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High food prices have imposed a burden on household budget-Nawakwi


FDD president Edith Nawakwi
FDD president Edith Nawakwi

FDD President Edith Nawakwi says High food prices have imposed a burden on household budget.

Mrs Nawakwi says with the rise in fuel price and food costs, most Zambians now have to cut down on food to accommodate their daily travel to work.

“It seems we are working to get to work and pay bills only. There is little if any room for anything else”, she said.

Mrs Nawakwi said somehow, it’s not only the cost of living that has affected Zambians but the lack of job opportunities for the young.

“The time for talking is long past. Now is the time for action. Zambia is more than us politicians, We had leaders before us who fought hard for most of us to be here. Let us do the same, let us embrace the youths. We can only learn new things from them”, she added.

Mrs Nawakwi said some ideas are probably too old and that is why Zambia are still over dependent on hydro energy for so many years.

“Global warming is not new… ask the youths, they probably saw this coming.
Knowledge is infinite and there is no end of learning. There is so much we can learn from our young boys and girls”, Mrs Nawakwi said.


  1. After eating your money the leech Antonio Mwanza now lives like a CEO by merely leaking Edgar’s boots. These are the kind of future leaders your crop of politicians have produced under MMD. Now the PF are bringing up gun totting future leaders. The next generation will be more violent and tribal because that’s what they are being shown today

    • @Data, why do you want her to sit down? Ms Nawakwi has a point here just because she is an opposition you won’t listen to her valid point. She is as equal citizen as anybody she has the right to point out where the nation is lacking. We have a lot of problems in our country and people like you don’t see that because you are so illiterate and still on the side of the Government that is destroying the country, please let’s grow up and see and face the facts. People like you and you brains will never take Zambia forward.

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