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LCC gives developers of the infrastructure around Woodlands Stadium 7 days to exculpate themselves


Wall collapse at woodlands stadium killing 3 contractors

Lusaka City Council has given the developers of the infrastructure around Woodlands Stadium Seven days to show cause why legal action should not be taken against them.

This follows the revelations of the interim inspections which show that there was negligence on the part of the contractors leading to the fatal accident that happened at the site on 19th July, 2019.

The interim inspections revealed that the developers were carrying out demolition works to allow for alterations to the existing structures without any permit from the Council, the site was not secured by way of putting up a holding to avoid both uncontrolled movements from pedestrians and motorists and that there was no safety and risk measures outlined pointing to the way the demolition would be carried out.

The inspection also revealed that the stability of the existing structure and and that of the neighbouring shops was not assessed and therefore, posing a huge risk to workers and even to the adjacent neighbours.

It further showed that the existing structure of the stadium wall has developed alarming cracks which requires immediate attention to consolidate the strength of both the extensions and the old structure.

In a statement issued to the media, the Lusaka City Council has since stopped all developments on site until the matter is resolved.


  1. Why dont you simply take them to court let them defend themselves there…this is the selfsame procedure RTSA uses, its a root for corruption!!

  2. Zambia is a country of confusion disorder. It is part of the culture and is in grown in most zambians to lack discipline. That is why I ended up marrying my elisa based on her level headedness and not a zambians woman just because people expect u to stick to your kind. I met a lot of lazy useless zambians during my search. I just glad that I met my beautiful white swiss Elisa. To all those angry with my comments go and hang

  3. …toothless LCC, if they don’t respond in 7 days then what are you going to do? You should have been proactive by stopping them to build on the first place. But you Waited for them to build, then disaster happened. Are you the same LCC that allowed Pizza Inn to feed us using expired ingredients?

  4. People die due to shoddy work and you wait 7 days! Someone sells tujilijili you pounce almost immediately? LCC are a waste of space. People work for these places just to draw a salary. I’m not even sure they understand their job.

  5. It is not Only city council but every organ of GRZ lacks sincerity. Every contractor, local or foreigner, gives a damn to safety of staff, public and property. See the open drainages around roads, trenches dug by contractors, buses plying with no seat belts, worn out tyres, cracking buildings, craters on highways, airports with asbestos roofs, Victoria falls with slippery slopes, with nil to nothing walkways, one foot tall humps on the roads with no visibility, sand and stone lying around on main roads, everybody goes scot-free for misdemeanor.

  6. Bitter Hakiende H has not been to the funeral house because its not election time, he has not even condemned the would be constructors of this poor quality building

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