Intervene to Avoid Further Protests Says Lusambo
Lusambo Addressing UNZA students

The Zambia National Students Union (ZANASU) has officially written to South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, warning him that the inaction by the ANC Government over the ongoing xenophobic attacks against foreign nationals is threatening the South African investment and business interests in other countries.

In his letter delivered on Monday at South African Embassy in Lusaka during the demonstrations by students, ZANASU Vice President, Steven Kanyakula, said the patience by students is faster running out against inaction from the administration of the African National Congress since the party resumed power at the end of Apartheid.

“We believe that, unlike the opposition Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) who have come out strongly against these barbaric attacks by those ruffians, you administration had taken a lukewarm approach to dealing with xenophobic attacks which may be due to political expedience,” said Kanyakula

He reminded President Ramaphosa that and the people of South Africa that their country is not an Island and the actions of South Africans is posing a serious risk to the South African investment and businesses in countries like Zambia, Zimbabwe, Nigeria and everywhere as discontent continues to grow among our students.

He said students will be tempted to respond with equal militancy so as to send a strong message to the South African Government and leaders in the region whom he accused are treating South Africa with kids’ gloves that people are losing patience against your inaction

Mr. Kanyakula told President Ramaphosa that the people who are being killed today in South Africa are the very people from countries who sacrificed for its liberation and hosted them as brothers and sisters.

However, Zambia’s Republican President Edgar Lungu has restrained students against engaging in similar criminal acts as South Africans by looting and causing any public damage to property. He said it was sufficient for students to deliver their petition to the South African Government and no Zambian must be engaged in criminal acts against South Africans or any foreign national.

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  1. Its time we stop depending on south african brands. We need to revive our own. During KKs time we had chain stores like Mwaiseni, ZBCB etc. We must revive them and chase shoprite, game, pick and pay etc.
    We used to have a good foundation for industry. Mansa batteries, Mwinilunga pineapples, livingstone vehicle assembly mulungushi textiles and a robust mining industry. But then FTJ happened. He listened to the advice of the colonialists who wanted to make sure we remain dependant on them and accepted the evil structural adjustement program. He sold or closed all our industries. Imagine where we would be now if all those industries had been well managed and allowed to grow. We wouldnt be in this pit.


    • Please enough with begging South Africa…come on guys…and no wonder they feel big headed because we all acting like beggers….South Africa is a Sh**thole Country and I will never step my foot in that backward piece of sh**thole country


    • It is just better for Zambia to look for better friends in the hood; like Namibia, Angola, all Congos. After all Zambia will look even more powerful among those darker skinned people.
      Mwe Lesa chinjeni abanandi!!


  2. Yes, south Africans must trade carefully coz they are engendering their interests and Investments. Next time it will be bad and sad.



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