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President Lungu Mourns Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe

General News President Lungu Mourns Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe

President Edgar Lungu with President Robert Mugabe at State House
FILE: President Edgar Lungu with President Robert Mugabe at State House

President Edgar Lungu is saddened by the death of former Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe.

President Lungu said Mr Mugabe will be remembered for his fight for Africas Liberation and fearlessly defending the continent.

In a tweet, President Lungu said Zambia mourns with Zimbabwe and Mr. Mugabe’s place in the annals of Africa’s history is assured.
Robert Mugabe, the Zimbabwean independence icon, has died aged 95.

Mr Mugabe had been receiving treatment in a hospital in Singapore since April. He was ousted in a military coup in 2017 after 37 years in power.

The former president was praised for broadening access to health and education for the black majority.

But later years were marked by violent repression of his political opponents and Zimbabwe’s economic ruin.

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    • Good riddance . Zimbabweans were forced into cheap labour in SA and Botswana because Mugabe stayed in power too long!! I pray for my Zimbabweans sisters and brothers that they can soon get rid of Mnangagwa as well

    • Ba Edgar is not just mourning, but crying and weeping of his ZAM-PF elder.
      I wish Sata was alive he could have given Mugabe a decent funeral he deserves.
      But without Sata, the all mourning will be in shambles and redicule. The soul of Mugabe will not rest in peace.

  1. I am also saddened by the death of former Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe.

    But not because I will miss him but because he has escaped JUSTICE for the MURDER of 20,000 Zimbabweans in Matebeleland.

    Africa must stop ignoring these crimes against humanity if it wants to ever be truly free.

    • You don’t know half of the truth of what happened in Matebeleland or the history of Zimbabwe. Yours is the narrow view of the west.

  2. What Legacy is Chagwa making? We hope he can unlearn certain negatives from his mentor! Govern well during your time so that you may walk the streets freely the way a few former presidents have done! What a lonely way to die and in a foreign land! All the mansions and wealth he amassed for himself alone was but a goose chase! Naked he came and naked he has gone! All the people he killed during his reign including Morgan are crying for vengeance! Hope he repented in good time! Oh Bob, what a wasted life you led! So many degrees that did not profit Zimbabwe! You singlehandedly destroyed a once prosperous Zimbabwe! We remember how Xenophobic Zimbabweans used to be when things were good! Oh Africans, we enjoy the White man’s prosperity but we don’t have what it takes to sustain the white…

  3. Oh Africans, we enjoy the White man’s prosperity but we don’t have what it takes to sustain the white man’s achievements no matter how educated we claim to be! Servants of Servants Africans shall remain! Farewell Bob the Failure!

  4. There comes a time in life when we all have to say goodbye whether rich or poor. No matter how corrupt an individual can be, the end result is death. Nothing stay forever on planet earth. That is why the best legacy that one can live is creating a conducive environment for the citizenry. One can accumulate a lot of wealth and riches. But all is vanity of vanities. There is no better wealth than doing the best that has been bestowed on you by the Almighty. Of what benefit is accumulation of wealth, when one end result is death. The bells of death toll on each and every human being whether poor or rich. Life’s journey is a maze which needs to be travelled with caution. I would rather I provide the best for the community than going to the grave with wealth obtained corruptly.

  5. He was a great freedom fighter he at least succeeded in what he felt was right to liberate his people and gave back the land they lost to the colonialists .
    Because of this he was hated by those who didn’t want Zimbabweans liberated, just imagine if he wasn’t in power his people would have remained like the poor South Africa.
    To some people of course the majority he is a hero but to a few he is not, reason being that he dethroned them from their superiority to the level of those they once oppressed , something that has not happened in the neighbouring nation.
    Bob didn’t destroy the economy of Zimbabwe but those who imposed economic sunctions did, they had the strings to pull to destroy that economy and they succeeded, the same they could do with any country in this world and…

  6. You *****s have become so evil and clueless and condemn everything. There should be always forgiveness in our hearts. Lets see how you niggers making noise here if you will get even to half his age, with the hatred and baggage you carry live? May your soul rest in peace president Mugabe.

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