Calm has returned to Kaoma town following clash between ruling Patriotic Front(PF) and the United Party for National Development( UPND) supporters which left two people seriously injured.

A check by ZANIS in the central business town found tight security by officers from Zambia police and other security wings to ensure law and order.

Traders are also carrying out their usual business.

Police picked a suspected UPND supporter in connection with the violence that took place in site and service area.

A pistol was also recovered from the suspect and the suspect is still in police custody.

Kaoma district electorates will be going to the polls on October 10th, to vote in a new Council Chairperson following the resignation of Mutti Bindundu.

The PF candidate is 65-year-old retired teacher Ngebe Ngombo,while the UPND picked a 55-year-old business man Austin Muneku and the United Peaceful and Prosperous Zambia-UPPZ candidate is Chuulu Maseka.

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  1. So that chap was found with a pistol, yeah?
    Go ahead and check if it is licensed, screen the gun bandit and if he obtained illegally, charge the s.u.c.k.e.r accordingly.
    These are the same umpes promoting the gun culture in Southern and Western provinces. Bamunyama suntwe.


    • The bullet in the head of the dead person must be retrieved and forensically matched to the pistol confisicated to verify if that was the killer gun. There lots of pistols around.
      The police should find the killer pistol and the owner. If a Toyota corolla is stollen, you don’t impound all Toyota corollas. Check the chassis identity number. ZP prefer to make footlines the headlines to please someone.


  2. Useless police, a murderer is still out there enjoying life and you pick up innocent people who are trying to defend themselves. Do your job and arrest that killer. So quick to arrest defenseless opposition leaving the real culprits who feel the own our police. Those killers you are shielding are eventually going to be a danger to you also. stop shielding killers


  3. Last evening I heard the Republican President ‘condemning’ the police for not acting professionally in the Kaoma electoral violence in which one life has been lost. Did he really mean what he said??……….If he did the criminal who shot dead Lawrence Banda could have been in police custody by now. So your excellency we will only start believing in you when we see that criminal behind bars and being prosecuted. Otherwise, with due respect your words are empty



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