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Man stabs CBU Lecturer to death


Zambia Police spokesperson Esther Katongo
Zambia Police spokesperson Esther Katongo

Police in Kitwe received reports of Aggravated Robbery, Rape and Murder from a female student at Kalulushi Catholic University also of Kabundi in Chingola. The victim said that while she was being dropped off by Dr. Maximilian Mainza aged 36 of Riverside and a lecturer at Copperbelt University (CBU) at her friend’s house in Nkana West in the early hours of today 5th October 2019 at around 02:30 hours, they were attacked by a lone criminal who demanded for a K100.

After the confrontation, Dr. Mainza is reported to have come out of the car, a Honda Accord station wagon and challenged the criminal and in the process, Dr. Mainza was stabbed on the left side of the chest. He, however, managed to get back to the vehicle, reversed and drove about 100 meters before he stopped the car and collapsed.

According to the statement released to the media by Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo, the suspect later followed, broke the driver’s window, opened the door and dragged the female victim out to a nearby unfinished structure where she was raped.

He later went back to the vehicle and got two phones, a laptop bag, two other bags and an undisclosed amount of money and ran away.

After receiving the report, Police visited the scenes of crime and found Dr. Mainza dead at the steering wheel with a stab wound on the left side of the chest.

A Knife alleged to have been used in the act was recovered about six meters from the scene and the body has been taken to Kitwe Teaching Hospital mortuary while the rape victim was taken for medical attention.

Investigations have been launched.


  1. Rip but hundred kwacha is nothing,you only defend yourself when there is no option.It was dark and could not see the knife coming.

    • You can’t give someone K100?
      She was probably a girlfriend he was dropping off after committing adultery and met his fate

    • All the education consumed by nddofu fye. “Safe sexx” is not only using condoms.
      Make free Love, but have safe sexx.

    • Why do some bloggers think that the CBU don would have been let off had he given the criminal the K100 he demanded? The felon would have still asked for more.

      Mainza should not have left the car but just attempted to drive over the criminal and disable him. May be easier said but that would have improved the couple’s chance of survival from the attack …

    • A little too much of castle lite and chigololo h/o may be trying to prove that I am a strong man even when I am drunk? Probably driving off and leave the criminal behind and return later would have helped. Surely 02:30 even if you are rushing to make an excuse to your wife is already too late or probably early. Condolences on the loss of life, however there is an element of immorality in the whole saga.

  2. RIP. There are so many holes in this story. What was the lecturer doing with the student that late? And where did the robber get all that courage to attack two people in a vehicle with just a knife? And which thief would have that luxury of time to rape a woman just near an outside scene of a crime? Mukashana is a victim-suspect

  3. Very painful death, if he was married I don’t know the wife will mourn him. These aren’t good circumstances to die. However, the criminal will be caught very easily because of the phones, the only problem is that Copperbelt Police have problems dealing with such cases. Emmasdale Police would catch the criminal in no time, especially when he uses any of the phones. On the Copperbelt when you lose your phone don’t even waste time to report. It’s better you come to Lusaka and your phone will surely be recovered. Ensure you record that number especially for these cheaper phones because criminals will use it quickly unlike the android which might even have passwords and usually they sell such phones

  4. The Dr was very careless, how do you risk your life for a K100 mwebantu sure, give the bastard even ka K200 and drive away safely after all you have been committing ubuchende. Where can K100 take you really in these PF times, it cannot even buy a bag of meal! MHSRIP

  5. This story is not making sense.Let
    The police dig deeper as puzzle has
    Some jigsaw missing.Starting from
    First to last.let police inerrogate the
    Lady again.

  6. I’m just wondering as to why the bloggers are so hinged on adultery when a life has been lost. The same bible being quoted says “ let one with no sin cast the first stone “

  7. Sure ba Dean what happened awe sure there is much mor coz the Dean at that time he should have just runover the thief and go home, drop the hule at any of the guest houses what a shameful death. HELL is waiting for you bwana

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