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ZRA seize a truck load of Konyagi alcohol at Nakonde Boarder

Economy ZRA seize a truck load of Konyagi alcohol at Nakonde Boarder

ZRA Headquarters
ZRA Headquarters

The Zambia Revenue Authority has seized a truck load of Konyagi alcohol at Nakonde Boarder which was deliberately misclassified as building materials with intent to defraud the state of K729, 820.

ZRA Corporate Communications Manager Topsy Sikalinda said if the alcohol was cleared as hardware it would have paid K43, 698 instead of K729, 820.

Mr Sikalinda says the truck which initially did not want to pass through the scanner was forced to pass through the scanner after alert Customs officers suspected something wrong with the paperwork.

Mr Sikalinda said at the scanner, it was discovered that the declared building materials were in fact alcohol destined for Lusaka and has since been detained and issued with a seizure notice.

In another related incidence, Mr Sikalinda said the Authority at Kapiri Mposhi Customs Enforcement center has intercepted four trucks with ethanol (90% pure alcohol) worth K3 million in taxes which was declared as empty bottles in transit.

He said the Authority has noted that Ethanol smuggling is slowly on the rise leading to the manufacturing of illicit alcohol popularly known as Tujili-jili or Junta.

Mr Sikalinda said the ZRA will carry random and extensive inspections on all individuals and businesses suspected to be involved in tax evasion through the manufacturing of illicit alcohol.

He said the continuous review of importation procedures for ethanol which is used to manufacture illicit alcohol will protect the vulnerable youths who are more prone to the abuse of illicit drugs and alcohol.

Mr Sikalinda said smuggling of goods through false declarations, transit fraud, misclassifications, under-declarations, and under-valuations is a serious offence and offenders will be dealt with in accordance with the Law.


  1. This is pure nonsense.How can ZRA ask for more than K720 000 as tax from truck?This is the major reason why goods and services are too expensive in Zambia.ZRA must be reasonable and many Zambians will be paying tax easily.If not,expect high rate of deals(fraud) and those ones you notice are very few.The solution is to make tax affordable for everyone than paying through the nose!!Believe you,as long as tax remains very high,smuggling and corruption will keep on increasing.

  2. @my point, I am equally lost
    I don’t know wtf konyagi is
    cognac brands of alcohol are very expensive I don’t think that’s it…it’s some cheap sh it from tz

  3. I am not alcohol supporter but your Government discourages people to do business in Zambia by high taxing. Early this year I was trying to sell my stuff and I was taxed early bad so decided to think twice if I want to continue with my business in Zambia

  4. Tax in Zambia is way too high. Recipe for fraud and cheating. This is encouraged by themselves. Just a truck of goods to pay over K700,000 just how much is beer hanshi.

  5. They are doing it because you are demanding such taxes… have you seen the corporate tax???…and you wonder why your economy is slow????…

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