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Katete residents urged to sell their maize to FRA

Rural News Katete residents urged to sell their maize to FRA

The Minister in the office of the Vice President Hon. Olipa Phiri
The Minister in the office of the Vice President Hon. Olipa Phiri

Government has urged Katete residents who had a bumper harvest during the just ended farming season to sale their produce to government through the Food Reserve Agency (FRA).

Minister in the Office of the Vice President Olipa Phiri said selling their produce to government was one way of ensuring the country was food secure.

Speaking during the relief food (mealie meal) flagging off ceremony in Katete, Ms Phiri said without farmers selling their produce to government, it will be difficult for government to give out relief food once the country is faced with hunger.

“Those who had a bumper harvest, please let us sale our produce to government. If we don’t sale to government, where will government get what to give out as relief food to those who will be faced with hunger in the country?” she questioned.

Ms Phiri said the same produce that the FRA buys, is what government uses to provide relief food to its people once faced with hunger.

Ms Phiri said without the produce that is sold to FRA, government will not have what to give out to its people once there is a hunger situation in the country.

She said government’s storage should not run out as it will mean many people requiring relief food will not be helped.

The Minister also emphasized to those who had some maize, to store their produce carefully as hunger is looming due to the poor rainfall pattern experienced in some parts of the country.

Meanwhile, Katete District Commissioner (DC) Joseph Makukula appreciated the gesture by government towards the residents of Katete who had been hard hit with hunger due to the poor rainfall pattern experienced in the just ended farming season.

“We are very lucky here, because we will receive a big chunk of the relief mealie meal, instead of 12.5 Kilograms (Kg), we will receive 25Kg each household,” he said.

The district is expected to receive a total of 8,960 bags of mealie meal of which it is expected to cater for more than 8000 beneficiaries.

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  1. who creates rains between God and Science? Who punished southern province from rains?Let Zambia change mind sets and start irrigation farming now and stop over dependency on rains………………………

  2. May the lord bless all the political party leaders and grant them good health so that come 2021 they can humbly accept defeat. Long live ECL!!!
    Development is taking place everywhere in Zambia and and ECL has managed to provide the much needed leadership the country needs. The president is equal to the task and Zambia will soon be a country to reckon with.
    HH should first stand as an MP in southern province so that he learns one or two things how government functions.For now the people of Zambia are happy with ECL and would like ECL to continue even after 2021..
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    HH enjoys fuel and is able to move freely on newly constructed roads.
    HH enjoys freedom and peace in Zambia.
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