Citizens launch a red campaign and hands over petition to Parliament

Rally for the Launch of the Red Card Campaign
Rally for the Launch of the Red Card Campaign
Rally for the Launch of the Red Card Campaign
Rally for the Launch of the Red Card Campaign

Over a thousand of citizens turned up Parliament Grounds on Friday, 26th July, 2019 to launch the “One Zambia, One Nation – The Zambia we love Campaign” that emphasises an evidenced-based fight against corruption and encourages Zambians to be patriotism and national unity in order to fight bitterness, hate speech, tribalism.

The public gathering, attended from ordinary Zambians from all walks of life, was organised by a coalition of civil society organisations called the Constitutional Reform and Education Coalition (CRECO) who presented the petition to Bwana Mukubwa Member of Parliament, Jonas Chanda, and three other members of Parliament as envoys of the National Assembly.

Addressing the campaigners, CRECO Chairperson Hyde Huguta, who is also Media Institute of Southern African Zambian Chapter Vice Chairperson called on Zambians to remain united in rejecting the spread of fake new by supporting responsible journalism and media self-regulation which will weed out gutter journalism.

Southern African Center for Constructive Resolutions of Dispute, Executive Director, Borniface Chembe, asked Zambia to cherish the peace that Zambia has enjoyed since independence and reject doomsayers who want Zambians to fight among each other.

And in launching the red-campaign, YALI President and CRECO Spokesperson Andrew Ntewewe charged that Zambia cannot afford to have citizens who paint their country black to the outside world. He emphasised that when leaders become bitter and turn tribal, the whole country suffers and gets more divided. He said Zambia has made a lot of developmental inroads which must be recognised and should never be trivialised.

In receiving the petition on behalf of the Speaker of the National Assembly, Bwanamukubwa lawmaker implored the courage ordinary Zambians have exhibited to defend their country and the country’s record in the fight against corruption.

“Fighting corruption is a noble cause that all citizens must engage into but this fight must go beyond rhetoric and witch-hunt which we have seen from those who claim to be activists. It must be practical and based on evidence which must be submitted to law enforcement agencies,” said Dr. Chanda.

He said citizens who submitted their petition must be assured that the petition will be delivered and presented before the floor of the House for debating and passing of resolutions.

Dr. Chanda said time has come for citizens to speak out for themselves and to defend processes such as the National Dialogue Forum which produced the Bills that will be debated in parliament.

Rally for the Launch of the Red Card Campaign
Rally for the Launch of the Red Card Campaign
Rally for the Launch of the Red Card Campaign
Rally for the Launch of the Red Card Campaign
Rally for the Launch of the Red Card Campaign
Rally for the Launch of the Red Card Campaign


    • Which American wud go into anotha country like our Lauras and speak bad of own country just to get monies?

    • NGOs ve perfected art of making money @ expense of citizens! Laura and Chipenzi made hers last week and now Haguta and Nthewewe have made theirs too! We all must open NGOs

    • It seems some Zambians always tend to point fingers somewhere else, without taking full responsibility.
      Why go that far to blame others when you have the FIC report produced by Zambians, Ignored by Zambians, but you have the guts to blame Europeans, to blame NGO, to blame opposition?
      Those you blame are not talking about anything else other than based on information that is publicly available, but the GRZ has been inept to either clarify or take action.
      Blame the government that has the machinery and resources to tackle those issues, but they are quiet, why?

    • Lusaka times please learn to verify before reporting what is this thousands turned up? Did you watch this on TV? Or even attend ?? Even your own pics show that it was not possible that there were thousands at this meeting….just because it was reported hundreds turned up for the Yellow these fraudsters are claiming thousands to deceive people they eclipsed the other …really? Please try to be original abena Ntewewe you are confidence men hell burnt to take this country to the gutter for a price

    • @Mulife @1.1
      There’s nothing wrong with telling the truth about your country. Laura is spot on and more of a patriot than ECL who has let corruption and poverty grow under his watch.

    • What a mess in Zambia, truly no leadership.
      What was that PF rally for?
      Now Sunday Chanda is challenged to tell the nation why his brother Jonas Chanda is desperate to fight off Michael Zulu.

    • That Adolf Hitler and the third reich had their own passionate supporters and followers does not in no way surprise me that at the same time one section of society is standing up against corruption and economic injustice another section rises up to support the broken system. The devil always has his advocates. Chimense former ZAF chief was found wanting, MOF official, FIC reports etc. What more evidence do you need for the presence of corruption in a society? Watch out because light always prevails over darkness, ALWAYS!

    • The Leviathan shall prevail over the corrupt officials of today’s Zambia and restore the nation to its rightful glory. Mark my words. That time is not too far from now. I feel the times coming, run or change your ways before it’s too late.

    • It is the cries of the bright young men and women of CBU, the groanings of countless disenfranchised and unemployed youths on the streets of our cities, of the retirees that met the four horsemen before getting their pensions, the countless lives that die in hospital corridors due to lack of an efficient medical system, while a govt official erects luxurious mansions at the expense of the ‘ZAMBIAN.’ It is such that has provoked the soul of the leviathan, and the leviathan will not rest until all the corridors of government are wiped clean of this garbage of corruption. “the cries righteous shall not be forsaken.”

    • I don’t see thousands. One tens.
      One Zambia, one nation.
      Who sponsored this one?

      First, remove the beam out of your own eye, and then you can see clearly to remove the speck out of your brother’s eye.

      Yes accusing fingers don’t build nations.

      Corrupt leaders don’t build coutries.

      Stronger Institutions of Governance and the rule of law build nations and countries.

      Presumption of innocence is the norm. Let’s be fair to one another.
      Respect the people’s choice. Embrace democracy. Let’s rock & roll folks.

    • The moment i read YALI chap Andrews name i knew that this campaign is nothing but a show to their pay masters. Aluta continua with #YellowCardCampaign

    • Chitotela was protected by the Head of State. How possible was it for his juniors to provide information when he did not vacate his office to pave way for investigations? Where have all these pipo like Bowman got all the money they have all of a sudden? How possible is it for someone to increase his wealth by K21million in 15 months?
      We are not kids.

    • The evidence is there but the anti-corruption and police officers are not allowed to work independently and professionally. When you have the entire presidency using threats like he did on Thursday and today you’re saying, “show us the evidence”, you are basically taking Zambians for numb skulls ….FIC reports, Auditor General Reports, drastic change in life styles of people that were just scrapping by but today are multi-millionaires and own mansions, this is all documented. Those that choose to close their eyes and ears are entitled to do so but don’t force us to do the same

    • Minister arrest after Zanu-PF Youth League raised concern about corruption
      The recently constituted Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) this week hit the ground running, arresting Environment, Tourism and Hospital Industry Minister, Prisca Mupfumira, on corruption allegations involving $95 million.
      ZACC, which recently got arresting powers, walked the talk on the arrest of bigwigs with Minister Mupfumira being the first big catch.
      ZACC chairperson, Justice Loice Matanda-Moyo, confirmed the arrest saying the Minister is expected to appear in court today.
      “She is still with us and she is expected to appear in court tomorrow. She is facing corruption charges involving $95 million. Some of the offences emanate from the NSSA audit while she allegedly committed other crimes at her…

    • Continued
      … committed other crimes at her current ministry (Ministry of Environment, Tourism and Hospitality Industry),” said Justice Matanda Moyo.
      The Minister spent the whole day in the hands of ZACC investigators and she will appear in court from holding cells.
      She is the first senior government official to be arrested by the commission which was overhauled by President Emmerson Mnangagwa on July 15.
      Minister Mupfumira was recently named by the Zanu-PF Youth League in a list of political and business persons who were sabotaging the economy through acts of corruption.
      Recently, President Mnangagwa appointed a 12-member commission chaired by Justice Matanda-Moyo, which he gave powers to arrest.
      The President has shown confidence in the new ZACC through publicly warning the…

    • Continued
      … publicly warning the masses that the newly-found teeth would soon bite all the corrupt.
      Justice Matanda-Moyo last week vowed to fight corruption indicating that a number of bigwigs were already under investigation.
      She said ZACC was investigating over 200 cases of corruption-related crimes emanating from a varied spectrum of the economy adding that arrests would be effected.
      Justice Matanda-Moyo said her commission was on a mission to aggressively fight corruption and was different from previous bodies given that it was now headed by a judicial officer.
      In her maiden media address, Justice Matanda-Moyo said ZACC had received the latest Auditor-General’s (AG) report and investigations had already commenced in respect of all ministries, parastatals and State entities…

  1. Both Yellow and Red Card campaigners are time wasters in CSOs but surprisingly the big crowds with these reds show Zambians no longer listen to church’s moral leadership.

    • Agree, next time we form a Purple movement and a black campaign….

      Make no mistake, this is the beginning, its an indication people are getting fed up. The issue I see though is that there is no proper and strong leadership that can organize and solidify these movements so that we have a single, formidable and power action movement that can bring about the change to force this government to start acting.
      Remember: I AM HUNGRY, I AM ANGRY.

  2. Blind parasites supporting Plunderers Federation under pretext of visible and palpable evidence.
    Shame on you traitors of your own people.

    • Dont be blinded! The yellows have huge sums Laura got from some donors. the worst losers are musicians like Maiko Zulu who may have walked with nothing. Dribbled by own tribeslady! All these demos are funded. Its work for NGOs

  3. Democracy is working well in Zambia! last 2 weeks 2 NGOs on different sides convincing people to turn up.

  4. We know all these CSO leaders have been promised adoptions in 2021 but using our ordinary peoples for unjust ends. Linda Kasonde, Chipenzi, Maiko Zulu and Laura will stand on UPND, Pilator on NDC, Nthewewe and Mwanza on PF, Haguta also. Stop wasting our time!

    • @Steve,
      It’s so easy to come to that conclusion
      Jay Jay, Spaka, Obatala, JourneyMan, Patriotic Zambian, INDEPENDENT OBSERVER, to name a few, all these guys have been promised adoptions in 2021 ?
      Join the wagon and get adopted too.

    • 7.1 General Kanene

      You need help. You are a Narcissist Liar.

      I have no desire to go into politics. I work in the UK for an Investment Bank. I am happy with my career and my pay, which the Zambian government cannot afford to pay me.

      Put that aside, I have investments in Zambia and pay taxes.

      I came to the UK with nothing, just to study. I bought my first 1 Bed Flat 17 years ago. Today I own 5 houses in the UK. 3 of them are fully paid by mortgage loans. I own two properties in Zambia which I built from ground Zero.

      ++ I ask you to join the bandwagon of becoming an Entrepreneur and become a solution to Zambia. I have been blogging since 2006 on Lusaka times. And will continue to do so.

      Hold your horse, my brother, read my comment carefully. I did not say you are going into politics. I was just making a point to @Steve. He said Linda Kasonde, Chipenzi, Maiko Zulu and Laura are talking loudly because they are promised to stand in 2021. So my point was that we have people like you who raise good points on this forum, does it mean you guys will be offered to stand in 2021?. Don’t get me wrong and accuse of being a “Narcissist Liar”, you don’t know me. My comment was NOT negative about you, but opposite. So if you have a problem with me, that is your problem. Have a good day.

    • General Kanene 7.3

      I have taken your Point. Its the way you constructed the line, there was no break-line.
      …Jay Jay, Spaka, Obatala, JourneyMan, Patriotic Zambian, INDEPENDENT OBSERVER, to name a few, all these guys have been promised adoptions in 2021?

      We are here for good of Zambia. We will give constructive criticism even to Lungu. I have no problem with any single person on these blogs, even people who insult me, I don’t insult back. It’s an utter waste of energy. I would rather direct the energy to a worthwhile measure.

      In the meantime, keep posting and educating others…. !!

    • @@ General Kanene & @@ INDEPENDENT OBSERVER…

      You guys are among the few zambians that talk sense and valid points on Lusakatimes. Please don’t fight, cause we need you.

  5. Government must pass a law for NGOs on financing of NGOs. We shall wake up only to find we all been sold by these NGOs. They are begin to wield more power due to undisclosed finances. Who funded the yellows and who funded the reds. Its foolish to think they were not both funded

  6. Patriotism in Zambia???? All u guys in NGOs without exception are patriotic to your tummies. You run fat accounts of donor and government money with those fake sweet whispers that we must be patriotic. You think Laura or Nthenthwe are patriotic to Zambia. Both patriotic to funders. Leave us alone Zambians. We got MPs to represent us.

    • Some of the most unpatriotic Zambians are found in the current government. They’re only there for their tummies and like malnourished village dogs, they’ll snarl viciously at anyone trying to disturb their eating.

  7. Some of our members of parliament really amaze me. The Bwana Mkubwa MP says these people have no evidence to prove there is corruption. Its like one saying there is no homo sexuality in Zambia unless you show me where it is done and the people involved. Bwana MP if you cant see that there is corruption then you will never see any evil or sin in this world. Talk about selective justice, others are allowed to picket parliament when it is seen they are supporting the powers that be. Others are not allowed because they are not patriotic Zambians. You still believe your NDF constitutional resolutions will work, no wonder you cant see corruption. There is nothing special about this red card nonsense. You just want to put the icing on the cake you have not baked because truth will triumph.

    • There is a lot of nonsense going on in Zambia. I feel both the Yellow Card and Red Card nonsense must be stopped immediately. It adds no value to our lives as citizens. Let these NGOs begin to go clean at UTH or find some work to do. ZP must not allow any future such nonsense from both camps

  8. Lungu is winning in 2021. But he will leave PF as most hated political ever.

    He should not have stood. That is what greed can do.

    As for hh just forget.

    Ck is just as jerabo. Loud mouth rail line striper . Wining he can win in 2036. But he will throw the country in a blackhole

  9. Is this what you call thousands,a certain pf carder called jimbu was bragging that pf affiliated party would have massive turn biting the yellow card campaign because lusaka is a stronghold for pf,is this what you call massive turn out?pf kuyabebele!

  10. Zambia should be well ahead in terms of development. Our leaders, especially in opposition, have been captured by powerful external forces who put resources at their disposal to ensure maximum disruption to our unity. Zambia’s secret strength is not its resources but our peace and unity. This is why these powerful forces are investing heavily in our naive leaders to ensure they continue to have a stranglehold on our resources. The scramble for Africa part two is coming and we busy fighting amongst ourselves. Your enemy is not your brother or sister but that foreign voice offering you a false sense of freedom and wealth at the expense of your brothers and sisters.

  11. Chitotela was protected by the Head of State. How possible was it for his juniors to provide information when he did not vacate his office to pave way for investigations? Where have all these pipo like Bowman got all the money they have all of a sudden? How possible is it for someone to increase his wealth by K21million in 15 months?
    We are not kids.

    • Chitotela was protected by the rule of law.
      Remember, presumption of innocence until proven guilty. That’s the norm.

  12. Those getting on the case of the Yellow campaign and their sources of funds, have you also looked at the so-called YALI of Ntewewe, Zambian DNA of Spuki Mulemwa, and disappointingly even abena Haguta who are joining the bandwagon? PF is funding these so-called CSOs for political reasons. So if both sides are being funded then let us just look and analyze the message each side is driving. Which side has narrow, short-term and self-serving interests and which one is concerned about where we are as a country and where we are going? Each one of us has a voice inside that speaks to our moral conscious and we KNOW what is right and what is wrong. The choice is clear but each one of us has to listen and make that decision.

  13. The people who participated in the red campaign are those who are passive and simply allow things to pass by them. They are the type that always wish things to be different and admire others progress but never have the gut to make things happen for themselves. For such people they only see themselves as tools to be used by others only. They have a low self esteem and are usually the loudest complainers who never realise they are that way because they allow things to happen to them rather than make things happen for them. Such are a reason the country can never move forward until their minds fully develop and begin to comprehend things maturely.

  14. This “Red” card thing is a total sham. Some of the red card NGO’s were cited for abusing donor funds, now they are publicly and shamelessly licking PF Uss for scrap.

    • So first, remove the beam out of your own eye, and then you can see clearly to remove the speck out of your brother’s eye.

      Two or three can play that game.

      So people want proper Government to turn this thing around and proper Opposition to offer credible checks & balances.
      All citizens must not turn political.

    • They are actually asking Zambians to be more docile than they are now.
      The whole bunch of them thrive by enabling corrupt politicians. Without corrupt politicians they will have no earnings(scraps).

  15. Zambian wake up how can you be this blind. PF is using ACC nd those Useless CSO for political mileage and hiding their corruption. They created a chitotela case as a public stunt so that everyone in Zambia and especially foreigners can be made to see that the corruption accusation the citizens of Zambia are talking about against government officials are not true because the court played it out that way too. The courts are compromised, ACC is corrupt, the police is corrupt, the government is corrupt, and those CSO are corrupt too. No matter how much you spray perfume on a stinky diaper it still does not permanently take smell away. Citizens of Zambia only you can make Zambia great if you want to and willing to act.

  16. Zambians we are our own enemies. We don’t love ourselves thats why we fight one another. Instead of coming together over the FIC report and ensuring that whoever was mentioned in the FIC report is prosecuted and given a punishment befitting what they did, we are busy trying to divert citizens attention to something else. I do not support both the yellow and red campaigners , they are both misguided people. After the FIC report was produced we needed people to compel the attorney general to push prosecutions of individuals connected to the FIC report on behalf Zambians. The lack of systematic approach to the FIC issues brings into question whether opposition party leaders companies are not beneficiaries of the loot mentioned in the FIC report.

  17. Just tell me in the recent acquittal why the ACC did not ask the accused why the chink company paid him $300,000 which was not disputed as the money which the accused used to buy the properties. Surely $300,000 to an accused in his position can only be proceeds of crime?

  18. …answer that question and you have my unquestionable support for the fight against corruption. ..and my vote in 2019.

    And strangely the ACC has not appealed the case…

  19. HUGUTA AND NTWETWETWETWE Hmm..what a combination of TONGA NAMES , how can something sensible come out of such names

  20. Zambians are seeing through the eyes of Laura Miti and Pilato that they have been enlisted into UPND campaigns by that politician Chipenzi. We must reject being used as Zambians

  21. Zambians praise were praise is due and condemn were contamination is due. Also let us be true and speak the truth. Don’t lie, by lying you are sending a wrong signal in the spiritual realm and some demons can take advantage.

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