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Government to help 40 stranded students in India

General News Government to help 40 stranded students in India

President Edgar Lungu
President Edgar Lungu

President Edgar Lungu says government will help the 40 students that are stranded in India for failure to pay school fees.

The affected students are unable to leave India for failure to settle their fees.

Speaking when he addressed the Zambian students in India, President Lungu urged the Zambian Embassy in that country to ensure that the students are helped.

President Lungu said this is not the time to blame the students but help them to move out of trouble.

President Lungu however warned that government will not allow parents to take their students to India when they have no capacity to pay.

He said it is sad to have children stranded in a foreign country because their parents have failed to honour their obligations.

President Lungu also urged the Zambian embassy in India to scrutinize the Universities that are advertising in Zambia.

He said it is unfortunate that some Universities are giving false information to prospecting students only to change when they are enrolled.

The Head of State said this after one of the students complained that most of her lecturers do not use English when teaching and does not have facilities for practical’s.

And, Foreign Affairs Minister, Joseph Malanji said government wants Zambians in foreign countries to contribute to National Development.

He urged the students to acquire skills that will help to develop the country.

And Zambia High Commissioner to Zambia, Judith Kapinjimpanga thanked the President for visiting India.

She said this will help in strengthening relations between Zambia and India.

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  1. The government should only assist to get the students back home so that they can go to school here where thier parents can afford.
    There is no difference with those students who are privately financed by their parents abroad and those in private universities here at home whom government have refused to extend the busuries to.Mushimba made it clear yesterday on radio.
    It is like government will only need votes from the government funded students and and thier parents and not from private institutions students and thier parents.

  2. why didn’t lungu raise the issue (indian colleges advertising in Zambia and then change….whatever he said, why leave it to the embassy people. the embassy staff are very mediocre at best in pretty much all places I’ve dealt with except Nairobi. when I was a student in Canada/us, they don’t do nothing. same work ethic from lsk
    soon the same will start happening, those Zambians going to india for medical treatment will be getting stranded there. all this points to the broken institutions in Zambia. fix Zambia and all these will be avoided

  3. ‘And Zambia High Commissioner to Zambia,……’ LT please edit.

    The govt has no obligation to assist privately funded students abroad or here at home. This is assuming those that are govt funded deserve the support on merit. Many parents send their children to countries like China, India, Malaysia etc. because the children do not meet the requirements for admission to the strict Zambian universities, just like in the old days. Those who went to Russia, Romania, etc did not meet UNZA admission standards but their parents were connected or could afford to pay. Under KK education was based on merit and rationed to the few bright ones so that the quality was maintained. That said, there is no top ranked foreign university that would admit students that do not meet Zambian public…

  4. public university admissions requirements.

    Here at home the govt should stop charging private universities for every student they enrol. It is unheard of and retrogressive. The norm is to reward universities for enrolling many students, not to punish them.

  5. OMG???????????!! The Zambian Economy as become so poor, food is very expensive everything is expensive in Zambia. How do you expect the parents to pay full fees for their kids when they have other responsibilities to look at…pay fees for the other kids and make sure that K144 bag of Meal meal is on the table, pay water bills, electricity yet the salary’s are not increasing. No one would send his or her child abroad and fail to support….it’s the government killing their pockets.

  6. You wonder where this man was…I mean this situation has been ongoing for a long time…did this moron Lazy have to go to India to politick….you wonder what he does in State house because even everything that comes in front of him he ignorantly signs.

  7. Even here in Zambia there are students who are stranded, and those who cannot go to university or colleges, I wish the government could sponsor steady 40 needy people to colleges I mean those who didn’t wish to study with unza or maybe want do other courses like nursing, clinical medicine etc???? am saying this because am very much in need of help or sponsorship ????

  8. Precious, if you have the choice to study or not with UNZA but chose to do something else, you have the choice to pay your own fees. You cannot choose where to study and then ask the govt. to sponsor you. I hope you do not actually mean what you are saying. The govt policy in the past was to treat sponsorship to courses of study at university or elsewhere like military recruitment and posting on study completion. If you could choose, you had to pay for yourself.

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