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President Edgar Lungu blame politicians promoting tribalism for the recent tribal fights between Lundas and Luvales


President Edgar Lungu singing during a church service at UCZ Lilayi
President Edgar Lungu

President Edgar Lungu has blamed politicians for the recent tribal fights that occurred between the Luvale and Lunda people in Zambezi district of North Western Province, adding that the fights where also fueled by some politicians who have continued promoting tribalism every time they speak to the people.

The Head of State has since called on the church to provide counsel to politicians both in ruling and opposition political parties on the dangers of tribalism.

President Lungu says politicians should be told the truth when they utter divisive statement in their quest to gain political mileage.

The President was speaking during a church service at the Evangelical Church in Zambia Bethel Congregation in Solwezi.

President Lungu also said there no reason why Zambians should fight when they country was founded on Christian principles.

And Church Presiding Pastor Chrispine Lutuna has urged Zambians stand firm and pray for the country.

Pastor Lutuna also urged those in leadership not to stop but continue with their style of Leadership on Christian principles.

He also thanked President Lungu for always engaging the church in the governance of the country.

Meanwhile, President Lungu has requested the people of North Western Province to propose to him developmental projects that should be undertaken in region apart from the ones he has initiated.

President Lungu says he has tried to take development to North Western despite having suffered a heavy defeat during the last presidential election.

President Lungu said this when he addressed Solwezi Patriotic Front (PF) members at Kasanshi lodge in Solwezi last evening.

The Head of state has however, reiterated that he will ensure that his administration shares the national treasury equally with all the provinces including regions where people did not vote him.

President Lungu said North Western Province has witnessed unprecedented development since the PF administration came into power among them, opening of mining companies, the construction of the Solwezi-Chingola road and the Solwezi dual carriage way among other infrastructure.

The Head of State has also assured party members that the PF will win the 2021 general election as can be evidenced by a number of by-elections that the party has won in the province.

President Lungu said this is a sign that the party is quickly gaining ground in the region.

Earlier, PF national chairperson and President Lungu’s campaign manager, Samuel Mukupa, urged party members to mobilise themselves and to recruit new members.

Former foreign affairs Minister KABINGA MPANDE attended the meeting and encouraged party members to support President Lungu.

And North Western Province PF chairman Lackson Kungo said the party is intact and getting stronger every day.

President Lungu has been in Solwezi for a two-day working visit where he inspected several developmental projects.


    • Double h ascended to the UPND top leadership by tribal remarks. ONLY A TONGA TO LEAD UPND effectively killing the once vibrant party under the deposition of its goodwill name to UPNDEAD which embraces tribalism, arson, hate, bitterness, jealousy, foul language, name calling, bogus corruption claim, forgeries, malice, envy, anti-democracy, falsehood, ungovernableness, tongue-twisted, duty walkouts, time wasting, upheaval, armageddon, etcetera.

    • Lazy Lungu is talking like he is not a politician…this lazy thing is there shamelessly campaigning Saturday and Sunday instead of focusing on the economy but is in NW…I wonder where this dull thing will be next weekend away from his wife!!

  1. Ba lungu sure,are u not ashamed to issue such statement. I did my missionary work in zambezi district and I would cross to chief Ndungu for missionary work, such fights did occur and tensions bn the luvale and Lunda were visible. The only difference now is social media where within hrs the whole world is informed of what’s going has nothing to do with politicians,what are u doing about it yourself, anyway he have already prejudged ,provide leadership ecl,not every issue u are politiking while advising others not to politicise the issue.where did ecl come from?

  2. While in Livingstone recently ECL made a Tribal Statement about the Tongas and HH being a Tonga. It was him fueling Tribalism and claiming that HH is the only Tonga who will not never Rule Zambia. Should HH be harmed b4 The 2021 Election then we know it is ECL who has eliminated him. ECL hates Tongas and in particular HH. In 2017 ECL jailed HH for 127 days after being charged for Trumped up and False Treason Charges. Now ECL will ensure that HH is not on the Ballot Paper as Presidential Candidate then ECL will be held responsible. ECL should apologize to the Tongas and HH for issuing such a careless and Tribal Statement. Instead of Dividing the People based on Tribalism and Regionalism Lungu should unite People under the Moto: ” One Zambia. One Nation”.

  3. Lungu after you issue a well balanced statement regarding the tribal fight now you come across worse than a very devicive tribal leader ……

    You are the worst president to have ever condoned and cheered on any of your ministers issuing tribal venom and lies against other tribes….

    We all remember how you cheered on and congratulated ck for going on radio and tv telling lies agains Tonga’s.

    For the presidency you want to act like god to say who can and can not be president….

    while you yourself are a fraud convict and a drunk who is proving to be a corrupt violent thief……

  4. We have just picked up our handsome youngest mixed race son from airport he has been on a gap year visiting Asian countries. My Swiss white wife Elisa is over the moon to have our son back home safe. Am sure all the bloggers and fans here are glad also..we thank you .

  5. never before has our country witnessed such tribalsim as from 2011 to now…..what is the common denominator between 2011 and now ????????????????? PF

  6. The opposition upnd leaders in zambezi with one well known mischievious chief are the ones who promote tribalism in zambezi.Yes,it has been there for a long time but the ordinary lunda and luvale pipo are peace loving.They support each other during funerals,weddings and other social gatherings.If President late Sata had succeeded in dethroning one chief, there was going to be absolute peace in zambezi by now.

  7. Konikoti, not again, see how corruption began with FTJ brown envelopes to ‘Ubomba mwibala. NO, NOT ANOTHER ONE AGAIN. Zambia would be bankrupt if not already.

  8. The Lundas and Luvales have been fighting long before HH and PF joined politics! It’s cheap politicking to even suggest that the recent fracas is tied to Mr Chagwa’s Tribal politics! Can someone school this ignorant one about the historical bitter rivalry between the two groupings! Mr Incorrigible Chagwa should humble himself and stop this nauseating tribal talk! If you don’t have anything good to say about anyone, don’t even touch the bible! Mukapya one day with your hypocrisy! Whoever habours hate in their heart is not of God but they are of their father the devil and his desires they want to do! For the devil is a liar and a murderer from the beginning!

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