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Vedanta welcomes President Lungu to India

Headlines Vedanta welcomes President Lungu to India

President Edgar Lungu (left) with Vedanta Resources PLC Chairman Anil Agarwal after a photo session at State House on Friday.
File:President Edgar Lungu (left) with Vedanta Resources PLC Chairman Anil Agarwal after a photo session at State House

Vedanta Resources has welcomed President Edgar Lungu, and his delegation, to India for a State Visit.

In a statement ahead of President Lungu, Vedanta says its relationship with Zambia is a long-standing one, reinforcing the mutually supportive relationship between India and Zambia.

Vedanta’s Chairman Anil Agarwal’s message to President Lungu as he and the Government of Zambia delegation arrive in India is that “Vedanta welcomes you to India, and thanks you for your leadership and direction as our teams work together to resolve the KCM matter.”

“I want to express my deep and humble appreciation to you, Your Excellency, for the manner in which you were willing to engage with us in Lusaka last week,” Mr Agarwal said.

He added ,”Your leadership and stature meant that we should be on track to resolve KCM’s future in a way that will benefit Zambia and the Zambian people.”

He said Vedanta looks forward to engaging with President Lungu and his team in India this week, and to building on the discussions held last week in Lusaka.

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  1. Dziko Latha!!
    Never trust a politician, especially one with a Corrupt embezzling history.

    • Lungu is Hypocrite. He told the Nation that Liquidation of KCM was a done deal and he had nothing to discuss with Vedanta. Now he is in India discussing with the Indian Govt and Vedanta how to buy out Vedanta out of KCM. He cannot expropriate KCM Assets without paying Vedanta who hold 80% of KCM Shares. Vedanta will happily walk away from KCM and Zambia with a bundle of USD in damages and Compensation. Vedanta has the last laugh!

    • The Indian Govt is there to protect Indian Companies operating in Zambia including Vedanta. The Indian Govt will obviously seek Assurances from Lungu that Vedanta will be adequately compensated for its expropriated shares in KCM. Furthermore, the Indian Govt will seek Assurances from Lungu that other Indian Companies operating in Zambia will not be mistreated by the Zambian Govt in the same way as Vedanta. Lungu was naive to expect Vedanta to quietly walk away from KCM and Zambia without adequate Compensation. Zambia will pay the Price for illegally “liquidating” KCM without Consent and Compensation to Vedanta.

  2. I see acquisition or take over strategy by other Indian investors.Vedanta will claim all legal fee, therefore,he will be laughing.

  3. Something fishy is going on here. I hope it not another duduma reverse. The president must be careful with this international crook.

  4. If the mine is bust as vendetta made out why are they insisting on meeting with ECL once more he has already told them he is listening to the people on the belt so no means no…..the amiable solution is pay the liquidator to pay the suppliers, withdraw those funny proceedings in kangaroo courts and tail between the leg hightail off to another vector you can leech on.. Adolf without great bag of maize aka fat albert told you the take over is long over due…No deal

    • “I’m just handling my business, there’s no love for you blood is business.” Quotting my favourite rapper giggs from UK. hahaha winner takes all…next please.

  5. Alot of things happening behind the
    Scene.Money can do alot .That is why people with money can find
    Plan B.we are not going anywhere.
    Zambians just get excited for nothing.

    • This was a longstanding invitation as a reciprocal visit by the President of India. Vedanta is taking advantage – lobbying the Indian Government. Whatever happens Vedanta has got the message loud and clear — you can play games up to a point.

  6. Inonge should have gone to India to stand in for her boss, however, the boss may have personal interests too.

  7. We said so. Lungu is now Dialogueing with Vedanta. Zambia will have to find “Lusaka kandalama” to Buy Out Vedanta out of KCM. Expect hefty fees and Compensation to Vedanta by GRZ. Lungu thought he could just takeover Vedanta’ s Shares in KCM. He has since discovered that he just can’t takeover KCM’ s Assets without Consent from Vedanta. Time will tell.

  8. It’s shows how desperate we Africans are and why we don’t believe in ourselves. Whts the importance of going to India, whts there when we hv everything here. Since privatisation was introduced here, wht hv we got frm it than riching the foreigners who’s in return are insulting us. Leaders lets wake up ad guard our God blessed riches.

  9. We have been told that the President is recipocating thw state visit by India’s President last year BUT NOW it appears he is being welcomed by Vedanta even before the Indian Govt makes a welcome statement!! If Lungu is genuine he should tell this crook ” Your time is up, we want someone who can run the mine profitably to benefit us,since you have always complained about losses” BUT NO,THAT WOULD BE MIRACLE!

    • This Vedanta crook is taking advantage of the visit to crook his way through. That is how they operate. We will see how the President will handle this.

  10. Hope this is a positive trip but if it got anything to do with the change on mind of KCM then UPND Cadres will laugh at us PF, Mr. President please don’t let us the miners down.

  11. Wishing the president all the best. We know you are not there for the KCM issue but if so happens that the chairman manages to get to you, I urge you to remain steadfast and always remember as a Lawyer that the case is ongoing in our able courts of Law. By going to India it means not that you have time to just go round the world but that you have a duty to do so. Peace full Zambia awaits your come back.

  12. Lapp green debacle should be fresh in these leaders’ minds- I hope!

    But Lungu thinks he is invincible, and the nation and its citizens stand to suffer.

    I thought he should have been welcomed by the Indian government delegation and not powerful businessmen . Is this a state visit or a visit to Vedanta offices for some curry?

  13. @Cat and Mouse, I rarely comment on discussions on our wonderful LT Platform. But I just beg to differ with you thus; “All Businessmen are Crooks”. We have fought for whatever we have, fallen, fought back. We had no MMD, PF in whatever form to raid on. There are a lot of innocent Business Persons striving in these moments. Thanks and regards.

    • Still that doesn’t alter @Mr cat’s point in any way .You pretty much might ve fallen but how you rose is what should be of critical essence . The taste of a meal is in the eating.Many a crooked politician or business person would rise by way of committing a felony such as murder

  14. This charlatan called Zambian president stinks, just how could god endower one person with such a collosal gift of stipidity and treachery?

  15. And look at the Indian man, he is walking with his hands in his pockets looking down, you can see he has zero regard for Lungu. The dstupidity of our leaders stinks to the very heavens above.

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