President Lungu to launch the Winter Maize Harvest Sinazongwe district of Southern Province

President Lungu dinating a Melalie meal bag to a draght viction
President Lungu donating a Mealie Meal bag to a draught victims in SOuthern Province
President Lungu dinating a Melalie meal bag to a draght viction
President Lungu donating a Mealie Meal bag to a draught victims in SOuthern Province

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu is tomorrow expected in Sinazongwe district of Southern Province where he will launch the Winter Maize Harvest grown by Zambeef using Pannar Seed Maize hybrid.

The event has been organised by the Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU) in collaboration with Pannar seed and Zambeef which are providing quality and high performing hybrid Maize Seed that guarantees national food security.

Stakeholders and delegates will be witnessing that Zambeef, the largest corporate commercial farmer together with Pannar Seed are superintending over drought resilient, climate smart, high yielding – tolerant to high population pressure, increased productivity and optimised profitability way of farming.

Sinazongwe lies on the north shore of Lake Kariba. It was established in the 1950s as a local administrative centre, while its main industry now is farming and fishing.

Sinazongwe is a developing area in Zambia. Commercial plots have been sold to potential investors who are all looking at bringing more tourism into the area, with a proposed campsite, lodge and many more future tourist attractions to such as Zamarula Fishing Camp.

Sinazongwe is accessible nearly all year round. Access is by tar road from Batoka (which is between Monze and Choma) and by 17 kilometres of gravel road just outside Sinazeze.

The nearest airstrip is approximately 6 kilometres from Sinazongwe on the Zambeef Cropping section. It is advisable to contact Zambeef and alert them of your arrival in advance in order for safety procedures.

The nearest town is Choma, which is 95 kilometres from Sinazongwe (one and a half hour’s drive). Sinazongwe is only a three hour drive from Livingstone and a three hour drive from Zambia’s capital, Lusaka, therefore giving it good access to an international airport from either direction as well as to one of the seven-wonders of the world; the Victoria Falls in Livingstone.

Sinazongwe is also the first place that travellers from South Africa, Namibia and Botswana can get to see or visit Lake Kariba, the next being Siavonga which is on the other end of the Lake around 750 kilometres away. When it comes to tourism, Sinazongwe is relatively untouched, unspoiled and uncommercialised. The people of Sinazongwe are friendly and welcoming.

Depending on the time of year, there are various local ceremonies (Liiwindi Ceremony in July/ August) which tourists are welcome to attend and observe.


  1. Any undertaking pursued by private players i.e Zambeef and Pannar Seed,will certainly yield positive results.During MMD under Mwanawasa,winter maize project was launched in Chiawa and what followed after the ‘first’ harvest is indeed history.Let govt provide an environment for private players to flourish in farming all seasons.

  2. Here is how your friends do things. If you want farming as a business, you need to know the price of your produce before you even plant! Thus, the government should commit to a cost-reflective floor price of various produce before the planting season for farmers to make an informed decision on what to plant. For example, if you say the Maize price will be fixed at K300 per 50kg bag of Maize, who would not want to plant Maize January to December? Maize is a difficult crop to grow especially now with climate change and army worms! The farmers need to be incentivized!

  3. From another so-called two day ‘working visit’ to Northern Province, to Sinazongwe to ‘officiate’ at a small event that a ‘commissioner’ or deputy perm. sec. can carry out. He can’t sit down and answer questions on all the critical issues that are going on in the country.

    • Maybe dependent on the description you want to attach to it. Going by the confusion and local misunderstanding on how to classify GMO’s anything goes by who is using the term at the material instant!

  4. What happened to locally owned private agro schemes. No capital no Equipment. Cadrism. No markets. The circus continues.

  5. Now you see how they put cotton wool in our faces. I have said it over and over, our organic maize seed is being replaced with GMO seed which will be sold back to us at a premium. Please, can we get an explanation of what “Pannar Seed Maize hybrid” is before we go into the GMO overdrive? This sounds like a fairy tale but it’s serious manipulation. Zambia is being used as a test laboratory for drought resistance maize seed.

  6. I strongly disagree with you people, The President is working so hard to make sure we have a meal in our table, problem pa kamwa nu and lazness, Ati njala in our country stop misleading innocent people, visit some of our neighbouring countries, you will come back quickly, they are even failing to use their currency but here you we use our own. Problem ulesi the Bible says a lazy person should not eat……………you want the President and the hard working government to be bringing food on our tables sure. Let us appreciate, not other people from other countries are the ones who are appreciating.

  7. Why have you spent all this money on football stadiums and new airports, why are the contracts given to foreign firms ?
    Why can the Zambian ppl not do these things. Why not invest in solar and water projects ?

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