President Lungu asks PF leadership in Kasama to make use of GBM

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu (right) greets Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) on arrival at Kasama Airport on Thursday,August 8,2019.PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE ©2019
President Edgar Chagwa Lungu (right) greets Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) on arrival at Kasama Airport on Thursday,August 8,2019.PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE ©2019
President Edgar Chagwa Lungu (right) greets Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) on arrival at Kasama Airport on Thursday,August 8,2019.PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE ©2019
President Edgar Chagwa Lungu (right) greets Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) on arrival at Kasama Airport on Thursday,August 8,2019.PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE ©2019

PRESIDENT Edgar Chagwa Lungu has scolded Kasama MP Kelvin Sampa, Mayor Fredrick Chisanga and District Commissioner Kelly Kashiwa for not embracing a spirit of unity and making use of political heavy weight Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) who resigned from UPND as Vice President to join the Patriotic Front.

Speaking shortly after arrival at Kasama airport, President Lungu took to the podium and questioned the political party officials as to why they have not made GBM feel a part of the PF family and delegated duties to him.

President Lungu tasked them to embrace a spirit of unity and ‘quash’ any historic squabbles they may have had in the past.

“Elo in Kasama GBM and his friends have come to join us from UPND, we welcomed them but you have not delegated to them, you have not brought them into the family of PF what is wrong?”, he asked

The President reminded the officials that they are so many seats in the Patriotic Front boat, “Our house has so many seats let’s welcome them.”

And, President Lungu admonished Kasama MP, Mayor and District Commissioner for not working together in unity.

The Head of State who is also party president expressed disappointment that he was repeating the message of unity.

He called on the trio to work together and embrace the spirit of unity which was left by the founding party father President Michael Sata.

And President Lungu has called on politicians and political aspirants for higher offices to manage their political ambitions.

“We can see you are looking at 2021, if you are ambitious show your ambition by working harder and tolerating people the leadership will come to you….Being ambitious is very normal but it is how you manage your ambition, work with the people and it is the people who will choose you,” he advised.


    • He was welcomed back on condition that he is a mere member by PF Central committee but this Lazy moron Edgar wants to override that as he was not challenging him like the younger KBF or Mulenga Sata….GBM never learns it’s your money that is useful not you.

    • It is sad indeed to see GBM turn into a destitute. GBM was up up up there, as Minister of Defense, Ba Edgar was Minister of Home Affairs, GBM resigned (as always) as ministerial position, and Ba Edgar took over his job.. can you imagine !!?
      Now Ba Edgar is trying to help GBM get a job as Councillor or what can he do in Kasama?
      GBM just go in diaspora…

    • Kikikikikikijukija kikikikikikijukija kekekekekekekekekke hahahahahaha.

      Reading comments makes me wanna rip my ribs.

      Well, Dr. ECL the POTROZ is well known for that. A phenomenon that CKinsultor couldn’t grasp while in PF. The same issue eating UPNDEAD commentators up on this issue.

      Let me break it down for you. The doc is a uniter, he is a team player, he embraces prodigals. Sampa is back and working with the team. Why not incorporate the guy, I mean GBM is the team? You grapple with that? CKinsultor is welcome to PF in ECL’s world of politics. That the name of the game. No permanent enemy. How I wish Canisius Banda could go back to the deads. Are they that welcoming though 😉 .

      Good job Dr. ECL. Icalo ni unity of purpose not grudges and backbiting. GBVM is very much…

    • So that big and heavy piece of S.H.iii…..t, is being allowed to be something in PF? So it wants ka position and it went to complain? No wonder in past days it has been quiet, awaiting to be supported by ECL?

      I just hate political prostitution. I was against him joining UPND, and I am against him rejoining PF. Such opportunist should be scrapped off from politics. Period.

  1. Your excellency GBM cannot be trusted and he is not a principled politician, neither is he a political heavy weight. Even Kambwili is more of a political heavy weight than GBM. He’s in politics for himself, not for the people.My advice to PF: Trust GBM at your own risk.

  2. The President is forever contradicting himself. He’s essentially saying there’s nothing wrong with being ambitious. Look at how KBF was sidelined by the party for being ambitious.

    • He has nothing to do all Lazy has been doing for the past 4 months is flying around running away from his wife to go and play.

    • Master P…lol….u have chosen the words to understand…the Doc. Is saying there is nothing wrong with being ambitious but how you handle your ambition matters….so jst read the statement again so that u comment accordingly…ha ha ha

    • @ MasterP
      English, English bane. President Lungu has said “Being ambitious is very normal but it is how you manage your ambition, work with the people and it is the people who will choose you,”
      Anyway we have unearthed a strategy by the defunct UPND of twisting whatever President Lungu says and without them realising that they are preparing a big hot frying pan where they will be cooked. First it was on tribal line “A Tonga will be president one day be president of Zambia but CERTAINLY NOT the current UPND leader because he is not a national leader,” you tried very hard to twist the plain and simple fact, and now this one laughable!!!!
      Mukose bane PF is getting smarter and stronger by the day, what is there in UPND to d1e for, ZERO!

  3. It is Friday and my white Swiss wifey says she has a surprise for me when I get home today. Last time she said this, she welcomed me home wearing lingerie revealing her curvaceous body.. She had made me a meal fit for a strong man and after she led me to our room which she had decorated with roses. 9 months later my mixed race son was born. No zambisn woman ever did this for me. I love my babe

  4. GBM bamusiliza, njala imunyokozi! Look how small he looks now, he has been put in a diet of finkubala and delele. Apuu, to make a man swallow his own vomit like that, it is a shame sure!

  5. So GBM has now been relegated to receive orders from the constituency level, very soon they will teach him how to dance so that he can be incorporated in the dance troops that receive members of parliament.

    • @ samlindo
      Thats servant leadership, if you cant be led, you cant lead for sure and this is the disease your HH has. As long as he cant accept to be led by others, Zambians will also not allow him to lead them, period.

  6. Kelvin Sampa is intelligent and has class. He has matured since leaving MMD. I doubt he wants to be associated with perceived riffruffs. Just look at the normalcy being exhibited by PF youths since he took over from Kampyongo as Youth Chairman

  7. Mr.Kashiwa the District Commissioner is a civil servant.Only last week the President was warning to fire political civil servants in the North Western province.

  8. Let’s forgive 77×7, that’s what God wants for unity to prevail instead of killing each other as in the case of Penza and Paul Tembo.

  9. Bitter Hakiende and his inherited under 5 party no vice president and chief vuvuzela. He the anointed one who has commanded his cadres aka mps to boycott national events, embracing GBM not too long ago in the last election which he lost but in his mind he won described GBM as a ‘big catch’ from PF. The puppet master at the time and chief whip a secondary school teacher went to great lengths to show how the north and been lost…but alas like everything else when you only know how to use a boardroom calculator this chap and his cronies want to belittle their once upon time their hero…let PF decide who it brings on board…2021 prepare to cry again….

  10. If politics was taught in your mother tongue you would understand that it’s about principles, not popularism. English translations add so much ambiguity to our way of living and Zambia, in particular, has not been spared by this lost in translation phenomenon. How would we ever develop as a nation when we allow the same people who oppose things on one side to jump over the fence then next day and praise the same thing they were opposing? The f00ls here are not the politicians, but the people who cheer them on and accord them, King status regardless of their misgivings. Surely are these so-called politicians the best we have?

  11. That is just some marriage of convenience.Headless Edgar Lungu trying to embrace headless GBM. These thieves are shameless, just yesterday when they were calling each other names.
    Indeed they are both unprincipled.

    • Wrong.


      GVBM deserves a second chance.

      I wonder why UPNDEAD deserters never go back to the grouping.

  12. Remember every Zambian Paying TAXES paid for the trip to Kasama.

    The administration to turn a working trip into PF trip it’s sad, it’s not fair to all political parties and every Zambian.

    Last time I checked we’re not one party state yet.

  13. How come the two Vice President positions in UPND are still vacant, its over two years in one case and this is the man who claims he can run a country, what a shame.

  14. malinso the vps in upnd is not your occupation mind about the every day state of poor economy which have failed to be control. no food, no employment, no money in poor peoples pockets, no payment of retirees, no medicines in hospitals, closed universities and many more to many to mention. hh is coming to rule the country dont worry.

  15. Why don’t they just ever say ECL is on a two day PF party affairs visit? Whom is he working on behalf of, when all he spouts as soon as he arrives are PF issues?

    When is he going to REALLY start working, by the way?

  16. Why is it like GBM has all the rights to talk nonsense and no one seems to be worried this talk of GBM should not be supported I wonder why the president can stand on the same stage with a person like GBM who is full of hate speech GBM is so childish.So this is the kind of defense minister we used to have very scary GBM should not be taken seriously by zambians GBM and this guy called Mr P are the same GBM has no brains. How can you say this area is a no go area when we are all zambians this is how it all started in Rwanda GBM and the President should try to growup they should not be too selfish they should think of the future of our kids. Zambians are not stupid when they open their mouth they should think not like they are fatting. Tribalism will not delovep zambia plz don’t destroy…

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