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Registrar of Societies has no Powers to de-register my party-Kambwili

Headlines Registrar of Societies has no Powers to de-register my party-Kambwili

Chishimba Kambwili.
Chishimba Kambwili.

The National Democratic Congress Party (NDC) has commenced judicial review proceedings in the High Court to challenge the Registrar of Societies’ decision to de-register the party.

Registrar of Societies has canceled the registration certificate of the NDC following a High Court ruling of 16th, July 2019, in a matter where some members of the NDC took each other to court.de-register

But NDC Leader Chishimba Kambwili says the Registrar of Societies has no powers to deregister his party, adding that the party has not received the deregistration letter, but only came to know about it on social media.

Dr. Kambwili says the decision by the Registrar of Societies to de-register his party is illegal and an abuse of authority.

Speaking at a media briefing, Dr. Kambwili says the registrar’s pronouncement is not supported by any law in Zambia.

He has wondered why the Registrar of Societies has de-registered the party without engaging the aggrieved parties as stipulated under section 13 of the Registrar of Societies Act.

Dr Kambwili has directed his lawyers to sue the Registrar of Societies Thandiwe Mhende in her own capacity for what he has termed as misbehavior in the public office.

He states that there is no law backing the registrar of societies to deregister a political party if there is a lacuna in its constitution.

Meanwhile Mr. Kambwili has condemned President Edgar Lungu’s unending international trips amidst high prices of mealie-meal and other challenges facing the country.


  1. Wondering why PF feels so intimidated by NDC. They are very much in pressure. It seems only CK can manage to make them scamper in all directions.

    • Kambwili should be smart by taking case to Kitwe High court, not in Forest 27 he can’t win there.
      Bravo for suing the woman in her personal capacity, indeed they are misbehaving to please abena Kampyongo.
      Meanwhile Kambwili should let Akafumba deal with case, while Kambwili should focus on new name.

    • This is a pure case of team CKinsultor vs team Mwenya Musenge.
      Iliko bad iyi.
      We will see who will win NDC consultant now claiming ownership and Mwenya Musenge former NDC SG.
      CKinsultor,Akafumba, Atanga on one end Mwenya Musenge and NDC on the other. FLASHBACK
      Demoted Secretary General Mwenya Musenge refuses to recognise Chishimba Kambwili as Party President.

  2. This is political ,the registrar is being used to “fix politically” the enemies and rivals of PF party. Please stay neutral and professional Mr Registrar .

    • HH was illegally imprisoned by ECL what did the UPND and members like you do? Nothing.So do not talk big.The PF is more scared of NDC than your cold UPND, a big opposition party that has no political impact because it refuses to revolutionise itself.

    • Why do you think hh was released ? Had it not being for the international community there would have been war by now. Wake up iwe

  3. Sad indictment of lungu the lawyers rule…….the deregistration convinently happens when the corrupt thief lungu is out of town…..

  4. Lungu is flying around aimlessly meanwhile balemuliyla gelo. We know a certain somebody ku state house is keeping esther serviced and speaking in tongues. It is a well known secret among state house staff

  5. Lusaka Times, you have allowed your site to be a ponographic site for use by animals? You know dogs do it in public without shame, and for humans it’s done in strict privacy and out of the public eyes and ears and mouth. That is the difference between a dog and a human. So lets be clear ba LT, no animals ka.

    • I said the same thing to Lusaka Times the other day. Just why do they allow such vulgar postings on this media? Don’t they have an editor?

  6. He wasted his time hiding under the CONSULTANCY connotation. CKinsultor is not smart at all.
    Damn it what was he doing to himself as a consultant to his own party.
    Self inflicted wound gone infected with a very bad bacteria.
    You can’t have it both ways CK na.
    Just register a new party. Or join Kalaba.

  7. While I think the decision by the registrar was rather too harsh kambwili must sue his lawyer for misleading him. How can the bring our such defence. Telling the honourable court that there party constitution on which musenge based his claim was in fact non functional. Mean not existing. Kambwili didn’t understand the augment by his lawyers and blindly gave consent to such succidal defence we all know that every legal organization is created and function by it constitution. If they don’t have a functional constitution then we can safely say they don’t exist
    That what the registrar is doing. She is mere agreeing with the NDC revelation in court that they don’t exist. Musenge did not loose the case but ndc lost because the other camp was in an harry to fix him without weighing their…

  8. I thought this matter closed when Musenge lost the case in court? PF should concentrate their energies on the prevailing power crisis and mealie meal prices instead of trying to fix one individual. What will win them votes is a lasting solution to the power crisis and a significant reduction in mealie meal costs. You are making Kambwili more popular

  9. PF morons please just fix the economy bring the price of mealie meal down, fixing Kambwili won’t solve the problems if anything you are just making him popular. So what Kambwili says is actually true because he talked about this last week when Kampyongo was on the copperbelt but he rubbished it. Why do you have so much fear of Kambwili?

  10. How can the registrar of society have the power to register a party but no power to de-register? If Kambwili resigned from PF and formed his own party, this will not be happening. Kambwili attempted to eat with both hands in PF while sending Musenge to do his dirty work now Musenge has come back Fcked him right in the4ss. Even a five year old kid could have predicted NDF deregistration.

  11. LT allows erotica so easily while some of us get our postings moderated and removed at the slightest pretext. Mwe fyungwa mwe napakufwila tamwakwata! Mapuli ya banenu!

  12. Kalok,

    I always thought that LT had no editor,
    but what you wrote proves that they have one indeed!

    2 of my postings this morning re N.EE.Z never made it…

  13. Maybe not but Superman Musenge appears to have powers to stitch you up! Little devil…….

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