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Special Forces advanced training pass out parade in Pictures

Photo Gallery Special Forces advanced training pass out parade in Pictures

President Lungu officiated at the Zambia Army Special Forces advanced training and pass out parade in Mbala District, Northern Province.

He said as Commander-In-Chief of the Defence Force, he remains committed to ensuring that our Special Forces continue to undergo high quality training of international standards. President Lungu said Government commits to making resources available to improve the welfare of the defence forces both in housing and critical skills.

During the same event, President Lungu promoted the Special Forces Group Commander Colonel Augustine Chirwa to Brigadier General with immediate effect. He also awarded five Special Forces Nyambe M, Shimika R, Chishi P, Namenda K and Sipatunya N for excellence in scuba diving.

He urged the defence force to remain loyal, professional and embrace the virtues and values in serving and defending Zambia.In order to foster peace and development, he encouraged the defence force to continue sowing seeds of patriotism, unity and love for the country.


    • The best of Zambia! I am glad HAZALUZA HAGAIN! Wina camubaba HAGAIN! “I wish it were me in charge!” HAZALUZA HAGAIN. “If it were the Money Laundering thief in charge, I would have spoken well of Zambia,” HATRIBES UTD FOOTBALL CLUB. “Only a Tonga can be a President of UPND,” SeJAni.

    • Is it Christian to feed on serpents? Whats the connection between special forces training and serpent consumption? Do American navy seals do that as well?

    • Look at Sikazwe, maybe he wetted in his trousers.
      We play they don’t turn against PF, since they have brreathes fear of those visitors from Lusaka.
      The day those guys will enter the crime scene of Lusaka, to collect the stole uniforms PF thugs wear, it won’t funny.

    • For HH and His INCOMPOS UPND eyes only: “GOP Rep. Chris Collins, accused of insider trading, is resigning.” THIS IS LATEST. TIME FOR THE INSIDE TRADING THIEF OF UPND to go!

    • @Aristotle, it is called SURVIVAL TRAINING!

      And yes, special forces all around the world are trained in all sorts of UNCONVENTIONAL ways that can help them stay alive as they elude the enemy and avoid capture until they are rescued. This includes a dietary “menu” which they can call upon in incredibly difficult situations to stay alive.

      By the way, is killing another human being Christian? If you have qualms about that then the Army/Special Forces is not for you. And yes, snakes are eating even by civilians here in America. If that’s part of America’s Special Forces training I can not….but it is not beyond them realm of possibility!

    • From our UNIP days all the way through the 90s, the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise have always had the best trained Special Forces, thanks to the East German, Soviet and Yogoslav support back then.

      That’s why nearly all liberation parties from RSA to Zim to Namibia, Mozambique and Angola all were stationed within in Zambia. KK made certain our defenses were strong and country impenetrable.

      FTJ and LPM destroyed our military with LPM not even trusting our security chiefs, appointing himself as Minister of Defense while being President at the same time.

      ECL is the only secure President we have had since KK, it’s great to see him rebuild our lost glory. We were superior in the air, second to none followed by Hussein’s Egypt and Gaddafi’s Libya.

      Those roles significantly…

    • Continued…

      Those roles significantly reversed under the MMD with even Angola a country that once was seeking refuge in Zambia being stronger than us militarily.

      I want my Zambia back!!! Just ask Ba Miyanda and the late Peter Zuze. The MMD took us 40 years backwards in every aspect of a word.

      May they die a natural death never come back to power again!!!

      Let’s roll … Epo mpelele,


    • Pa zed ati special forces??
      Pictures 5,6 & 7, the whole unit would be slaughtered with one singe shot-gun cartridge! there is a reason for proper spacing!

      Ghilly suits are for snipers – with Sniper rifles – NOT close combat assault rifles – Lets be serious!

    • B.R Mumba, those stories of saying Zambia under K.K had one of the strongest defence forces, is stories you should tell youngers, & dull P.F Cadres.
      Some of us were there when Ian Smith’s Rhodesian forces not even the Mightiest Apartheid South African defence forces used to enter Zambia like entering their backgarden, & “Our Strong Army” would scamper in all directions for cover. Some of us ARE NOT Dull P.F Cadres, who believe in every delusional ” pocheza mu mazulo campfire story”
      Those of you being hoodwinked by “The Great Narrator of half truths B.R Mumba” are free to access You Tube, & check out; “Rhodesia Green Leader attacks on Zambia”
      See how docile & meek B.R Mumbas “Mighty Zambia defense forces” reacted to Zambian airspace being invaded by Smith’s Air force…

    • Cont,
      being invaded by Smith’s Air Force.
      You will hear the Zambian Commander begging Green Leader for permission to fly Civil aircraft operate.
      It’s so embarrassing, the Zambian Commander even asked Green Leader to keep his communication open so the Zambiams can ask for permission “In Zambian Airspace”
      Please bloggers check out “Green Leader attacks on rebel camps in Zambia.

    • Even know of friends who lived in Libala narrating stories of when Smith’s commandos raided Joshua Nkhomo’s house near Lusaka Golf Club, there were Zambia Army personnel who heard explosion’s from the attack, & mistakenly believed Arakan Barracks was under attack, & scampered from Barracks in full Zed Army uniform, & were knocking on people’s homes begging to be let in.

    • @BR Mumba. Which Zambia are you talking about was impenetrable? Is it the the same Zambia where multiple targets were bombed by SA?
      Don’t make yourself feel good for nothing. No country during KK’s time dared or had the capability to attack SA, only SA had the capability to carry out such an attack on any African country at any time during that period.

  1. Nice pics.

    But what’s with the snake eating? Is it in the job description? What if you are Christian or vegetarian? Does it make what type of snake it is? Awe shuwa. Pa Zed.

    • If you are Christian or vegetarian then you go and train to be a teacher and leave special for more serious people.

      Eating snakes is a way to show you that the guy can survive anywhere.

      Meanwhile, snake is one of the most delicious dishes in the Asian tiger countries of Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Burma and so on

    • In the new covenant all food can be eaten as it has no connection to salvation and holiness. Read Roman 14 and also 1st Timothy 4:1 – 7. What matters is Christ Jesus– faith in him ..thats why all whether snake eating, crocodile, Caterpillar, milonge eating etc are all saved by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Christ has brought all people, kindred, clan, tribe , race etc together. They are all one regardless of what they eat.

    • Eating a snake is not anti Christian. You can anything as long as it doesn’t kill you. This is savival skills on display mufana nibamuna abo!! Not when there is no maize or but bunga you want die. Crying every day just for mealie meal

  2. Adapt or starve to death. If you can’t afford unga, put snake on the menu.

    BTW, no bemba name on the list of those promoted for excellence. The majority are westerners.

    I see a deadly linyunga ndambo in the offing. Oh weh Barotseland basenda!

    • 8 We have become so polarised and see everything thro the tribal lens. The list was for those who excelled. No tribal balancing here. I here people complaining when thèir tribe is in the national team
      Yes you can tribal balance political positions but not where skill is needed.

  3. @Matumbo, no one here is suggesting tribalism. It’s a mere observation combined with an inference..

    We’re happy to see a deadly group of men coming from my province.

  4. The colonizer would like to keep black people ignorant.Like how Europe was kept in darkness and superstitition.But we now know that those that believed in witchcraft and sorcery were mentally ill.Peter Carlos Hinds.

  5. congrats gen chirwa and your forces under your charge ,our commandos are the best take them any where they are excellent.
    our army is professional whether they will be under HH or any president they are disciplined, kindly distance them from politics they have seen madness in foreign countries where they have served under UN.
    DONT entice them to foolish behaviour.
    am proud of this force as a zambian keep up mr president to arm our forces kudos also to our ZAF we have excellent fighter pilots

  6. Are we preparing for something that I don’t know about, because it seems to me lungu has really beefed up our armed forces

  7. I knew the Christian Taliban would come out of the woodwork on this. There is nothing evil or sinister about a snake it’s just an animal like all the other animals and needs the protection of ZAWA. It maintains the balance of things by eliminating rodents, but the way humans react to them is pure toxic religion.

  8. congratulations our special forces wonderful displays with the air support from the zambia air force.
    the hearts of these men are brave and have educated their feelings not to fear danger.
    congratulations for the five best peformers.
    it is indeed a good thing to train hard in time of peace to fight easy in time of WAR.

  9. I can NEVER ever eat even the tiniest piece of a any snake. It is like eating the devil’s flesh. That creature is just too creepy

  10. Some people instead on incarcerating them at Mukobeko for obstructing the commander in chief,why not take them to Mbala for some re education.Ati Zambia is in a food emergency..teach the people to eat alternative foods instead of Ubwali all the time.We shouldn’t be worshiping nsima bane

  11. As a boy in Mongu, I remember how SAF planes would fly around unchallenged with our “mighty zed army” no to defend us. My aunt who was at sesheke secondary SKU frequently used expensive air transport coz the pontoons at kalongola were frequently blown to pieces at will by SA forces. The old folk from shangombo dreaded the the Boer army ( ma buunu) coz they had no protection from the “mighty zed army”…so I agree with some comments above that our forces were not that good….the reason the liberation groups were stationed here was purely geographical, it was far from SA and hence safer. Better to acknowledge facts….capriv strip was a staging post for most attacks and zed army did nothing to neutralize that threat….

  12. In the olden days when we completed our Form 5, we went to National Service and underwent Military Training in Military Camps. Where is Col Sosala? than man was mean..but he and his men trained us well in Section Battle Drills, similar to this Special Forces Drill. We were taught how to defend our country in times of war. We were taught how to strip and assemble a riffle. That is why we are fit. we stayed in camp for 1 year before going to any University or College…KK was the best!!! today, cadres are carrying guns that they are not even trained to handle! well done ECL for restoring the lost glory. at least we are assured that we still have men out there who can defend Mother Zambia.

  13. what a load of hogwash as usual – all just have-you-heard experts here; @BR Mumba ati “better than Iraq and Egypt” – wow, hell NO baba, the Rapier Sytem was totally out of maintenance when Chikumbi was bombed using aged Canberras!! LEARN TO READ !!!

    ****links not allowed********

    • …Check-out #Global Firepower and you will see the light; Its the reason your reports sound like hearsay in print….


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