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African Presidents ignored at UN General Assembly ;many walked out during speeches


During the 74th session of the UN general assembly almost all African Presidents were ignored at the time they presented their speeches as evidenced by the room full of empty seats, very few of which were occupied by their representatives. This pattern repeated itself every time an African president gave a speech. What message should Africans take from this?


    • And thats why it was/is easy to colonise Africa- divide and conquer!!! Africans can never stand up for or support each other. Its despicable that Africa is ignored at the UN when we are the continent that supplies alot of natural resources to the world. We have useless leaders in some(most) countries but who votes those useless leaders into power? We do! We need to unite as Africa -stop using colonial systems of government and laws,stop selling our raw materials for peanuts, then stand up for Africa and look out for ourselves.No -one else will.Not even China.We need to stand up for ourselves. Stop traveling with begging bowls. Stop pulling each other down!

    • You are really stuppid. This is when we the people of the continent should start fighting for Africa to pull out of the UN and work together. To call for better leadership, and to block the big five from our plutonium plus rare earth metals. No!!!!!! there are people like you with no common sense.

    • African leaders ignored…this is not something new….they always ignore them….African leaders steal from Africa and hide the money in Europe….its about time Africans start working and doing business together not running to bazungu with a begging bowl and sometimes asking bazungu to resolve our political issues

    • Lungu was begging at UN….and begging not for Zambia but for his own pocket….all African leaders are useless…they care less about their own countries….only Ethiopia and Rwanda

    • European,American and Asian leaders come to Africa to steal and improve their economies…African leaders do the opposite….now we are even stealing our own wildlife animals and giving them to bazungu….shame on Lungu and PF….no wonder Lungu had only Kaizer and Mumbi in the audience

    • Not to mention Lungu flew in a Private Jet with his entire PF bandits only to be ignored at UN….shame on you Mr Lungu and who wants to listen to Mnangagwa……Mugabe used to be a crowd puller at UN….almost everyone used to wait for his speach….not these clowns we have now….Mnangagwa with his scarf…he thought everyone would be interested in him

    • There’s something which has not been reported. Africa has perhaps the largest number of member countries in the UN system. Where are the African delegations? I’m not yet ready to believe this report.

    • Late uncle Bob across the river used to pack UN General Assembly auditorium. He had substance and a track record. Not this chancer of a president who nobody knows.
      Ka Lungu is a complete nonentity.I would do the same if I were there. He doesn’t even know himself, or why he’s in plot1. He can’t address his own citizens, who does he think can buy his lecture on world stage.

    • My bro Lukanga Kafusha Justice,

      U need to change your mindset. Putin, refused to leave office even tho constitution says he must. Trump stole the election with help of the Russians. No British citizen voted for Johnson to be PM. He and his party just made it happen that way.

      And yet you are quick to point at your own leaders. Apartheid is over. Free your mind from thinking your own ppl are bad and foreigners are good. That right there is neo colonialism- the illusion of freedom. Do you even really have freedom of thought?

  1. Comment: This shows that it’s not UN but it’s EU summit just because they eat from African continent they blindfold and call it a UN, action speak louder than words,a woke up call for African countries as a whole.

    • Also missing are Asian, South American, Central American and North American.
      You see, not even majority of African “leaders” listen to each others delivery of self praise and “unprecedented achievement achievement” in the face of the global warming.
      By the way, after multiple anual unnecessary trips to Addis Ababa and various Regional get together, poor chaps cannot brag in public on their provess to rob their Citizens of better future and their expertise in getting paid to rob in the name of “development”

    • Timbalife

      Atleast the Americans and Europeans stealing from all over the world invest the stolen monies in their own countries unlike these African theives who steal from their own countries to go and invest out side…..

    • And who says those Europeans doesn’t thief? Oh well,their behaviour doesn’t qualify stealing because they steal with white collars. Somebody must tell you that,taking someone’s minerals is not only a stealing, but a highway robbery.

  2. Do you think ECL has anything to offer the world other than begging. World leader know that African leader go to most these functions to play and for allowances. A few year back we were shown how they hired boat cruising and had on their trip PF musicians who had nothing to do with the meetings.

  3. I would equally walk out when someone with clear evidence of below normal IQ takes centre stage. What is the point of listening to such a human being-who qualifies to be called a human being only out of God’s grace? Until black Africans can prove that they are also normal human beings through improving their economies, they should not dare dream of addressing UN.

    • Please help me to solve this equation ” one digging machine +nothing =? You see friend,you have plenty of minerals but you ends up been the poorest among the nations. Do I need to explain further? How do plan an economy from 2 out of 10

  4. No they just ignored this clue less worst president in the world Jona meno meno, this buum has never given a press conference at home yet he wants to take the podium at the UN, thank god he spoke to chairs other wise he would have embarrassed the country

    • Not addressing a press conference at home is a distinction of the Indian PM as well who was pontificating to full house at the UNGA. Truth is that economic strength is the only thing that matter at forums such as the UNGA.

    • Seema

      Are you saying the Indian prim minister has never held a press conference ???

      Or even addressed his country when faced with a major issue ???

  5. Long and rambling speeches tend to have a deterrent effect on most would be listeners.

    Short, sharp and to the point, is the strategy. But also practice what you preach!..as people will only listen to those they respect and believe are being truthful.

  6. Kikiki!!! This is nice to hear that African leaders are not good enough to be heard. Most of them are too selfish and rotten to the core in corruption and people dont want to be contaminated with such diseases. We are not trust worthy and we preach peace and attract war. So who can listen to such hypocrisy!

  7. It’s like the way I always look for the author of a report before I even bother to read it. Call it bias, I call it saving my time from nonsense… Luckily, for some, like Sunday Chanda, he thrusts his head there so it is easy to sidestep. See, African leaders think they are still in the early 60s where people were hoodwinked to think a political leader was rubbing shoulders with God. Ifyabupuba fye. Mwacenjela ba ngwele.

  8. It’s a blessing that they were ignored, let this trend continue into the future. That’ll will make most of them to begin to think before making the trip. Magufuli is now a hero because he didn’t go. I urge Trump to continue to embarrass these chaps. When they don’t go, we save money

  9. “During the 74th session of the UN general assembly almost all African Presidents were ignored at the time they presented their speeches as evidenced by the room full of empty seats, very few of which were occupied by their representatives”
    Meaning they may even have been ignoring other other’s speeches save for their own encourages!

  10. There is nothing valuable anybody anywhere in the world can hear from ECL and from majority of African presidents who abuse their power and resources.Many of them spent millions of dollars to attend the UN meeting whilst their people die of hunger. If the majority of Zambians have abandoned ZNBC because of him, what can the rest of the world learn from this man? Lungu is Zambia`s own burden. Africa is the world`s laughing stock because of our corrupt and incompetent leaders.There is a reason Trump calls us ..shole countries.There is also a reason people around the world are beginning to respect Rwanda and it`s President and not the rest of the scum.

  11. Nor a problem, why the hullaballoo by UPND cadres? Rather than insult each other and fellow Africans, you should simply suggest that African leaders should also have walked out of speeches by the likes of Trump the vote thief. He is almost an American dictator in the making, according to both CNN and BBC.

  12. Who in their right mind would sit down & waste a valuable day listening to a Drunken Kapalala, who’s best buddies with V.a.l.d.e.n, & is sh1t scared of the State House Boxer Kaizer?
    I would leave as well, & spend my valuable time going to the cinema, or for a meal.

  13. Who wants to listen to drug dealers chola boys and dictators, ECL came back saying was a good meeting, my a$$ it was a good meeting, million$ was spent to get the gang to this meeting while we have no power, no water no jobs and Valden Findlay is making deals over there, what a disgrace but the irony is that we will vote for the dog and keep him in power

  14. African leaders are not respected because of their lack of respect for the people they preside over. Just look at that Equatorian Vice President, appointed to the position by his father President Bongo , who had bought himself a fleet of fancy cars n Yachts at the expense of millions of locals living in abject poverty n does not give rats ass.I wonder how they enjoy themselves when everyone around them is poor. The good news is that the Swiss has auctioned his ill gotten assets n proceeds will bechanneled to charity organizations where a good chunk will again end up in ma Bwana pockets….imagine this vicious cycle of theft. How do you listen to thugs at a UN seating. Why are many Africans risking their lives with newly born babies crossing the Ocean in canoes….answer is our leaders…

  15. Our comments are useless here the way we are useless at the UN.we are talking about united Africa to face the world while we are undermining ourselves in our homes.simply travel from your African country to another african country you will realise that a white beggar from outside africa have more rights than you!!!

  16. That was very good and it speaks volumes about the way we do things in Africa. Leaders from Africa go there at great expense for the tax payers only to go and deliver empty speeches. They do not implement what they speak at those summits. The great Magufuli did not go. These are leaders of substance who know what they are doing

  17. Imagine Lungu flying all the way to New York only to address empty chairs, good! Nobody in their right frame of mind would sit their wasting valuable time listening to a full cycle ***** like Lungu, that would be way too injurious to the fabric of the ears, Jona Whysky kunya bebele!

  18. Well the fact is african leaders have nothing to offer at the un. The UN is a place to offer solutions to problems. African leaders go there to presrnt problems such how african countries dont have solutions to (anything) agriculture, national debt, natural crisis such as hunger, drought, and deceases.

    Africa must stop wasting their time hoing for UN.

  19. No, the real issue is that the majority of African leaders talk about things that they either know very little about or they don’t mean what they say, they take the audience same as the way they address their “subjects” at home all lies and nothing tangible. They don’t realise that the world stage is sophisticated

  20. Presentations should interesting and articulated. You need to have skills to catch the audience. Not forgetting sparkling eye contact. It’s boring for audience to see it clearly that somebody wrote a speech for you. It’s not about African, Asian etc… ifiswanti too much

  21. Bakolwe, you got to India to beg for rice and powdered milk while you fly in a US$65 million jet and you think street beggers in India will respect you!! *****s

  22. I certanly would not listen to dictators speak. They fend for themselves and squander all national resources. They higher expensive private jets when their citizens are languishing in poverty. Who in their normal senses would listen to such.

  23. African presidents go to the UNGA to do their personal shopping in New York. They are an embarassment to the UN. They should have their AU social and comradie meetings to hone their skills for oppressibg their people and fending for themselves at Adis Abbaba and stop going to New York.

  24. The African Union must assert its position in terms of Africa’s superiority for being endowed with strategic minerals, natural resources and agricultural products. The Commonwealth is toothless. Africans, South Americans and Asians should look forward to a day when the financial hub, namely BRICS, will come to fruition and surpass the IMF. Africa can comfortably watch from the terraces the confusion generated by Trump’s trade policy in relation to China and Europe; and the fate of Britain pulling out of the European Union. AMEN.

  25. There is nothing untoward about this folks. It’s a well known fact that Western Representatives use the sessions Africans speak to disappear into dark bordellos, visit Mistresses and to drink hard liquor and puff on overly large expensive cigars.

    They usually pay for their sins by making large donations to African poor to find favour before God Almighty. African Representatives usually dash off the podium after their time to join them…………….it’s all good in the UN village! My dad used to go to New York 3 months for sessions. The week before he went, he would mock joke my mother by warning her to behave or else he was coming back home with a Blonde wife to replace her!

    • Obviously, I’m being sarcarstic about their conduct. I urge all Africans to fully witness to the Western psycology. #They never change throughout history.

      Racism is real.

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