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Africa should now fight for economic emancipation-Emmanuel Mwamba

General News Africa should now fight for economic emancipation-Emmanuel Mwamba

Emmanuel Mwamba

Zambia’s Ambassador to Ethiopia Emmanuel Mwamba has described the late Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, as one of the champions of Africa’s liberation struggle against colonial rule.

Speaking after signing the book of condolence in honor of President Mugabe at the Zimbabwean Embassy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Mr. Mwamba said the late President was a true Pan-Africanist who put the interest of Africa first.

He said as Africa remembers Mr. Mugabe, he was optimistic that a new crop of young African leaders would emerge and carry the mantle left by the fallen heroes.

Mr. Mwamba said Africa should now fight for economic emancipation because leaders like President Mugabe already fought for political Independence.

He sympathized with the people of Zimbabwe and encouraged them to stay strong during the trying period.

The Former Zimbabwean President who ruled Zimbabwe from 1980 to 2017 died in Singapore where he was seeking medical treatment and will be put to rest in Zimbabwe.

This is according to First Secretary for Press and Tourism at the Zambian Embassy in Ethiopia Inutu Mwanza.

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  1. Author is Emmanuel Mwamba and he says “Zambia’s Ambassador to Ethiopia Emmanuel Mwamba has described the late Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, as one of the champions of Africa’s liberation struggle against colonial rule”

    • Emmanuel, why can’t Edgar do what Kagame is doing in Rwanda? Why can’t we do what the Tanzanians and Ethiopians are doing? Growing their economies at over 7% a year. Problem is Edgar and his thugs and drug dealers have no national growth agenda.

    • Emmanuel Mwamba is now far from the spotlight he was getting while in RSA and now he has become a regular on LT seeking attention…..such a loser…..it might be boring in Ethiopia….no ZASA etc

    • Emmanuel Chenda who is ambassador in Zimbabwe didn’t go about yapping about Mugabe, but Mwamba paying to LT to publish his graffiti.

  2. Economical emancipation is a pipedream in an environment of corruption. Africa can stand on her own when leaders learn that pilferage and stealing of public resources is the worst sin one can commit. We are living in an era where thieves vie for leadership in order to enrich themselves. Corruption subtracts all the gains that Africa can achieve in her emancipation economically. There is nothing progressive that will come out in corrupt nations. It is a cancer that has eaten the moral fabric of the continent. Africa would have made a lot of strides economically but she is pulled backwards owing to luck of leadership which is above corruption. Africa needs to reposition and rediscover her role in the fight against corruption for economical emancipation to be realised.

    • Corruption?? That sounds like a person from the west whose information about Africa has been stereotyped. Tell me, in 1991 the IMF and World Bank pushed us to privatise our mines. The same group advised us to implement free market policies and systems like VAT. Today through transfer pricing and cooked invoicing, these western owned mines loot millions of dollars from our coffers and throw change at us. Is this the corruption by Africans killing Africa??

  3. Anonymous and Kalu, what’s your problem? What’s wrong with him discussing the economic growth. He has every right to talk about whatever he wants. Moreover even when he was in SA he used to wrote about this and that. Your hate is due some inferiority complex. Shame on you . Get a life!

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