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Police block HH from campaigning in Kaoma


Police preventing UPND from campaigning in Kaoma

Heavily armed police officers in Kaoma are blocking UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and his entourage from campaigning ahead of Thursday’s elections in the area.

The electorate in Kaoma will vote for a new Council Chairperson on Thursday.

This morning, Mr Hichilema was blocked by police officers from proceeding with his campaign programmes in the area because of the presence of Vice President Inonge Wina and President Edgar Lungu who is expected to join the PF campaigns later.

“As usual and under instructions from the PF, heavily armed State Police are blocking us from heading to our campaign areas approved by the Electoral Commission of Zambia. For the record, the Kaoma Council is a vast area covering two constituencies, being Kaoma Central and Mangango Constituencies,” Mr Hichilema said.

“It is therefore unreasonable that the entire province can be shut down because of another competitor, in total disregard to the approved ECZ campaign programme that allows us to be in a completely different place.”

“It is absolutely uncalled for and like always, we want peace and no one should provoke the people from standing up for their votes,” he said.

The PF must remember that a wound against one Zambian is a wound against all of us, so stop it. This country belongs to all citizens regardless of political affiliations and all of them have a right to associate and assemble freely.”

Police preventing UPND from campaigning in Kaoma
Police preventing UPND from campaigning in Kaoma
Police preventing UPND from campaigning in Kaoma
Police preventing UPND from campaigning in Kaoma
Police preventing UPND from campaigning in Kaoma
Police preventing UPND from campaigning in Kaoma


  1. Zambians fought hard to bring plural politics In 1991 . ECL and PF government are pushing Zambia back to the UNIP one party days.
    This also confirms how useless and ineffective the ECZ is.A timetable should have been drawn for all political parties to campaign peacefully.

    • No noways, is it to ran away from problems?? don’t tell me the all Presidency is going to campaign for a councilor in a small village of Kaoma.
      Can’t be true, unless chipuba.

    • Mr President – what is your problem. !!

      As Zambians we have the noble obligation to side and support HH – have his freedom to move and go anywhere he wants to campaign.

      Don’t abuse the freedom the nation fought for in 1964 and 1990 for granted.

      Let HH enjoy his FREEDOM

    • How far is Milupi’s war crimes report? Still 95% Dull idoits!
      (HH) wants to hide in the bush again for 8 hours and claim war crimes.

    • Zambia police are full of jokes ,why dress like it’s a war zone. Luck of activities, if you dress like that and patrol the boarders of zambia -congo am sure they wont be smuggling of mealie meal.

    • Campaigning for a council chairperson…..please guys lets be serious…no wonder Lungu was addressing empty chairs at UN…now i know why everyone left

    • As usual the PF minnions on this page will come butts front defending the loss of our freedoms in Zambia. After 27 years of one-party politics, PF brings this by cadres commanding the Zambia Police. ZP is useless as they get fired for doing their jobs. Utter banana republic ….. Rwanda is showcasing a 100% African manufactured Smartphone, and what is Zambia doing ….. Heavily armed police blocking opposition parties from campaigning.

    • Mwanawina Mwanakankoya 1.2

      where have you been. GBM left UPND long ago and he is now part of PF trying to go frustrate HH


      Chief Government Spokesman Chishimba Kambwili has asked Zambians who are complaining against government’s fuel hikes to consider urinating in their fuel tanks to run their vehicles, adding that the government’s decision is final.

      When interviewed by private journalists over the scrapped off of fuel subsidies that eventually has caused the current abrupt hike in the fuel prices,Dr.Kambwili said the nation has no money to sustain itself and needed the help of external financial donors and institutions to help resuscitate the economy.

    • On behalf of the government l have to make it clear that,the conditions under which we have been made to sign the IMF agreement are cruel and harsh but the country has to move forward.One of the conditions are the scrapping off of fuel and electricity subsidies. Scrapping off of fuel subsidies was effected by Energy Regulation Board (ERB)and Last night the fuel prices went up by over 30%.We are still working on electricity too and in few days time we might see electricity tarrifs going up by 45%

      We understand this development will affect our operations in manufacturing, mining, production, transportation and at household level,jobs might be lost in some sectors and food prices might go up but this was the only way out.

    • We therefore advise every Zambian to keep on working hard and help the government achieve its goals of developing this nation as promised during our campaign period.

      To those who can’t afford the new fuel prices, we advise you to go and urinate in your car tanks than attacking his excellency president of the Republic of Zambia Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

      We have said it before that these harsh economical conditions are not just in Zambia.They are global.America is facing the same problems,UK is facing the same problems, even our neighboring countries like south Africa,Angola,Congo are faced with the same problems.

    • These Police officers are cowards. They cant even catch a thief but only good at shooting unarmed citizens. Criminal are roaming the street freely and they know them but they want to dress as if they are in a war zone.

    • At the risk of sounding foolish on this platform, I beg to be corrected. The other article where HH was quoted as saying “defend yourselves,” and many readers said that was unwise of him to say which would have been true if he had uttered such a statement. I almost commented on that article and my argument was based on context as in if you quote someone, you have to say where he/she uttered such a statement for textual integrity. This article just confirms my suspicion that that was fake news, HH did not say fight back in arms nor issue a war cry of that nature. See how fake news works. ungaseke mwe. My only problem with this regime is that they have no backbone to own up to their mistakes, they always try to smear the dirt on the opposition. HH has been blocked in Kaoma the crime scene…

    • Please leave him alone he is UNELECTABLE. Maybe he came to declare himself President HAGAIN to the people who Ha villagers and have no CLUE too like him that he is UNELECTABLE.

    • This was meant to save H²’s @$$ seeing that he is so dumb to notice that he could provoke another mongu incident road rage fracas.

      Thanks police for blocking this never learns gay.

    • Spot on Kudos, at last some sense from you.
      Jonathan Chakolwa, the EMBEZZLER of Widows cash is indeed “a Political savage not for purpose”

    • Unfree and unfair elections known as RIGGED ELECTIONS is what sums up the happenings in Kaoma. The cost of these PF induced by elections would have paid for the salary arrears at Times of Zambia.

    • Kaoma residents respond to PF officials addressing rally with UPND slogan ‘Zambia Forward.’ The official also seems to be a watermelon, green outside, red inside.
      And this embarrassment was carried live by ‘Smart Eagles ‘ a government Facebook page operated from state house using public resources.
      And even when another senior PF official intervenes shouting ‘One Zambia’, the crowd responds ‘One forward’.

  2. So the whole of this nincompoop head of state with his expired Vice have gone to campaign for a council chairmanship seat using State machinery??????

  3. In a true democracy, you don’t have to militarize the Police to this extent! This is shameful! For those who still asleep, we are now a Dictatorship! In a Democracy, no one uses state machinery to intimidate political opponents! We need to do a don’t kubeba on PF before we all start running from our own country!

  4. These are really backward people, they cannot differentiate between the stone age and the 21 st centuary. These are charlatana not leaders. Leaders lead by example.

  5. it is very fearful to watch such attires for our policemen…… Are they in war zone for a position of council chairperson….. this is an act of desperation ……… Typical of Africans…………… destroy your opponent and pray on 18th October for reconciliation………. I will never buy from that the fact that we must worship on that said day because there is a lot of hypocrisy with the proponents of that date…..
    Human beings are vapour…. Today is PF tomorrow they are gone…… WE had UNIP with Kaunda yesterday and today the old man is awaiting GOD’s calling to rest awaiting judgment
    GOD forgive Zambia because Politics become a gods to ruling class and some pastors……We must repent

  6. let them sit in a studio and debate issues so Zambians can hear where they stand on important issues affecting them
    if they want to fight on live tv cuz they hate each other that much and can’t agree on nothing, then let them do that, at that point it’ll be only them fighting not having innocent people dying.

  7. The ruling class are full of deceit ,subtlety , manipulation, and evil schemes………… Never trust such a company….. Toady they can give thinly excuse for the loss of life because it is not their own who had been killed… Remember Davies Chama shooting Mushaukwa in Mulobezi and being crown Minister of Defence….. No arrest instead Mushaukwa was arrested….. How wickedness has taken the throne of leadership in Zambia.
    What is the fear of doing the right thing when you are very clean….. Unless guilty conscience haunts you, shall you continue committing one evil after another to cover your iniquitous mind……. Evil people thrive on evil schemes and are never content until they shed innocent blood…. it is easier for them to shed blood and say that the oppressed need not to retaliate…

  8. or defend themselves……even Hitler never saw his wickedness and propagated his philosophy as the best for the germans….. IDia Amin is our example….. Kaunda has to explain to Gibson Chigaga family……
    Our President has never been in prison and yet he vilifies his opponents. He hates his enemies with great passion…. He cares less what happens to non PF members …. he does not emphatise with the opposition and regrets that his enemies are Zambians…… Sad for us to have a leader…..Our President plays the victim when he is the architect of all oppression in our country… He claisms he is being insulted when if fact not….. Can any Zambian dares insult the President and live to see the day….. Come on Zambians …. everyone is aware how our President is the most powerful in Zambia

  9. Zambia police are full of jokes ,why dress like it’s a war zone. Luck of activities, if you dress like that and patrol the boarders of zambia -congo am sure they wont be smuggling of mealie meal.

    • Christian nation with features of a police state. The day you will bring war to this peaceful nation you will abandon those uniforms and ruggers

  10. in 2001, micheal sata led a team of youths with pangas and attacked people in a chawama bye election, this was in the hope of him being picked as a presidential candidate for mmd after chiluba failed in his third term bid, he resigned and formed pf when levy was nominated to mmd presidential candidate, in 2006 elections were mostly peaceful as pf was in opposition, in 2008, after losing the elcetions pf cadres took to the street and sata had to come on znbc to restrain his P.F,in 2011,election violence was on the rise with william banda fighting the P.F, and this time fighting to get power
    IN 2015,VIOLENCE increased tenfold and PF was again in the circles of violence,with pangas in kabwe fighting to keep it..
    2016,peak violence with pf now having extra power of using the police when…

    • William Banda now advisor to hh, violence is only predominantly in upnd dominated areas, other by-elections in Luapula, Northern, Muchinga, Eastern, Lusaka are violence free.

  11. These are some of the reasons why HH will lose in 2019. He has no strategy or strategic advisers. He thinks by crying to the rest of the world that the PF and Govt are trampling on his democratic rights then the rest of the world will come and install him as Zambia’s President. If the President is in the area you can’t be there as well period. This has been made clear over and over again – and knowing the nature of cadres from both sides it makes a lot of sense. However, unfair as it may be, you have to give way to the President – those are the privileges of incumbency, the same can be applied to HH as President. Is there only one road in Kaoma??? But if HH wants to continue to disrespect ECL as President because he believes that ECL is not “his” President, he will continue to be…

    • @15 in 2021, sorry. HH will lose to an easily beatable opponent in 2021 due to his and his advisers’ d.ullness.

  12. This is madness at its best. Zambia has gone to the dogs. Police block HH yet are not there to prevent deaths of cadres being killed. Stupidity at its best.

  13. This is what I find it difficult to understand UPND . Honestly why doing same mistake?

    Why going to do campaign where PF is ……?

    I have change my mind I will vote for PF .HH’s psychology is too remote.He

    Is full heavy hearted.

  14. These are just political gymnatics from both spectra of the political devide. The police are caught in between. Thiose claiming Zambia looks like on the war zone are less than candid. They have no idea of the desparations our politicians go through. let the police do their bit. Some political parties are in the habit of running into the bush and claim that the police are pursuing them. There is no where to hide this time round. Just campaign in the open baba.

  15. How can any ‘sane’ person support this primitive behaviour from the PF and it’s purchased police? The ECZ set a timetable for the parties to campaign in different parts of the area at any given time. The PF, in their despicable usual behaviour, using the police, decide that the opposition should not be allowed to campaign at all because the GREAT LEADER, lover of all manner of travel, is around. Preposterous! Those who support this nonsense are complicit to what will befall this nation – they are biggest f.ools that prop up this regime.

  16. these must be cadres if its true they are police officers then well i dont know. it must a banana republic. what is the head of state scared of it means they know they are no longer popular

  17. These PF f00ls are always in defensive mood. All the time defending their stupid1ty. How did we end up with these clowns. They blame all their failures on climate change but f00lishly reduce funding to environmental factors in their new budget. Are these idi0ts serious with what they talk about. this is serious chipante pante.

  18. The police are in order to block you ba HH trible. After what you did in Mongu who wants to take a chance with the security of our elected President?
    Just go and camp far away in Mongu, lucky that you have even been allowed to be in the same town. And why do you have to campaign same time as His Excellency Edgar? Or her royal highness Inonge? What were you doing before that?

  19. This is not a general election but a council by election ,very surprising both eagle 1 and eagle 2 have gone out of their offices to campaign for the PF council chair person. I dont know the significance of this election but it is showing a very serious lack of sound mental judgement. It can not take both the president and the vice president to leave their offices and go and campaign for a council by election in the same area when there are very serious matters to sort out in this country. Personally Mr President Iam very disappointed and Iam looking forward to have a one on one with you.

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