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UCZ Synod Bishop urges Politicians not to divide the country on Tribal Lines

Headlines UCZ Synod Bishop urges Politicians not to divide the country on Tribal...

President Edgar Lungu, Kabundi Kapisha UCZ Congregation Bishop Sichilima (c) and PF Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri during the Church Services in Chingola
President Edgar Lungu, Kabundi Kapisha UCZ Congregation Bishop Sichilima (c) and PF Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri during the Church Services in Chingola

United Church of Zambia (UCZ) Synod Bishop Sydney Sichilima has urged politicians against dividing the country on tribal lines.

Bishop Sichilima said tribalism must not be allowed to take centre stage in the nation as it is detrimental and divisive.

He urged political leaders to avoid dwelling on matters that derail development but instead engage in issue-based discussions that are beneficial to every Zambian citizen.

Bishop Sichilima further called on Zambians to uphold the spirit of oneness and peace.

He said this in an interview with journalists during the UCZ Northern Province Conference held in Senga District.

And Bishop Sichilima has urged all well-meaning Zambians and leaders at various levels to champion Christian values.

He said those in leadership positions must endeavour to uphold integrity as they discharge their respective responsibilities.

Meanwhile, UCZ Northern Presbytery Bishop Maybin Mulenga has implored Christians to be agents of peace and resist political violence.

Earlier, Kasama District Commissioner Kelly Kashiwa urged the church to provide counsel and pray for government leaders.

The provincial conference has attracted UCZ members from all districts in Northern Province.


  1. Surely goodness,this so called bishop should be preaching that message of loving one another and breaking down barriers to that same man holding the holy bible in that picture!! The church should be honest and address this issue face to face with the PF who are causing these tribal conflicts…… talk to the president directly because we can all see and feel the discrimination and bias in this country. I still do not agree that it’s the church’s duty to put right what the ruling government has damaged!! Church must stick to spiritual things and leave PF to sort out their mess and to get Zambia back to its glory!!

  2. The best sermon is your conduct, your talk and your character! As the Apostle Paul says, if you talk ill of one another, you abide not in Christ! You can give anything you wish to the poor but if you don’t have love, you are wasting your time! Love your enemies and do good to those that discriminate against you because of your tribe! Those who think are Christians and yet are in the evil habit of talking ill against their perceived enemies are not of Christ! The greatest tragedy we have now is leaders who lead with emotions and play politics of personalities and wake ni wake! If only our leaders can truly humble themselves and understand that leadership is about service to others and not self-enrichment!

  3. Bishop Sichilima dines and wines with ECL and other PF leaders.What has he been discussing with them? What advise has he been giving them? The bishop has also publicly adopted a pro-PF stand for his UCZ and has never condemned any of the numerous divisive and undemocratic political actions of the PF including the NDF and the dreaded Constitutional Amendment Bill. Does the UCZ Bishop not know that there is no single Minister from Southern Province in the entire PF Cabinet ?Whom then does he think needs his advice most? It is no good just saying “politicians should promote national unity” when he knows the main culprits promoting divisions in Zambia today and receives gifts from them daily.

  4. The country is already divided.. According to the UPND whoever speaks Tonga is their member and it’s an abomination to support any other Party. When Hichilema loses an election it means the Bemba didn’t vote for him. According to Godfridah it’s ok for PF cadres to insult Hichilema’s late father, that’s PF Christianity.

  5. Trouble with PF members is despite them going to church for a spiritual bath, they come out the same – filthy in the mouth!
    They are unclean!

  6. Comments above reflect exactly what bishop sichilima is talking about.I wonder some bloggers already condemn the bishop.
    Who doesn’t see that tribalism is real in Zambia…?
    UPND and PF are tribal inclined since their inception.Its sad that UPND supporters throw it to PF alone.
    The bottom point is that all should condemn tribalism in Zambia…..

  7. UPND are these the kind of strategists you consider best, or both the good and better, and the best have eluded you?
    Reminds one of that dumbbell Siakalima as Advisor for HH, and his counterpart Sikazwe as Advisor to Edgar! When I say HH and UPND are no option for Zambia, you see what I mean?

  8. Was the Bishop advising the politician on his left? Cant tell who he is from the picture especially that he is looking down. All I can say us that he is a politician, judging from the awe on the Bishop’s face.

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