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Decision by India to donate Rice and Milk to hunger-stricken areas is an embarrassment-UPND

Headlines Decision by India to donate Rice and Milk to hunger-stricken areas is...

UPND Chairman for Rural Reconstruction and Development Moono Mapani
UPND Chairman for Rural Reconstruction and Development Moono Mapani

The opposition United Party for National Development [UPND] has described the decision by the Indian government to donate 1,000 metric tons of rice and 100 tones of milk to hunger-stricken areas in the country as an embarrassment.

Recently the Indian government donated 1,000 metric tons of rice and 100 tones of milk to hunger-stricken areas in Zambia.

And commenting on the gesture by the Indian government, UPND Chairman for Rural Reconstruction and development, Moono Mapani tells QTV news that it is shameful for the government to receive a donation after exhibiting reluctance to declare the current hunger situation a national disaster.

Mr. Mapani has stressed that accepting the donation from India is evidence enough for President Edgar Lungu to declare the hunger situation, a national emergency so that other countries can come on board.

Mr. Mapani has advised the government not to be ashamed to tell other countries about hunger situation in the country but instead, put the interest of the people first as many Zambians are not affording three decent meals a day as per requirement

Meanwhile, Governance Activist Leslie Chikuse has predicted that many Zambians will die of hunger if nothing is done to address the hunger situation facing the country.

Mr. Chikuse says President Lungu and his ministers should humbly swallow their pride and declare hunger a national disaster to allow other countries to respond to hunger-stricken areas to ensure that those affected receive assistance in good time.

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    • What has happened to the new UPND MP for Katuba, Aubrey Kapalasa (or Kalapasa) he seems to have gone quite after a promising victory!

      Has he remained in good books with his party? …

    • Indeed it’s embarrassing. Some of these countries opt to donate when the manner in which delegates eat.
      46 Zambians went with Ba Edgar to India, and you can imagine portions on rice abena Freedom Sikazwe were eating. Then abena Kaizer drinking a glass of milk pa lunch.
      Even Japan will donate.
      Imilile ububi.

    • Really – Just a few days ago, HH was begging for help in form food from the Canadian embassy. Now this has become an embarrassing issue. UPND are really hypocrites

    • Just receive the rice and milk and eat and drink and while at it shut the hell up and look to the next season and pray it rains next time and stop yapping and what magic do you need?

      What is important? The declaration or hunger or the donation so that those in the hunger stricked areas can be fed.
      This useless party feels good when calamity befell this country.
      Why would normal people with right state of minds rejoice when bad things are happening? The devil is in the detail. Why planning evil when those in authority want to reach those in need. Why cut poles when those in Authority want to reach those in need. What’s with the updeads kanshi?

  1. Under5 id.iots at it again….Its a donation please understand the meaning of donation. This party is for sa.tanist who do not want to see anything good.Few weeks ago,The sa.tanic party called upnd was complaining that people will die of hungry, Well wishers donate ati its shameful…you are all de.mons from hell starting with your boss (hh). upnd the sat.antic party.What is important is to feed our people.

    • After indebting the country to the tune of $17 billion, you are now begging for food ?

      Lungu went to India to beg for food, Japan he has gone to beg for food ,

      You should ashamed of yourselfs …….

      Perpetual failures

    • Eeeat…Id1ot, you forget that the hunger situation in the country is as a result of your visionless drunkard, lazy Lungu. And yet you still find a way to shift the blame to HH and UPND. I don’t support HH or UPND, but I won’t foolishly shift the blame onto them for lazy Lungu’s failures. Lazy Lungu is a disgrace in the SADC region and is causing Zambians to be embarrassed, both home and abroad.

  2. Prove to the Zambian people those who have died of hunger, otherwise that is simply cheap politicking. So Mr Moono I am challenging you to give us evidence of those envisaged to have died of hunger.

  3. So Mr Moono Mapani, as a upnd satanism you want your people to die of hunger? This party is indeed full of satanists today I believe, I thought it was only trib.list.
    No diplomacy at all. Why not just keep quiet in this kind of situation even if you strongly feel that it is an embarrassment? No vote in 2021 if that is what you wanted, no HH in state house unless we shift it to Dundumwezi.

  4. Lungu went to India to beg for food, he has gone to japan to beg for food , not even ashamed to be begging after blowing $17 billion

    That’s all lungu and his team know , borrowing , looting ,drinking , corruptly dividing the countrys forest reserves like scavengers then begging and stealing donner aid and going back to beg

  5. Upnd 1.d.io.ts are like that “security guards” comedy. They don’t make sense anymore except make people laugh because they have nothing sensible to say…

    • You feel ashamed of always begging …….you just had billions a few years ago ????

      Don’t be surprised if it is vendetta giving your begging arses food……

  6. NOTHING shameful here. Don’t bring politic everywhere we know your president is happy because hee ride on misfortune of others. Mazoka, mwanawasa and then sata he denied being upnd a cording some write up by Mwanawasa. AFTER KAMBELA DIED the guy jump on the board and claimed to be the carrier of Andy’s legacy. He insulted mwanawasa to his death but claimed to be the one to carry on what mwanawasa lost. He called our beloved president a chimbwi no plan and wished him dead but the sooner he died he claimed his legacy and a pointed himself the sata legacy bearer. When RB lost to sata in 2016 The same sadist wanted to ride on him misfortune by saying he was better than sata in terms of governance and economic stability. And was the first to arrive at court to recieve RB when he was…

    • The vendetta you kicked out is giving your useless corrupt president food to feed you ???

      Have some shame, this is a very embarrassing message from the Indians ……they could have given money instead just to show you how useless PF and lungu are they give you food , after you take away one of their companies ???

  7. UPND have run out of ideas. Now I understand why Edgar ignores them. You wanted declaration of hunger emergency in Zambia. Where has anyone died of hunger in Zambia. Many areas have food. Areas that failed to harvest due to poor rains are being helped. So where is the embarrassment? That is why many people fail to vote for you. You have no objectivity in your dealings.

    • And mostly, it was their political strongholds which were badly affected by the drought. Try to figure out why that is the case.

    • @ John Mulele,yes this is why ECL does not respond to upnd, they are time wasters.Today they will say one thing and 2moro they will change,bali monga njuka.flip flop,flip flop,flip flop…..


    • I think it’s a punishment for being bitter. They don’t show Ubuntu in their comments, they always insult the leadership. To them nothing good has been achieved since they are not the ones in power. Can it rain sure in that part of the country with this kind of hatred? Try the formula of love, you will see it will rain and you will have plenty of harvest. But if you continue with your attitude, kaya.

    • No no no! Yaba no!
      My side chick is Tonga. She is sweet and good mwe.
      People in SP are good people by and large.
      It is just the curse and whitewash that the occult group UPNDEAD has brought in the area. On a normal day, a fellow would not be cutting a lonely pole standing by the roadside unless a wind of darkness that smells a threat to its very existance moves in and takes position. Is it normal for an opposition party to orchestrate a campaign against development in its so called stronghold? NO, IT IS NOT. UPNDEAD IS NOT NORMAL! by any stretch of imagination. Double h’s modus operandi is that you don’t gain votes in SP as he sneaks in to garner votes where he is the weakest. A weird strategy.

  9. (HH) and UPND need image builders. Their messages are failing to click with common voters.
    The headline should read: Decision by Zambian Voters to Reject Hakainde Hichilema 7 times is an Embarrassment

  10. This is laughable.
    UPND wanted emergency declaration to attract food aid.
    ECL goes to say, its not an emergency yet but pockets of hunger exist in the Country and those who can give can go ahead and donate that the GRZ will not stop anyone from donating. People donate, the SAAATANISTS goes to say its an embarrassment. Whaaaat…..!

  11. With this calibre of opposition one wonders where the country would be if Hakainde chintombwa went to state house. You are busy calling for Govt to declare a national disaster but when some countries donate food you cry foul. This clueless opposition perpetual loser is no less than a comedian.when you declare a national disaster you are essentially opening up for people to come and assist. But this corrupt privation thief is rubbishing food donation before a disaster is declared. What happen to the once food basket province of Zambia southern province? Is it not the the weather pattern that has affected southern province? HH wants cheap political mileage everywhere even in the toilets. Shame.

  12. The PF zelots above can rant and complain how they want ,

    Undisputed facts remain…..

    Less than 5 years after having billions, their useless thieving leadership has reduced Zambians to beggars ….

    Even people like vendetta who they grabbed a company from are throwing food at you. …..

  13. Ba spaka you rant too much. Wait for 2021,you won’t even return to ZD, ukutumpa bane. Thes no way party structures will run without being filled up. The sat. nist party up. nd rejoices when Zambians are hit by calamities so that they can advance their shallow thinking over the country. Imagine the same party pulls in different directions without proper reasoning. Ukutumpa bane. Guys like spaka should come down to see the reality on the ground. The massive infrastructure development has coursed sleepless nights in the opposition camp. 2021 elections, a walk over for the PF. We shall see. Wake up spaka.

    • ati “ massivu developmentee “ ?

      Are pipo going to eat Masive development ??

      You are failing to provide jobs ati massive development ??

      Useless parasitic blood suckers

  14. Blessed is the hand that gives(India) than the one the recieve (Zambia).
    The (Indians) must help the useless, weak zambian full of corrupt leaders.
    They think the are doing zambians a favour by begging for food.Shameless *****s

  15. @LIE DETECTOR you are also a de.mon from hell ka, This is very easy to understand unless you are full of de.mons like hh,last year this county had low rainfall leading to low production of Maize, Its not President Lungu who ringings rains,You also dont understand the word donation,Yaba i forgot upnd is a sad to see party especially if something good is happening these de.mons, ama sa.tanist, LIE DETECTOR fo.olish you

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