AtlasMara Zambia Headquarters
AtlasMara Zambia Headquarters

Atlas Mara has announced the reopening of all branches, 48 Hours after bailiffs confiscated essential banking equipment

In a statement, Bank Managing Director James Koni said all branches are all open and all bank services are fully operational as usual.

Mr. Koni said, “We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that has been caused to our valued customers during the service disruption. We have restored full banking services and are fully operational and open for business as usual and wish to reassure our valued customers that the attempted execution did not in any way affect the solvency of the Bank.”

“We would like to thank our customers for their continued support and understanding during this time.”

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  1. Who would want to bank with these jokers after such an embarrassing ordeal which put clients money and data at risk? Surely a broke bank failing to pay debt. Times are indeed hard under pf. Even banks are broke. This is why my white wife and I have most of our savings in very secure Swiss banks. I have no confidence in banks under pf. ***************


    • That’s how stupidity looks like. How does pf comes in ? Do you even know where the Atlas Mara saga is coming from? Research and put substance in your disgruntled empty brain.

      Even the person who brought the bailiffs indicated that he wants his money owed to him since 1979.

      Was PF their in 1979???


  2. upnd srategist

    That is why Zambians cannot develop because of this mentality. This is a Zambian bank and they are busy fixing it so that it must close down instead of giving it support to grow!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like what KK used to say stupid Zambians…………..You would rather support a foreign bank like FNB and destroy your own…………………….



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