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I’ll not respond to insults from my political opponent-President Lungu

Headlines I'll not respond to insults from my political opponent-President Lungu

Republican President Edgar Lungu at the induction Church service of Reverend Westone Simwinga of Twapia United Church of Zambia (UCZ) Congregation.
FILE:Republican President Edgar Lungu at the induction Church service of Reverend Westone Simwinga of Twapia United Church of Zambia (UCZ) Congregation.

President Edgar Lungu has said that he will not respond to insults from his political opponents, but that his focus would be on national leadership, adding that his government will continue to support the church in different ways to enable it to provide spiritual guidance and be a moral campus to the nation.

Addressing parishioners at St Andrew’s Apostle Parish in Rufunsa District today, the President said that one of the ways the government is helping support the church is through the establishment of the Ministry of National Guidance and Religious Affairs which is helping coordinate the church in the country.

President Lungu called on Christians to support the work of the church so that it can help meet the physical needs of the communities aside from spiritual guidance.

The president also urged the church in the country to come up with income-generating ventures to support its operations, help improve the welfare of the communities and reduce dependence on funds from foreign missionaries.

President Lungu urged the church to continue promoting social cohesion to ensure there is peace, unity, and love to enable co-existence stating that no tribe or political affiliation should divide the country.

And Parish Priest Christopher Nkole called on the government to develop regulations that will encourage decency in dressing and beer drinking in the district.

Fr Nkole also called on the government to set up an institution that will support the elderly in the district to enable them to get basic needs.

President Lungu later met the traditional leaders from Rufunsa district among them Chief Bunda Bunda the 10th, Chieftainess Shikabeta, and Chieftainess Mpanshya.

The President’s sentiments on insults were echoed by Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Dora Siliya who called for civility among political players in Zambia.

Ms. Siliya said that the politics of insults and hate should not be encouraged because Zambia is a Christian nation, adding that politicians seeking to be voted into office should instead endeavor to convince the electorate by explaining what development they intend to bring if given the mandate.

Ms. Siliya, who is also Petauke Member of Parliament, was speaking at Saint Thomas Anglican Church in Petauke District during the ordination of Bernard Phiri and Emmanuel Ngoma to diaconate.

And Anglican Diocese of Eastern Zambia Bishop William Muchombo appealed to politicians to respect the President. Bishop Muchombo said insulting the head of state does NOT win the confidence of the people.

He also condemned the prevailing xenophobic attacks that have occurred in South Africa. The clergyman said such acts are inhumane hence should be condemned.

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    • Stay on topic. Your insults are reflective of your nature not president Lungu’s. There is a day to criticize the president. We all should, but we should criticize politicians that vehemently insult daily.

    • Hypocrite! I will not respond but you have already sent your policemen to arrest him. He even spends a night in jail because you aren’t happy with his insult and you say I will not respond?

    • Lungu Don’t worry, as per your directives, Your police inspector general(pig) has he’s men ready to physically respond to anyone pointing out your ineptitude or incompetence

  1. Good Mr President, but please give equal time to first of all understanding the national economy correct, and secondly repair it correctly.

    • Epitome of “hated” more like it!! I doubt the best law student of his intake can be described as mediocre. Joined politics, from mp he rose through the ranks right to the top. He is a victim of a carefully planned smear campaign to paint him black.

    • @ sharp (LOL) Zambian
      Your mammy did not complain about his performance. Shame about result, just another PF c0ck 5uck1ng morr0n

  2. Calling you a corrupt theif is not an insult……it is a serious allegation that has implications on the behaviour of your whole civil service…….

    Will you , Mr lungu, deny that you are acorrupt theif ?????

  3. Mr President you are right, you have the whole great nation on your shoulders. Your opponents have nothing literally nothing except insults. Ignore them, and concentrate on running this great nation. Your opponents know the consequences once the have crossed the red light. Make no mistake they know it very well. Once they cross the red light their small bankers are nothing, you will smoke them out.

  4. He tells the police to arrest his opponents like Kambwili and he is covering peoples eyes with cotton wool and saying something different .

  5. He came back last weekend and he is already up and about. This statement itself IS a response. If he didn’t want to respond, he would concentrate only on the country’s pressing economic matters. Instead of speaking from behind the hills of Rufunsa, you should have been addressing the nation in the grounds of State House and answering questions from proper journalists (not scared rabbits from the Daily Mail or Times of Zambia)

  6. This is what you get when we vote into power a visionless, corrupt, incompetent, imbecile so called leader of the most corrupt government in the history of Zambia. Dora is just a bed warmer period.

  7. The president that did not inspire me before the current times was Rupiah Banda, he was extremely unpresidential though at times he would act and pretend to be presidential especially in the presence of foreign dignitaries, then income our nightmare wow.

  8. The President is aware that insulting him is an criminal offence. To say he is being insulted and does not respond is not true.Anyone who is suspected to have insulted the President has been arrested.
    He enjoys immunity and he can insult anyone and can not be arrested……
    Sometimes our President needs to be humble and talk on how he is addressing the issues facing the nation. He must not play victim……

    • He needs to be humble and direct k parliament to repeal the undemocratic presidential defamation law! This will send the message that he sees himself like all of us.
      That will be real humility not this pretended humility yakuti banione mu chalichi bantu

  9. Where is ADEDO president if he does not respond? Who then is the complainant in these defamation arrests if the defamed claims not to respond? This is very confabulating imbroglio and cacophony!
    Release all political prisoners then we will believe you don’t respond!

  10. You are learning/ copying a lot of wisdom from HH. But what if those insulting you are doing it because of the wrong things you are doing to their country?

  11. I will not respond. I will just unleash the police on them by restricting their movements. Mean while I need to mourn by mentor Robert Mugabe. Good day and end of press conference at KKIA.

  12. You don’t even respond to Zambia’s economic problems and scandals so how can you respond to your political opponents. Just enjoy at state house and on your Presidential jet we are doing just fine with out you.

  13. Harry Findlay released from Chinese custody
    Hong Kong authorities have released Harry Findlay, a Zambian national, who was in custody following his arrest over the possession of an alleged falsified passport.

    This follows the intervention and representation by the Zambian government to the authorities in China and Hong Kong.

    Foreign Affairs Minister, Kabinga Pande confirmed the release of Mr. Findlay in a statement released to ZANIS in Lusaka

    Mr. Findlay arrived in Hong Kong from Beijing, China on April 21st this year and presented his Zambian passport for immigration arrival formalities but a record check however, revealed that Mr. Findlay had previously traveled to Hong Kong under a different passport which bore a different date of birth.

    He was then detained and…

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