ZESCO MD Victor Mundende delivering his remarks.
ZESCO MD Victor Mundende

The Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation (ZESCO) has announced that it has lost over 1 million Kwacha as a result of vandalism on its property in the first quarter of 2019.

And Company Managing Director, Victor Mundende says the theft and vandalism of the company’s property is a serious setback that has hindered the electrification process.

ZANIS reports that Mr. Mundende said this through the company Secretary and director Legal Services, McRobby Chiwale during the official closing of a basic security training course at ZESCO training Centre in Ndola yesterday.

Mr. Mundende lamented that vandalism to the company’s properties has tremendously affected the network expansion agenda which the company has embarked on.

He, however, disclosed that in the same period, 40 arrests were made further warning perpetrators that the company will not relent in ensuring that all criminals are brought to book.

Mr Mundende explained that the vandalism of ZESCO property has a negative impact on the social and economic development of the country.

The ZESCO Chief Executive has since urged the 60 graduates to work closely with the state police and ensure that vandalism to company property is halted.

And speaking earlier, National Energy Sector and Allied Workers Union (NESAWU) said ZESCO has taken a lot of interest in training security personnel to ensure company property is protected.

Mr Mbewe urged the graduands to be vigilant in the way they execute their duties.

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  1. And what do you expect ba Zesco, when the Money is going into your pockets. You want to gain?????


    • It shouldn’t just end @ arresting them and getting them prosecuted. I hope some information about where they take the metal is also squeezed from them. Do they sell to informal sector sheet metal workers? If that’s the case, then part of the solution set is to stop or start licencing sheet metal outfits dotted in various markets and streets. Zesco is a strategic asset. It may hv problems but it’s much better and bigger than most power generating companies in Africa.


  2. You have failed to ensure reliable supply of electricity in a country with abundant resource such as sunlight. So no expect us to feel pity for you ? We pay bills so we expect u to budget for eventualities such as vandalism. One of reasons my white wife begged me to agree to move from Zambia with our family was due to loadshedding. How can you expect a white beautiful woman to live in such conditions. I had no option but to agree to leave that dark continent even though my love for home is great


  3. I miss Chitundu!
    He was the right man for ZESCO – man who changed the face of ZESCO for the better – visionary and professional! If it wasn’t for Chitundu, Loadshedding would be done from the source, meaning the entire country would be in total blackout!


  4. Yes that is because the vandals know that Bwana MD you have switched off the electricity for 12 hours because of load shedding. It would be a brave vandal who could tamper with a live pylon. I also do not understand why you as ZESCO do not want to increase the reservoir capacity at Itezhitezhi Dam when there are plans on your drawing board to increase by increasing the dam height by at least a metre. May I remind you of the purpose of a dam: to store water in rich wet years to use in dry years



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