is keeping away from openness . lungu is the president of zambia, and he is supposed to be advised by all well meaning zambians. he is not a property of pf. this is where you miss things and making the man un porpular , we known that when it comes to the end he will be deserted by the same you cheaters, liars thieves etc.


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