Ndulo and Sangwa recruited to undermine refinement of the Constitution – YALI

Constitutional Lawyer John Sangwa stresses a point at a recent public discussion on the Constitutional Amendment Bill
Constitutional Lawyer John Sangwa stresses a point at a recent public discussion on the Constitutional Amendment Bill
Constitutional Lawyer John Sangwa stresses a point at a recent public discussion on the Constitutional Amendment Bill
Constitutional Lawyer John Sangwa stresses a point at a recent public discussion on the Constitutional Amendment Bill

The Young African Leaders Initiative has alleged that some civil society interest groups and persons such as Muna Ndulo and John Sangwa have been recruited on an attempt to undermine the refinement of the Constitution which would have allowed the alteration it to become consistent with the people’s aspiration, enhance democracy and meet international standards for a durable constitution that could stand the test of time.

Addressing a media briefing this morning in Kitwe at Crossroads Lodges, YALI President Andrew Ntewewe, said it was unacceptable for Mr Sangwa, while playing his politics, to call people elected to the office of the President who presided over a period when the Zambian people expressed intention to change the constitution as criminals.

“The question is how can a man who himself had been in court and accused of forgery and yet no one called him a criminal call Kenneth Kaunda, Fredrick Chiluba, Levy Mwanawasa, Rupiah Banda, Michael Chilufya Sata, and President Edgar Chagwa Lungu as criminals merely because these honourable men presided over the constitution reform processes? This is very saddening and not inspiring at all,” said Mr. Ntewewe

Mr. Ntewewe said contrary to what Professor Muna Ndulo and Bokelo Beyani had earlier proposed that all future reviews of the Constitution should be done by 7 people, the National Dialogue Forum was constituted by over 350 persons of various background who included respected constitutional lawyers and professional draftspersons whose daily duties are to draft the laws of Zambia.

The YALI boss cited 4 provisions which included entrenchment of Christianity and Respect for Other Religions, enhancement of Security of tenure for Judges as progressive while dispelling the propaganda that the Bill seeks to abolish the Financial Intelligence Centre which is a creature of an Act of Parliament and not the Constitution. He has since challenged the House of Chiefs, Drug Enforcement Commissions, Bank of Zambia and Electoral Commission of Zambia to explain to the Zambian public on how the progressive proposals they made found their way and were accepted by the National Dialogue Forum.

“The right to belong to any religion or faith-based organisations is not protected by the preamble of our constitution but is entrenched in Article 19 of the Bills of Rights. This article, like many other articles, were not altered at all. We want to reiterate that the Zambian Constitution, even with the proposed deletion of multi-religious and firm declaration that this country remains a Christian Nation, shall continue to recognise the rights of other persons to practice their faith or leave their religions to join other religions,” he said.

Meanwhile Mr. Ntewewe has defended the removal of provisions for the maximum number of MPs in the National Assembly is in tandem with best international practice that have seen Constitutions like that of the United States of America standing the test of time by avoiding amendments to the Constitution every time the number of constituencies are increased through delimitation.

“It is merely propaganda that the PF administration has been wanting to create more seats for itself in their stronghold. The amendment to the Zambian Constitution will allow room for growth without the need to be amending the Constitution all the time we want to increase the number of seats,” said Mr. Ntewewe.


    • Whether PF changes the constitution to make Lungu wamuyaya President his end will be very sad because his criminality while in power.

      Lungu must go. No amount of constitutional dilution will help him stay in power when Zambians are fed up with theft and massive corruption.

      Lungu and his PIGs ni ba chimbwi chabe.

    • Some are hiring Mtewewe lead team, and others go for John Sangwa lead team
      What about us, we need aim higher, let me check on Amusa Mwanamwambwa, is alive.

    • Prof Muna Ndulo and Mr John Sangwa are Patriotic Zambians and are Prominent Constitutional Lawyers able to comment on the Amendment Bill No. 10 of 2019. Their comments and contributions on Bill should be appreciated by all Progressive Zambians. These two Lawyers are Spot on when they conclude that the Bill is a PF Tool to rig the 2021 Elections and Retain Power. The Bill is meant to destroy our Constitutional Democracy and entrench PF Dictatorship in Zambia. This must be stopped at all costs. The Petition to Concourt is a Brilliant Move to stop the PF from manipulating Parliamentary Procedures to illegally pass the Bill in Parliament. The Speaker stopped the Impeachment Bill in Parliament thru the Courts. We shall see how compromised Matibini will out manoeuvre the Courts and MPs in…

    • Useless. Which people is this ***** representing? He is the loudest even when PF have expressed dissatisfaction with some of the clauses. He only raises his voice when people who are not openly PF object? Stupid h*****

  1. This is why UPND loses elections coz they use finished products like Sangwa. How do u call the President a criminal?

    • The President is a Criminal with a well known record. While practicing as a Lawyer he stole a Pensioner’s Money and was de-registered as a Practicing Lawyer by LAZ. This is not a Secret at all becoz its on record.

    • This is not about PF or UPND and thats where unreasonable people are missing it out. Its something that will be used by any President who comes in Power. Dont just think about PF or UPND. Anyone can be in power and this will haunt Citizens forever. Dont just think of losing your job but look out for something which will stand a test of time serving the interest of all Zambians.

    • Ntewewe is a barking dog actually paid to paint black honorable citizens of this country and foreign based indigenous Zambians commanding high respect in foreign countries. Ntewewe should know that we know him as a rabid dog feeding on crumbs falling from the table of thieves, corrupt and black devils who have been imposing themselves on the nation as visionless masquerades. Let this dog shut the stinking mouth, the barking is too smelly.

  2. Ntewewe better pray. We know you are a thief and by keeping the corrupt government in power, you think you will be safe.

    Pray really hard

    • No, no, no Ntewewe, no please you don’t know Prof Ndulo. He is a senior professor at Cornell, has worked at the UN, was involved in constitution making for Kenya, RSA, and other countries. He is materially and financially VERY independent unlike you suckers and leeches. Now what do you yourself have to show?

  3. Ntewewe dumb as a rock, he attended Zambia insurance business college in the early 90’s for half a semester.
    He has no background in law or anything except operating a shack of a shop at Soweto market.
    He’s an opportunist

  4. No, no, no Ntewewe you do not know Prof. Ndulo no please shut up. The man is a senior professor at an Ivy league university, Cornell. The man us well off unlike you who is a parasite, a sucker and slacker. He does not depend on handouts. He has developed constitutions in RSA, Kenya, Tunisia, East Timor and other places. Now how about you? What do you have to show?

  5. Anajaila being paid such that he thinks everybody else is like that.
    Judas ntwentwe thinks he represents the youth by selling the nation for 30 pieces of silver to a group of failed politicians.
    Some misguided over age youth must just leave constitutional issues to the men and women with the grooming for them.
    Money is only paper,think about your children or your childrens children, if you have any.

  6. What Mr Ntewewe should have done at the NDF was to help guide the delegates to avoid touching progressive amendments of the 2016 constitution. Its the touching of progressive amendments of the 2016 constitution that has caused the problems for the good amendments proposed from NDF. The 2016 constitution President ECL signed had the blessings of the majority of Zambians . What has shocked many Zambians Mr Ntewewe are proposals like 1. The bringing back of depute ministers 2. Putting FIC under DEC 3. Stoping electing Mayors. Which Zambians cried for Deputy Ministers? Which Zambians don’t want FIC to be independent? Which Zambians want a Mayor to be pick from the council? You equally should reflect seriously on these issue sir.

  7. Kangwa? Muna Ndulo? They want to be cabinet ministers of course, minister of justice and minister of legal education respectively. They are bitter that they have not been appointed as judges or DPP.

  8. Ndulo was the youngest dean of UNZA Law School. He knows more law than you scared sycophants who have no Integrity and are being bought by PF Ndulo is tenured faculty at one of the top law schools in the world. Go read his cv and cry.

    • Even Margaret Mwanakatwe has a very nice CV. This is where you get it all wrong. Political bias swallows all intellect, unfortunately.

  9. Ntwentwe you must acknowledge the elephants in the room not kuilinganya amapuli nabakhulu.
    These nonsense clauses made by ECL,zayelo and tutwa in the cover of darkness are not worth the toilet paper they are written on.Zambians let’s be serious.

  10. Ka Andrew is a complete illiterate with a big mouth. He has no education to speak of, he’s a paid cadre in a suit.
    Does not deserve the press coverage he’s been getting.

  11. YALI CEO you are point and these guys must be arrested for wanting to mislead the nation because they have selfish interest.

  12. Whether the constitution is amended or not, UPND CAN NOT WIN A PRESIDENTIAL ERECTION IN ZAMBIA. Yes they can will all parliamentary seats in Southern, western, North western and parts of Central Province,but in its current tribal and petty form coupled with the CHEAP lies they keep on churning out every minute,they can never win the PRESIDENCY especially that they have the most HATED POLITICIAN IN ZAMBIA AS THEIR PARTY PRESIDENT.

  13. YALI has no purpose for its existence and is an embarrassment to us young people. YALI must first ask itself that if Edgar had seen something wrong in the constitution why did he append his signature on it, and if he didnt why does he want to change it now this is hypocricy at it’s best. Secondly NDF was a sham that was never inclusive and lacked transparency. Edgar has no interest of the Zambian people at heart but his own interest in pursuing this amendment to the constitution.

  14. I love John Sangwa , is such a brilliant constitutional lawyer, but as a matter of interest, can he shade some
    bit of light as to his parents and grand parents origination. (Tribe and Province )

    Sangwa can say he is a Zambian no doubt.

    Please assist ME to erase from my mind speculations and insinuations.

  15. Democracy is working in Zambia. Apparently, Mr. Ntewewe has articulated his points well and very convincingly. The UPND bloggers should just display maturity by advancing credible arguments rather than resort to generating unproductive political points – in desperation.

  16. Prof. Ndulo and Mr. John Sangwa and their South African-based colleague, Prof. Hansungule, are known for advancing UPND’s political themes. Besides, why did Mr. Sangwa and Prof. Ndulo shun to participate in the National Forum which was well attended by Zambia’s based brains? They could have joined the real “intellectual Boxing Ring” and offer credible contributions that could have helped refine aspects relating to the Constitution. Alas! this clique of text-book Lawyers have opted to shadow-boxing outside the boxing ring. Incidentally, both Prof. Ndulo and Prof. Hansungule have not defended a case in Courts of Law. Food for thought.

  17. LAZ should stick to its mandate and not interfere with legislature. I suspect Sangwa has paid some few coins by HH and other good for nothing citizens just to frustrate the amendment of the constitution process, but it work. The goodness of democracy is that the majority always wins and in this case the majority of MPs with the mandate given to them by the people of Zambia want the constitution to be amended.
    if HH wants to be president he should go to planet mars together with bena sangwa and minions to go and rule themselves and make laws on planet mars no one is stopping them, otherwise, It wont work here in Zambia.
    The people here are happy with the leadership being provided by ECL and want the constitution to be fine tuned.

  18. For information of Ba” Banda” and “Moses”, the position of Dean of a School at Unza is merely administrative as it has nothing to do with being an all-round expert in various departmental disciplines that constitute a School. Banda and Moses must know that it was during the reign of Muna Ndulo as Dean of School of Law that forced many talented academics to flee out of Unza to seek professional peace in fine Universities outside Zambia.It is a puzzle that Prof. Ndulo has consistently opposed all progressive developments in Zambia spear-headed in particular by Presidents FTJ Chiluba, RB Banda, MC. Sata and EC Lungu. Very selective of “Prof.” Ndulo.

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