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We are in this Electricity Calamity because PF Government ignored our advice-HH

Headlines We are in this Electricity Calamity because PF Government ignored our advice-HH

HH speaking during a radio programme on SUN FM
HH speaking during a radio programme on SUN FM and showing off the UPND Manifesto

The United Party for National Development (UPND) Hakainde Hichilema has blamed the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) Government of causing the electricity calamity the country is now facing.

In a message posted on his social media account, Mr. Hichilema said that PF Government has been dancing around the issue of Independent Power Producers supplying power to the grid and that UPND would have proactively engaged the private sector with the capacity to construct power plants around the country to immediately, agree on a cost-recovery tariff and then give them grid access to supply power to Zesco.

Below is the full post

Early last year in 2018, we told the PF government to redirect resources towards mitigating the effects of what we knew would be a bad rainy season in some parts of the country.

If we were in Government, we would have:

1. Negotiated with other countries for power importation under the Southern African Power Pool (SAPP) arrangement way in advance. As per PF they are now fire-fighting and starting negotiations with South Africa to import the deficit now.

2. PF have been dancing around the issue of Independent Power Producers supplying power to the grid. In our case we would have proactively engaged the private sector with the capacity to construct power plants around the country to immediately, agree on a cost-recovery tariff and then give them grid access to supply power to Zesco.

3. We would have by now devised a net metering system, where citizens with excess power from their home solar units whose duty would have been waived anyway. This would have moved the majority of our citizens to solar systems thereby reducing the load on our hydropower plants as well as feed into our national grid. Further, we would have invested and encouraged alternative energy sources.

4. We would have encouraged and promoted usage of gas for industrial and domestic purposes, where applicable, so as to avoid the ongoing environmental damage through charcoal burning. This measure would equally have reduced the load on our hydropower plants.

5. On the agriculture sector, we would have made sure fertilizer and other inputs were delivered to the farmers on time and at affordable prices so that they grow more, especially in areas that were not affected by the drought. These areas would have supplemented the poor harvest in areas affected by the drought while research is being done for more drought-resistant varieties.

6. We would not have exported any maize grain as they did against our advice.

7. We would have invested in water harvesting mechanisms such as dams and canals and encourage irrigation of crops all year round.

Several other measures would have been put in place including the construction of communal dams to encourage water harvesting for irrigation.

As before, we can bet our last ngwee that PF will not implement any of these measures because none of them gives them personal benefit.

The result of ignoring this advice is the calamity we are witnessing today in all sectors with the potential of negatively affecting the livelihoods of our citizens.


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  1. But you know HH that you do cry “wolf wolf wolf “too much ,right Mr UPND president? That’s why you’re not taken seriously.

    • We told you so, see, we’re prophets – h² feels he coulda’ fixed it: the in the head solutions

      He feels he could have had it under control. Is he full of himself?
      He sounds like a soccer spectator who thinks Fashion Sakala could have scored 12 goals against Congo.
      Easier said than done basa. That’s just empty talk going by the analogy above.
      No Government experience, not even at the ward.

    • For God` Sake, at some point just try to take off your political affiliation hats, and just listen to the substance and content, then make an opinion, without necessarily going for the man behind the message.
      Its because of this mentality to comment based on who is quoted in the article, that is destructing you from making the sensible judgement that would benefit the suffering Zambians

    • {1}

      HH… you have been an opposition leader since 2006. This strategy, waxing those lyrics and playing, this rap song will not help you. We Told You ! We Told You! We Told You

      YOUR HYPOCRISY. You evidently and deliberately – BLOCKED a Canadian Grid Consortium of Investors which 100% wanted to invest $735 Million Dollars into Zambia in 2015, followed up with another $500m after 3 years. You did it by coaxing your business partners in South Africa to persuade these guys to pull out on the last minute.

      I know because, just like YOU, I had access to the PROJECT BLUE PRINTS to that Grid Project as one of the 3 Zambians who wanted to pump my {small part} in the project.

    • {2}

      You did it with nastiness, because you never wanted this to happen while Lungu was in Power, because you were angry, he beaten you at the ballot.

      Really what type of patriotism is that – to disadvantage Zambia from benefiting from these investors who would have improved the supply of power

      HH – sometimes BAD KAMA comes back to haunt you. You need to start looking at the MAN IN THE MIRROR.

      Zambians have Negative Gut Instincts about you. Lungu was the WEAKEST OPPONENT but you have failed to beat him. Now he is getting better and better. He will NOT be GOOD at everything. Making mistakes is part of leadership and to anyone who understands the essence of life.

    • {3}

      On one hand you are condemning the government, on the other hand you have invested your money in the Private-Government Partnership Projects that will enhance electricity supply in the nation.

      +++ One of the things that investors do before they invest in companies, it to KNOW which players have invested in a project or company.

      I know because you {HH} and MYSELF , have invested money into these projects which are long term and takes time to mature. If these projects were NOT beneficial at large to the nation, you would NOT have put your MONEY where your MOUTH is.

      You also know that there a number of Grid Projects incubating right now in the country that will bring long term benefits. In as much as you have lame point – HH Be…

    • HH is a big liar and a Joker….easier said than done………let him ask Trump and Boris….just blah blah blah blah….when it comes to reality its a different story

    • cont..

      In as much as you have a lame point – HH Be Truthful and stop being a Hypocrite by blocking Foreign Investors who want to better Zambia.


      Some of us, many others we have spent years in Diaspora lobbying investors to come to Zambia. Even if we don’t get opportunities to make money out of it. Cause its not always about the money.

      WE do it for free of charge. WE don’t ask for Speaking Fees. WE don’t DEGRADE, DEMEAN our nation in private meetings in as much as OUR nation has difficulties. Why, because every nation has issues, but of course WE must not settle for less. WE are born to be achievers.

    • Fake promises and lies….how i wish Mugabe was alive so that he can see the British turmoil….the so called Founders of Democracy look like they’re lost in the wilderness…..and tomorrow HH is going to UK to kiss their asss like they’re small gods

    • INDEPENDENT OBSERVER – Smart, Handsome, Wise, Intelligent, Humility, Very Rich, and Young.

      From Humble beginning. Overall a very down to earth person who Zambians don’t even know so much about. I remember my first cousin turning you down while at higher education. She has regretted having married a joker just because he was a son of a Minister in Government

    • Sir Independent Observer,@@@@

      I know about the project your are referencing. HH is the biggest Snake and Judas Iscariot of Zambia. You are spot on. He did block that project with an evil eye. I was by then working for a PR Company for the 3 US & Canadian Consortium who have now heavily invested in South Africa & Angola in Energy, Oil, Telecom and Biotech.

      The maturity of the project in Zambia was going to take or estimated at 3.5 to 4 years. I also know the names of other 3 Zambians who had tabled money in the project. So how dare HH comes today and say this nonsense.

    • Independent Observer”””, just to clear the air, was HH among the people who secured these investors to wanting to come to Zambia. maybe he felt betrayed

    • FAZ Simuchimba 1.12

      To answer your question! HH had no hands on the lobbying team, not even an inch close to bring the consortium into Zambia. He just discovered in the last minutes

      HH poisoned his business associates from South Africa to intimidate the Canadians that the SA guys were to make a hostile-take-over of another UK Company which is rising to become a multi billion technology business, partly owned by one of the Canadians from the Consortium Investor Team.

      This, because HH has promised these SA guys to come to Zambia if he were to win elections. Plus HH was sending news feeds that Zambia was a hostile nation to make investments. Yet behind the door, HH was investing in the same nation that he called hostile…

    • ….. that he called hostile {Zambia}. Today, the Canadians have regretted, they wished they had ignored him.

    • You are the same people who demand that he gives alternatives instead of always just complaining. He gives alternatives and advice, you still attack him. Ninshi mwaba shani?

    • So independent Observer, you want the leader of the biggest opposition party to keep quiet just because people like you will attack his methods? Do you honestly understand what being an aspiring leader is all about? Do you not think ‘the I told you so’ should be one of the weapons of an opposition leader? I honestly do not understand why you people think HH is running a social club. I do not remember such hostility from anyone anytime Sata attacked the MMD government which he did a lot and in those attacks the man never gave sensible alternatives apart from ‘we will ensure there is more money in people’s pockets and we will lower taxes in 90 days’. Why this deep hate for this man ayi?

    • Dudelove 1.16

      Come on – You can do better than this.

      I did NOT say the leader of the opposition should NOT open his mouth. Those are you own words. Again as I said, and I must remind you.

      Assumptions are one of the biggest killers of human beings. Just because you have a negative thought about someone, it does not make your thoughts about that person become true.

      At NO time did I say – HH must ZEEEP his mouth. He is an opposition leader and that’s his job to raise accountability.

      All long my days at Lusaka times I have always encouraged opposition parties to put up big fights, way before even this sight was called lusakatimes.com. If you remember The Lusaka Information Dispatches.

    • {b}

      I was one of the people who lobbied – The Dutch IICD to provide seed capital for the equipment, for Lusaka Information Dispatches – TO PROMOTE FREEDOM OF SPEECH, ESPECIALLY FOR OPPOSITION LEADERS TO HAVE A SAY.

      Nonetheless that is irrelevant to this subject matter. . Its just history.

    • {c}

      Besides, if you go in my achieves, I have encouraged Garry Nkhombo to speak up. He seems to be the only one strong and sensible in parliament in the UPND camp. Probably the future President of UPND.

    • {d}

      +++ My whole statement is about HH’s hypocrisy.

      Because I know investors were on the doorsteps to invest more than a $1 Billion Dollars in Zambia to produce Power. He blocked it. He saw the Project Road Map and I read it too as a willing investor in the project.

      These investor’s vision was that if their project produced enough power, it was to export power to other surrounding nations who desperately need power, because of Zambia’s geographical position in Southern Africa.

      Therefore I am differentiating what is BLACK & WHITE. Your man is a hypocrite. If you know HH ask him about the above Project.

      In the meantime, keep blogging Zambia needs you.

      Enjoy the day or evening !!!!

    • DUDELOVE @@ .. fimo fimo

      Iwe….MuJoza, Musankwa, We Mulumendo,

      Ba Guy !!
      This is embarrassing.
      Your arguments are not matching
      He writes by using facts and logic.
      Day in, Day out…

      As for you its all emotions and just
      hot gas coming from your a$$

      Anyway I give you credit for putting up the boxing fight.
      But you are losing all Boxing Rounds.

      — Sent from Samsung Galaxy 10 —

    • Does HH know that copper mines would argue against cost reflective tariffs because they were pampered during negotiations?

    • @1.4 Independent Observer.
      Firstly, you don’t seem to be so independent when it comes to HH.
      Secondly, we are not kids. Provide proof of this “Canadian” consortium. For all we know, this is something you are pulling from the air! Like your broken record of HH selling mines.
      Proof baba!

  2. This dull Under 5 boy (HH) is clueless. He has no political strategy, no clout or even charisma.
    He thinks blaming the PF for natural calamities will get him to state house.
    Let him concentrate on practising his Free Massonry and Satamic activities. Politics is not for him.
    2021 is crucial because UPND have opened their eyes and they have seen that their Supreme small ‘god’ is naked.

    • You become stup!d!er everyday dude, you should worry when you sound like a grade seven boy telling off someone who has just schooled you in something and to save face you attack him instead of tackling the points he has raised. Grow up my friend, ifyabwaiche in these matters fyabupuba.

    • Iwe just shut up. We are tired of your nonsense. We are broke, hungry and without power and the last thing we want to hear is your crap. Chikopo with no skopo. Grow up! Swine iwe!

  3. please go ahead and make your political mileage.also try visit funeral houses around the country and assure mourners that under UPND government they will be no death.Its easier said than done .Thats the beauty of being Ask Boris Johnson and his brexist plan

  4. Aba nabo boza. He was the first to criticize the president when cost reflective electricity tariffs where introduced. That’s the first step in incouraging investment in the sector. No one will invest in the sector of the tariffs are too low. So MR. HH how do you plan to do this

  5. Pf have lamentably failed. They had $17 billion to spend yet Zambia is struggling…

    One simple example of how personal gain in form of commission for lungu and his gang over rides everything is the $250 million they spent on those solar hammer mills that can only produce 8 bags on a good day…..8 bags……..that $250 million should have been spent on dams and canals for irrigation.

    With dams and canals mini farming blocks could have been created where small scale farmers sell their produce under co operatives to supply all shops and markets in Zambia with fresh produce.

  6. Guys,let us respond with statements which carry some intellectual arguments or you just shut up.
    So far I can only read people talking about freemasonry which they don’t even understand. Go to school and graduate with some knowledge bane. Who told you that freemasons are Satanists? This is just like the illuminate. These are organizations of intellectuals not based on religious influences.
    I get surprised to see a dull chap who has never been into university call HH or ECL as dull. Kanshi fools think intellectuals are dull. HH and ECL are great men with good education.
    They have passed through good schools and we’ll taught.

  7. I agree with HH in one issue that the PF is well known for ” PERSONAL GAIN” at the expense of national interest!! Even as they announce importation of electricity to cushion the deficit,there is a high likelihood of personal gain for some of the key players involved. But the HH is NOT TELLING US HOW A COST REFLECTIVE TARIFF WILL NOT HURT INDUSTRIES AND GENERAL ECONOMIC GROWTH? Clumsy as the PF are,they have tried to implement cost reflective tariffs and just in the first phase,the mines,the main consumers of electricity protested,so how sure can we be that under UPND there will be no protests?

  8. Mr HH, you have not said anything extraordinary. On your second point, do you think that power would have come cheap to consumers?
    Point no.7, how do you conserve water when there’s a drought?
    Perhaps you will dig canals from eastern province to kariba!
    The article sounds like a composition by a Secondary school pupil.

  9. Government is doing most of these things HH has mentioned here. Go around and see how many people are using gas stoves and these are affordable and readily available.
    Has he heard about the dams being constructed?
    Agriculture inputs are being distributed as we speak right now.
    There is nothing new.
    This man is not a messiah. In an unlikely event that he becomes President, it will be very difficult for him to rule because he has promised the people of Zambia heaven on earth. Even things that he cant do.


    • Kikikiki…..I like the last paragraph. HH is just doing what every man has done before and still do in the future. We do it to ours girlfriends and wives. Its a Manifesto kaili. PF are in the same boat.

    • He thinks everyone is idling like him and his goons puking ignorant scripts on this platform.

      That’s why we’re saying he is an alien. He thinks development happens over night. He hasn’t ever seen a Resident Development project in a ward. They tell him to build a toilet in Katuba, he cries like a baby he is. Yak! His goon sob with him aimlessly and uncontrollably.

      Let’s roll folks. Ours is a journey. Let the bitter lots bite their tongues with envy and jealousy that spans ages.

  10. This is the biggest fear I have….those in GRZ are nothing to take Zambia anywhere… The opposition is even much worse…we are doomed I tell you…HH in as much as you think you the savior… You can’t have solution to any hurdle Zambia is facing….I lost it when you said PF is the problem to the power deficit… Not true basa…..this issue has been for long, way before PF…at least KK had a worked out plan for such future issues…but the mini minds started in Chiluba era…when people thought undoing any and everything done by their predecessor was a way to go…alas only firing in the foot of this country if at all it even has any feet left…..its a shame we have lost direction as a nation…

    • “I lost it when you said PF is the problem to the power deficit… Not true basa…..this issue has been for long, way before PF…”

      What is the point of having the GRZ that is NOT making a Change then?
      You say “KK had a worked out plan for such future issues”
      So why are you supporting PF when clear you are convinced they are NOT serving you and your people – relatives?

  11. Comment:HH deserves a chance too, some people lack eloquence but could perform better than blood orators. They say actions speak louder than words. I have seen people that had windfall incomes God knows from where, and ended up broke than ever but with HH, he’s moved from strength to strength adding on to what haters without evidence accuse him of having looted during the so called privatization period. To me, that shows prudence

    • @AIKONA, there is one question that HH always fails to answer during phone in programs. “How rich was he before privatisation?” This question he fails to answer which to me rings a bell. I suspect he benefited heavily from the process.
      He is no different from the suppliers of ……fire…..something.
      Those were proceeds of corruption.

    • MAY 23
      Mr Hichilema stressed that he stands ready to buy fully furnished three bedroomed house for anyone with evidence to the effect that he took part in the privatization of the mines.

      Go for it, and stop polluting this space with your nonsense. Even after 25 years, you are still crying foul, as though this happened yesterday.

    • PF is to blame for NOT finding alternative solutions to this well-known issue. Do you understand?
      If they understood that Energy is the cornerstone of any Economy, the would have implemented the strategies that would have REDUCED the probability of load shedding. After 8 years, you are still crying and singing the same song of BAD RAINS !!!!
      How long have you known about BAD RAINS, iwe?
      DONT be brainwashed……

  12. These are the cheap political words from Mr know it all. HH’s desperation has surpassed that of all previous opposition leaders in Zambia. In part that is what has made him confirm his own under five status. “ I told you, I told you, we advised you, you failed to heed our warning” he (HH) is never part of the solution but just a catalyst of the present dispensation. Mr “ know it all” (HH) does not have the leadership qualities required to navigate our economy into prosperity. HH is too shallow a thinker given his low level actions and utterances as an opposition politician for almost the last almost 15 years.

    • Lmbo!

      Kikikikikikijukija Hehehehehehe gwagwagwagwa!

      Pal, you’re following these international drama pa UK sana ai!

      Wandepula iwe, Boris is also sweating through his pantsuits, yaba!

      If h² were the Fashions of this world, Zambia would have netted 16 goals against Congo. Even 30 goals.

  13. HH always fails to connect with Zambians. The things that he has mentioned do affect Zambians indeed but he is so inconsistent and so dishonest. In fact, and I AM ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN, he has plagiarized most of the statements above from some book or from a government department that is already assessing the same.
    HONESTY? This is the guy who has been vehement about cheap electricity, cheap fertiliser, cheap mealie meal, etc and has no clue how to reconcile the economic numbers. Ati PF is clueless, then HH is ABSOLUTELY CLUELESS IN CAPITAL LETTERS.
    He once accused government of telling lies that low dam levels caused power deficits. He has never apologised for that and today he saying EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE!!!
    Has he heard about Kafue gorge lower? No? Not even Batoka gorge taking place…

    • Tell him that Government has already done some paperwork on the Nuke Energy project with Russia also.

      Just in case that skipped him too!

      Nipanono panono, tukafika iwe.

  14. …..Has he heard about Kafue gorge lower? No? Not even Batoka gorge taking place right under his nose and that of his graveyard sleeping friend chief mukuni?
    Poor HH, I really feel pity for him that he is trying to achieve the impossible, and for his supporters that they have agreed to be misled forever and right into eternity!!

  15. ….And HH chooses wrong topics at the wrong time.
    Trending now is xenophobia in south Africa.
    And MORE IMPORTANT AND RELEVANT to HH now, back home is that his MPs for Choma district Hon Ephraim Beleemu and Hon Conelius Mweetwa and Choma mayor have resolved to work with government and President Lungu to address the hunger situation collectively. What does HH say to that? Are they expelled?
    Is HH anywhere near his hunger stricken people to help them with abundant resources? Big NO! Instead HH is in Lusaka trying to donate a genset in Chawama.
    When I say USELESS and HOPELESS politician, what do they say? Ati I am biased!!

  16. …just now I was reading an article of November 2016 on the woes and inefficiencies of Zesco by Dr Cannicius Banda, then former UPND vice president. For a few moments I was lost in dreamland. Then I woke up and asked myself why in 2016 elections Dr Banda was not presidential candidate for UPND and HH his running mate? UPND sycophants, any sensible explanation for this calamitous omission which ensured safe passage for President Lungu?

  17. I feel some people are paid commentators. People should be weary not to fight wars for other people’s personal gain,but fight for Zambia. For instance, every time you comment, think of what is good for Zambia. Both PF and UPND are smaller than Zambia.

  18. Sometimes when someone gives an objective view or observation of what should be and ought to have been or is being achieved we support an agree the points in HH are a valid observation towards Zambia’s energy transformation and much of which is covered in the ministerial strategic plan for 2018-2020 because this is what is supposed to be done
    Sometimes when you have read and its consensus it appears like someone has just copied when it’s what is supposed to be done or its being done
    But on opening the grid and management of the grid code including IPPS HH reasoning needs further analysis and much of the work has been done by ERB and ministry of energy for instance the ISO or move towards an…

  19. an INDEPENDENT SYSTEMS OPERATOR OF THE GRID in Zambia will not work at least for now
    But the issue as rightly observed by his write-up is energy security in the generation mix and technologies including storage to increase flexibility on our grid and assets the new irp by the minister appears to have set the tone
    Energy is a sector that will keep on transforming in terms of landscape and economic dynamics and there is need to manage the transition towards sustainability for long-term and such measures will need to be implemented
    There is need to increase investments in areas of renewables by the utility this can be quickly done through leasing arrangement to customers and recover by metring like hh or other means…

  20. or other Financing means to ensure quick and rapid deployment of renewable cheaper that importation by Zesco It can be leased out by Zesco and USD 20 Million is enough capital towards those deployment of renewable and other sustainable investments its about ESGs and climate mitigation
    There are other partners like national utility KOREA ELECTRIC POWER CORPORATION (KEPCO) that have shown commitment and willingly ready to invest in Zambia’s.kepco is well positioned and diversified to invest in the Zambian grid other like engea could help towards a good mix of power sources in Zambia

  21. I am PF and will remain PF forever, but frankly when it comes to initiatives and alternatives HH outwits us clean. Love him or hate him, the man is just gifted. As PF we hate HH like ten devils but truth be told the man is wiser than us. I am from the inner circle but I have to start voicing out, even these tuma guys paid to condemn him on these blocks, they have to eat. So its a question of writing as per instructions. Otherwise HH, continue, even if they were to call you under 1 or under 2 or under whatever, it is inconsequential. They know your capabilities hence the daily attacks on HH

  22. What HH talking about is just copy and paste because that is what the PF have done, the Maamba thermo feeding in the grid, the Kafue Gorge which he claims PF have sold to the Chinese, the solar power plant in the Lusaka Multi Facility Zone etc. So he has no point at all except pointing out what the PF Govt have done and still doing. They have involved the private sector, expanded Lunzua, Musonda Falls etc to increase generation capacity. HH should try to dig deeper before coming up with a statement otherwise he is just exposing his ignorance. Where are his advisors?

  23. HH umuntu wamano sana. Munthu wa nzelu kwambiri. The man we want. No kamwendo munjila arrangement. When is he heading out for the funeral?

  24. There are more than ten Political parties in zambia when others presidents talk no earthquake of words criticizing them!! When HH talks every one comments ,HH is really a factor on Zambian politics…2021 definitely someone will cry

    • Are you new on LT?
      We treat all presidential aspirants with the same medicine on this platform.
      Chaps should not be lying to us.
      Not long ago, we were commenting young Chipimo’s retirement.
      Previously, we were pumping sense in Sean Tembo.
      The other day, we were trying to put CKinsultor to respect humanity and the people Chawama in particular.
      These characters oughtn’t be lying here.

  25. ….ebwafya….fyonse you have to belong to PF or HH…@General Kanene…am not PF never been and never will be…neither am I an enemy of HH and his views…am just a Zambian who sees things from a neutral point of view if you like…..there are people in between the PF and HH saga….not everyone is called to be fooled you know…

  26. 11.1 flag GENSET KUMAWA,why should he answer that question.The thing is let us ask ecl how much he had before being an mp and when he was yet to be a president?And why did he get the widows cash?Was it in ethical?

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