Thursday, May 30, 2024

NAPSA Suspends five directors over Baobab land


NAPSA headquatres

The National Pension Scheme Authority has suspended five of its Directors for attempting to purchase parts of the ‘Baobab’ land along Kafue road.

In a statement,NAPSA Director General Yollard Kachinda says the authority has asked the five Directors to step aside in the interim to allow for investigations to ascertain if the Authority’s code of ethics were not breached.

Mr. Kachinda says the authority received a proposal to purchase Baobab land from a registered owner but in 2018 the Board of Directors declined to proceed with the transaction citing a pending court action.

Recently, five NAPSA directors were offered to buy pieces of the stated land, but the matter ended up with the police who are investigating the transaction as a private matter involving the directors in their individual capacities.

Mr.Kachinda explained that the five directors have been asked to step down in the spirit of transparency and accountability.


  1. These are pf members. Anyway elisa my white Swiss wife believes that most Zambian are cursed with corruption

    • @N.e.e.z. Sometimes it pays to avoid making meaningless statements on serious matters. A wise man once said “even a fuul is thought to be wise if he keeps silent” and “the more the words, the less the meaning”. Am sure your satyr is in the spirit of fun, but the matters at stake are rather serious snd require sober reflectionof how degenerate and corrupt our country has become and what can we do about it

  2. It is a shame that avarice has creeped in most of these institutions. The authority should investigate more. They will find that most of the investments Napsa makes,benefits only those in top management. The issue at hand is Kalulushi Houses. If the ACC can come in, they will find out that the only people who have purchased those houses are Directors in Napsa. This is just a tip of the iceberg. Unionized workers in Napsa do not benefit anything. They are subjected to harsh conditions of services. No wonder Zuffiaw is incorporated on Napsa board so that its voice is killed. Our money, as members, is not safe. Napsa management should be overhauled so that fresh ideas are introduced. Otherwise, it will go under like the way other institutions have gone.

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