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President Lungu’s remarks on HH becoming president are condescending, tribal and divisive


UPND President Hakainde Hichilema
UPND President Hakainde Hichilema

By Richard Waga

President Edgar Lungu’s sentiment that one day a Tonga will be president but not UPND President Hakainde Hichilema are condescending, tribal and divisive. He is telling Zambians that tribe is a factor when choosing leaders. He is telling Zambians the electoral system is not open enough for anyone to aspire for office. He is confirming the tribal narrative we hear among some PF flunkies who hate the idea of a Tonga president. He, like other PF ministers are dead scared of an HH administration which most thieves in government feel they will not have any kind of leverage or connections with.

Say whatever you want to say about HH, he is a man with a track record we all aspire to have or once aspire to have. Educated by the government, employed in private sector and self-established with own enterprises. Married with to one wife and well raised children. He represents a template every young person should emulate.

His critics have nothing of this man apart from concocted prejudices and things that they can’t prove. They call him stingy when they have never begged him. They call him arrogant when they have never talked to him. They call him selfish as if they have ever shared a table with him.

He is top of the agenda on the PF vuuvlzelas, whose strategy is to package him as a representative of western interests or tribal interest. Their recruitment of Antonio Mwanza proved this agenda when the flip-flopper’s first press conference was a chilling attack of HH which threatened him with more time at Mukobeko. Have you ever wondered why PF spokespersons have never been sober minded characters who can reason and not always talk at people? They prefer double-tongued twisted demon cronies like Sunday Chanda, Mumbi Phiri, Frank Bwalya, Dora Siliya and Antonio Mwanza. People whose conscience was so cheap to purchase given that it has forever costed them their own reputations in the eyes of the entire country. What will these character be without the threat of HH?

It is this PF obsession with HH that should make Zambians raise their eyebrows, and question where this political insecurity is coming from. How can a private citizen like them, a tax payer like them, a business man like some of them, cause so much head scratching in PF. HH’s only crime so far has been to aspire for President. Others aspire for president but they are not called power hungry. Others criticize PF but are not called bitter. Only the things that HH does are criminalized. History should remind us that whenever the establishment fights an individual, it is a sign that individual means well for the people and bad for the establishment.

How can the entire PF hierarchy and government machinery worry about a person who is neither a rebel or religious fundamentalist. If HH was bad for this country Zambians would have figure it out. The people working around the clock to block HH with lies, with police, with a doctored constitution and with a biased media are not doing it for Zambia. Think about that?

Lungu’s conduct towards HH has always been abusive, disrespectful and insecure. He probably knows what he did to be in that seat and every thought of HH haunts him. Lungu and his cronies need have the wisdom of realizing that their role is to make sure they leave behind a better country in case Zambia prefer a different administration in 2021. It is not Lungu’s role to make Zambians hate his rivals. His role is simply to sell his vision. Politicians need to start respecting the intelligence and judgement of Zambians, who are way past tribal politics, fwenku fwenku politics or mfwiti, mfwiti politics. Afterall a leader is what this country needs, not a president. Lungu has proven that motorcades, speeches, cutting ribbons and all the day to day roles expected of president mean nothing if the man can’t lead for shizzo my nizzos.


  1. Of course he won’t be president and there might never be a Tonga president because with all this tribal bigotry against Tongas they might as well secede with their tribal cousins leaving you alone!

    • when I saw that video clip of Ba Edgar speaking in Tonga, I thought ok now this is good. All of a sudden he changed to start that of “..a Tonga president” and “Bembas marrying Tongas”. And I always wonder why Ba Edgar think PF is for Bembas, in fact Ba Edgar is not Bemba, though is from Chimwemwe Kitwe.
      I am being tribal here??? Well, I was asking same that “… what de fuuuvk is Ba Edgar talking about? why been so tribal??”.
      Just that interview will cost PF 20% votes down.

    • The author is actually the one who is traibal. Most will agree that one day a ant tribe including Tonga will be President but never HH. Simple as that. Yes there are tribes in Zed and we are proud of this under one Zambian. So is i say Tonga or Sala i am not being tribal, just acknowledging a fact. So yes one day a Tonga will be President, nothing traibal about that.

    • I am yet to see a tribal grouping as sensitive to trivial issues as Tongas. These guys want to be treated like babies, always picking issue with nothing! Lungu referred to a perception that 6 out 10 bembas as thieves, did you hear any noise of this magnitude from bembas? Actually non-bembas took to social media to complain on behalf of bembas. What is wrong with stating that one day a tonga will one day be president? Grow up ba cry babies imwe.

    • And then the Lord turned to them and asked, “have you considered my servant Elias Chipimo? That Rhodes scholar you keep ignoring?” Job 13:13 vondifika vindifike, vondigwela vindigwele, ine nikambila mweo. Chipimo can, yes he can! Ba PF mwankole forgot ati anabatuma noah to fight for di people. 2021 PF azakwapuliwa out of power. Ndelolesha fye, chai!!

    • I also know that Lungu and his cohorts know that in the event that Hichilema became President, their theft of votes will be laid bare and they will rightfully be charged with treason besides the charges of rampart thefts and corruption scandals in this rotten masquerade. So then, are their fears unfounded?

  2. No he is saying bitter Hakiende h will never be president because of his poor character and since the under 5 believes in tribe another of his birth tribe will rule but not this one who is filled with hate for fellow man

    • Information from reliable PF sources has revealed that there is a rigging agenda properly and systematically planned by the Patriotic Front(PF) .It has been disclosed that Manjanzi Lodge is being used to conduct this operation.
      Manjanzi lodge is located in 10 miles area of katuba and owned by a Mr.Phiri who has given a nod to the dirty matrix.
      PF officials have been meeting everyday from 10:00hrs to 22:00hrs for the rigging matrix training .There are pre-marked ballot papers kept in one suite(room) .The areas earmarked for stuffing of pre-marked ballot papers include Mungule , Katuba and Chunga Wards.
      Electorates and citizens are requested to be vigilant and put a stop to this lawless behavior by the PF .
      Remember if we do not teach the PF a lesson now, we shall be endorsing their…

    • @PF Rigging, it is virtually impossible to rig an election in Zambia by stuffing ballot boxes. Whoever wins, wins and whoever loses, loses

  3. The sad truth is the Tongas unfortunately feel Zambia owes them the Presidency thats why we had the late Munkombwe say “Its time for a Tonga to rule” at a campaign rally HH was present. I dont see anything tribal about a swipe at an opponent. He infact said one day we will have a Tonga President not we will never have a Tonga President. Am not surprised we have become a nation of petty politics. Even people who said Tongas cant vote for Jesus are calling the President tribal and people agree with them.

  4. Akainde Ichilema will be petitioning the 2021 elections after being beaten by Lungu 3 times.
    Akainde is a time waster.
    Akainde is an Under 5 quack politician. His alliance has crumbled like a tower of Babel.

    • Chanda do you remember these remark?
      PF Secretary General Davis Mwila has told cabinet ministers and PF members of parliament that they will go to prison if they don’t work hard to win the 2021 general elections.
      Speaking during the Luapula Province party mobilisation launch which was broadcast on Prime TV, Mwila said Luapula Province should save ministers and members of parliament from going to prison.
      “Here in Luapula, we have a lot of support. We have 100 per cent support, but you bring five constituencies with 90,000 votes. Our friends (UPND) one constituency is 90,000 even if it’s in the village. Why are you not voting? That is why I am telling you that if you play, you will cry,” Mwila said.
      “… All the cells will be full. All these people you see behind me will be in cells…

    • I think the author of this article is a time wasting psychopath. He should try to help HH to concentrate on building his image in the eyes of the public rather than always think that painting President Edgar Changes Lungu black at every step and angle. People want to see what tangible benefits will come from HH away from the perceived bad things President ECL does and the personal wealth of HH. The author should not think we will vote for any individual because he has a strong propaganda team but because we see leadership characteristics. Leadership is not about disliking and belittling others. Just the way the author is coming out in the article about the PF and its leadership is enough for a peaceful mind to see problems for the country. Could you for once stop being combative and…

  5. Any tribe can rule Zambia. We had Mazoka (mwana mubotu) he was loved by all Zambians nobody saw him as Tonga President but this guy HH came on a scene using tribalism people said only a Tonga can succeed Mazoka. His foundation was wrong hence he keeps on losing

  6. There is fear because they know a Tonga President will change this country for the best . Pf have a lot to gain by keeping majority poor and illiterate. A person like hh has nothing to gain. He is wealthy. Even my white woman Elisa agrees.

  7. WAGA is sick in his head. You are saying people call HH stingy when they have never begged him. Honestly is that what you can say? Why not say here is what HH has done?
    WAGA is sick indeed. Who started the tribal politics? Its Tongas who said only a Tonga can replace Underson Mazoka and to do that, they expelled all potential candidates such as Sakwiba, Chisanga, Lubinda etc. Therefore, UPND is a tribal party for the Tongas and Tongas only. This is the only reason to date you have never gone for any convention because you have not yet found another Tonga to replace HH. UPND IS TONGAS AND TONGAS ARE UPND.

  8. Lungu hates HH with a pation becoz he knows that politically he is a force to reckon with. ECL is haunted by the stolen Election Victory from HH in 2015 & 16. ECL knows that if Elections are free,fair and transparent in 2021 he will lose those Elections to HH by a wide margin. ECL is not sure whether his Election Rigging Machinery will be successful in 2021 against the increasingly popular HH. That is why ECL is desperate to rig the 2021 Election by Amending the Constitution. ECL is scared of the Future when he loses Power to HH. That is why ECL jailed HH for 127 days on false Treason Charges. HH is a huge threat to ECL losing Power in 2021 hence his obsession with him. The writing is on the Wall.

  9. I was trying to make sense out of this ranting but as usual failed. Anything that comes from UPND Cadres falls short of vital answers like how did HH become rich, is HH a Freemason? What was meant by only a Tonga can rule UPND. Yes HH has a track record of losing 5 elections that we agree. I wonder who educated Lungu and how many families Lungu has as compared to HH. That being said I think UPND supporters like Waga has a way of campaigning their supreme leader. Does Waga even has a sirname or can not disclose for fear of people knowing it is just another Tonga? Mazoka was the best leader and the people did not look at him as a Tonga.

    • PF supporters are not known for making sense of anything intelligent so we understand your position dude.

    • The fact that you always think we are dumb and you are wise we will continue to embarrass you until consider us equals.

  10. The saddest part is ECL has extended his hatrage to all Tongas.Only a commission of enquiry or Truth & reconciliation commission will resolve.Tribalism is hate and it will hurt.

    • Come on gentlemen, if Edigar Lungu was smatter than HH,, before becoming President he would have been rich like HH,, it would have not taken someone to push him into statehouse,, if HH was dull and most of us were socially and academically intelligent than him,, I am sure most of us in Zambia would be richier than HH,,, let us skip the falsehood and hint on the truth,, what PF is scared of and most of you guys is a level playing field,, hence our leaders can not talk about the rate at which our economy is developing or depreciating,, cause their is more theft than formulating plans on how to get back to 6.5 GDP grouth but they would rather talk about tribes,

  11. If you want business do it with a Tonga. You wont go wrong.

    They are very trust worthy people. Even the ladies are very down to earth.

    Selfish politician’s have dented the image of these good people.

    Tongas are good people and they are many tongas that can make suitable president for this ailing economy.

    The ONLY problem is the current leader

  12. We have 10 provinces in not all has has provided a president why pushing HH into plot 1 while is a dictator? When HH took over as UPND president? You don’t change is he a chief to wait for him to die and replace his son? Look at the majority of those who are high position are Tongos . I worked with Nkombo in 2006 he is a good friend of mine and we are living in neighbourhood north mead he talked about it HH has overstayed that’s one way we are loosing I understood him.

  13. It would be tribal if he said a Tonga would never rule. There is nothing wrong with what The President said.

  14. oK Guys 99.9% of Tongas are UPND and can stone you when you say something about HH.It’s like in a zone of war.Anyway when UPND is given power, some tribes will be punished by some UPND core supporters.We hear it from our brothers in insulting other tribes.It’s so sad that UPND was formed on the basis of having a tonga as a president of Zambia.So primitive by UPND chaps.After Mazoka same thing happened.UPND can divide the country bcoz the supporters are too tribal.HH may not be tribal but his followers can eat you.PF should just develop the nation otherwise Zambia will be divided just bcoz of some tribalist who follow HH.I like HH but supporters can’t be trsusted

    • Moscow(op),I share your fears.The concerns that you have regarding the intolerance of UPND are well founded.I sometimes wonder how they will handle criticism in the highly unlikely event that HH becomes President of Zambia.I have a lot of Tonga friends and we discuss various issues pertaining to the governance of the country but the moment you say something against HH ehhheeeee! maaammamama !they way they rise up to defend him kutiwapapa.In short HH is regarded by his supporters as a god who is above all manner of criticism.I fear what will become of this country if we make the mistake of voting UPND.This is the most ethnically inclined political party since independence. Look at the voting pattern of southern province,in 2001 they voted Mazokas UPND and rejected Mwanawasa MMD,2006 they…

  15. In the first place it is not for Edgar to decide whether HH should become President or not. He should leave that to Zambians. That’s why there were so many glaring irregularities in the last general elections. Someone had to make sure that the will of the people was stifled come what may.Pa Zed pena nima rubbish yekayeka.Other countries are busy developing their economies. Here it is politics chabe

  16. Please when discussing issues, never ever bring in tribe of a person. Just say this person will not be President if you think he wont. But don’t start saying a tonga or a so and so tribe, please. This is basic, we cant start teaching each other such things. Fellow PF colleagues, let us be conscious of what we say. 6 out of 10 thieves are bembas – no no no, that is wrong. Just say what you want to say devoid of mentioning tribes, please

    • @17 @ Milesi Zimba.
      Agreed. Keep tribe out of the discussion. Even the constitution does not qualify anyone to be President based on tribe. It is nationality only. What ECL shud do is make a well reasoned argument why he thinks HH shud not be President. Otherwise it seems that he is afraid of HH. Why isn’t he speaking about Kambwili? Kalaba? Sean Tembo? Nawaki? By the way, how long has Nawaki been President of FDD?


  18. He is not tribal the problem Zambians are good to analyse especially our friends who have been bitter for the past five years. Read between the lines what the President said,if he mentioned one person then he becomes tribal.But you guys are you are wasting your time,the fact is that ECL is wining again in 2021.Mazoka was going to win because he had a spirit of a leader, he was patrotic,he was a father not the one we see today who are not even patrotic.

  19. Those condemning Lungu for the sentiments he expressed have very short memories. It is not long ago that HH ascended to the throne only because the Narrative was that only a Tonga should lead UPND. Even though there were able bodied persons senior than a Hichilema such as The Sikotas of this world, the Chisangas etc. Tribal is not a factor per se but when you have a leader who ascends to the thrown only because of tribe then you have a problem. We do not have a quarter system in Zambia. So it is not time for a Tonga to Rule Zambia it is time for a popular Zambian Tongas included to be elected to the throne not a tribe. So far HH does not make the grade to be president. If I were president Lungu, I would say exactly the same words. It is not about a Tonga it is about a Zambian period. How…

  20. …How many other tribes have never had a president in Zambia? Many so the question is what is so special about a Tonga?. We are not looking for a quarter system we are looking for a popular person acceptable by the majority of Zambians. So the article is completely offside written with a very high degree of bias ness. Any Zambia person from any tribe within the confines of our borders can be elected to the position of the president.

    • So why shud Lungu exclude this particular individual? Why HH? Is he not Zambian enough? Or he will stand in the way of their looting?

  21. You know what attracts these tribal sentiments? HH ascended to the UPND throne on tribal lines. This is where the Tongas lost it all. They really scared us in the sense that the day a Tonga will occupy the highest office in the land the rest of us are finished.Ninshi chapwa tapali ichesu

    • The issue of a tonga wanting a tonga to lead only gets credence if you put mind to it. By nature Tongas are not tribal at all and are very good and social people. The President must please not utter any thing to do with tribe in any sentence he utters, in any form or shape ,it is wrong and only gets to promote this tribal issues we are discussing here instead of discussing productive issues. These discussions will not bring the price of mealie meal from K120. Let us love one another regardless of tribe

  22. Umubemba inkonko – you are right, to add to your words it’s not about UPND as a party to rule, but Tonga tribe. This is very dangerous because it just brings about ethnic violence in the nation. HH’s Motto is Tongas should rule at all costs so as to show their might, inferiority complex makes these people to be behave in this manner – a Jew is a Jew, doesn’t need to publicize. God has seen this oppressive agenda hence interminable loses by the same.

    • This is a very serious LIE. HH has never ever said it must be a Tonga to rule. Why is lying in most of the DNA of most Zambians. Why do some people put words in other peoples mouth. Why lie, for Gods sake. I am a Kunda myself and I don’t think we should always be demonizing HH. I am not a fan of HH but it is very sad the way this man is being treated, just because of his ambition to be President which is not even an offence.

  23. The president said nothing wrong here. He is only belittling HH. He did not belittle out trible cousins the Tonga here. Only one that didn’t get it is the author of this article.

  24. Advisors of the President, please advise him not to utter any thing to do with tribe even if/when he means well. Lets make progress, please ignore people who want to do damage control here. No tribal talk please. We are one Zambia one nation. “One day a tonga will be President but not this one”. NO,NO,NO. He has a name, use his name. Let us use words that build us as a nation

  25. Those doubting the tribalism of UPND have short memories or like Richard Waga deliberately trying to deceive the public. Since 2006, intra party democracy in UPND was abandoned primarily to strengthen the tribal vote. The stature of the party is built on the bloke Tonga vote, this is an undisputed fact because the majority of the their votes emanate from southern province. This is the reason HH is failing to hold down any meaningful political alliance because the moment partners talk about intra party democracy, they are discarded for not toeing the tribal line.

  26. Its a correct ad observed position HH can never with the Presidency of Zambia but another sober and all rounder can win

    The HH brand product was not i the first place sale able ad it has failed to penetrate and the Zambian Electro market despite its massive product support branding and positions

    That is not being tribal but spekaing from well informed research and analysis of the electro and demographic acceptance of the HH Presidential Brand

    This HH product will fail to sell in 2021 and will be then taken off the shelf then being expired unfortunately because even i its own Place it has lost ground

  27. “Sorry WIN the Zambian Electro system both at Presidential and Constitutional ”

    Sorry the phone missed some letters there but Presidential Observation is Correct and speaking from Informed research and opinions of many Zambia s

    HH is Zambian Problematic Product to Sale but any likeable Tonga by Zambian can win That is not being tribal but factual

  28. Presidency is not a preserve of the few. As long as one is a Zambian, who holds a green registration card and is of sane mind, he or she should aspire for presidency. Let’s not stereotype people owing to their tribal inclination. There is no tribe that is more superior than the other. Tribalism is dirtiness of the mind. A weak person will always hide under the canopy of tribalism. The nation will not achieve anything if tribalism is left to decide the fate of our existence. Posterity will judge us harshly if we do not nip this tribalism from its bud. A nation that is build on tribalism and nepotism is bound to fail. These are not values and norms that can build a strong nation. A strong nation is built on coexistence and valuing others who are aspiring to serve it.

  29. Zambians have really become petty. ECL and HH are opponents. We should not expect them to press each other. They arw the main players of our politics. The two are at political war. Both have said bad things against each other. What is the fuss with one saying the opponent will never beat them?? Wait for 2021 – you will hear more between the two.

  30. A president of a country, not just a party, making tribal remarks and his supporters raise their voices to support him for that….Zambia is wasted….
    It will take years to heal this tribal behavior. …

  31. For Clarity, and for those not very intelligent. Let ECL and HH exchange bitter words if they want, but should never go tribal. Ever heard of the tribal genocide in Rwanda. Needless. And those supporting these careless words, need to tread very carefully. Lets us build this country

  32. My thought of the author of this article is that he is a Tonga and UPND crony( INFARCT A TRIBALIST). From his writing you could see the hate that he has for ECL, he has nothing much to talk about except praising his HH. Haters shall never convince me in what ever ways. ;Lets find something sensible to write about rather than divide this country with your fo….sh thoughts and ideas. His writing is not balanced at all….nayaa ine

    • Be wise, talk about the issue and not the author. Pick the fire not the smoke please. I am PF but a realist.

  33. Please wake up, assuming it was true that UPND has shown tribal sentiments, why should a person who means well follow suit. Why should PF follow suit, what type of thinking is that. We are one Zambia one Nation

  34. How can a perpetual loser be a factor to anyone. President Lungu is Lungu is president. HH is dying to be present. Even if HH became president President Lungu can’t envy him him because he had already been president. HH is only a threat to himself because he is to dull and disorganised upstairs to convince even a dull voter let alone his dull supporters. Lungu is president. Others are fighting and they will never make it. If they cannot administer their cattle, how can they administer human beings. Stop daydreaming and face reality.

    • … because ECL and HH are in competition and so they cannot avoid talking about each other. Only follower hurt when their supreme leaders are attacked by their opponents!

  35. Not withstanding the article, the HH enterprise for Zambian president has little attraction to the Zambian electorate, figures don’t lie. HH has lost five (5) times not only to ECL but to two other former presidents. What does that tell you? Not because he is Tonga, NO. We are talking presidential material that appeals to the majority of the electorate of Zambia. There is nothing wrong with HH it is just that his character does not appeal to the majority of the electorate. In fact the more you know the chap the less you support him. This is exemplified by the fact that those who have resigned from his (HH) party have given similar compelling testimonies. Remove the tribe on which HH has been riding for his votes, he remmains as weak as any of his so called alliance political partners.

  36. Just reading the above comments surely tells that people are puting themselves in the seat of God by being judgemental and all knowing about someones future. A country that allows hate to take precedence in everything can never prosper because hate brings division. The bible is clear when it says “a house divided can never stand” on this platform we see insults and demeaning of each other and this plays out on the political arena too where the opposition hates the party in government and vice versa. How can Zambia develop when we have a government inciting opposition members in resigning just create more costs incurred in by elections in a country faced with a troubled economy. We need to change as a country, and i implore every leader to lead well not as if they are doing a favor to…

  37. Lung is taking a jibe at his opponent, period. HH said Lung is not God that is also a fact. Lung said a Tonga will one day rule that is a fact, whether we like or not. Lung said it is not HH that is Lungu’s opinion and if you asked me, Lungu’s is entitled to his opinion just like HH who say 2021 and state house here I come.
    Where is the problem? In my own opinion it is some people that fail to differentiate between Tonga as tribe and HH as a Tonga. Until we see these two separate issues the way they are In reality then we will begin to reason and reason beyond chatterbox outbursts.

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