Sunday Interview With Finance Minister on Budget 2020



  1. I don’t think you should keep him in 2021 new government.
    He is scared of PF bandits, looters, bapompwe mushibila nsala.

  2. Bwalya himself is a looter. He was told by bank supervision department of BOZ about Focus Financial, Madison Assets Management, Madison General and Life Insurance insolvencies but he did not do anything as Great playboy friend of his supplied him his toys laced with greenbacks and great Bwalya the impregnator of petrol attendant just ignored it. It took our retired generals to force Madison to postpone creditors meeting held on 27th September to bulldoze depositors to accept heinous plan of freezing interest and principal payment to them. Had it not been the generals who told them to stop this nonsense as they will apply to high court to liquidate the company, lift the corporate veil and make directors of liquidated companies, Madison Asset s Management, Madison Life and Madison General…

  3. Continued..

    Life and Madison General to pay all affected depositors and policyholders their savings with Insolvent companies. That is how the meeting was postponed by 2 weeks to come up with the proposal for consideration of depositors. Sikutwa is involved in money laundering through shell outfit in Mauritius, transfer pricing and 27 Forest land grab. Monkey in maize field.

  4. The Minister without Finance indeed. This is what happens when you flip the power base from the people to individual ministers. PF have put Zambia back to where it was during the UNIP days. It’s taken PF less than 5 years to accumulate a debt that took the UNIP government over 27 years. This Government seriously needs to plug the holes. Those with more than two houses could be taxed. We have seen individuals boasting of having more than 500 houses…Tax them. Invest in manufacturing and make Zambia the gateway to trading with the southern region. Please also re-think on your point on gravel roads. If bitumen is too expensive, let’s utilize concrete. We have stones and people looking for work in abundance. Let’s be creative in a positive way.

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