University Teaching Hospital Women and Newborns hospital has delivered another set of Quadruplets, making it the second this year.

The three boys and a girl were delivered on September 22, 2019 with birth weights ranging from 1.9 to the lowest at 1.5 Kilogrammes.

Women and New Born Hospital Senior Medical Superintendent Maureen Chisembele has confirmed the development saying the set of Quadruplets are doing fine.

Meanwhile, Kabwe’s Siamese twins Justin and Harrison Malambo have finally been discharged from the hospital shortly before their 9th month birthday.

The boys mother Patricia Malambo says she is both overjoyed and relieved.

Mrs. Malambo has also thanked hospital staff for the help rendered to ensure her children have a chance at a normal life.

The Siamese twins were transferred to UTH in December last year from Kabwe General Hospital three days after they were born.

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    • The parents are in trouble…….How are they going to feed the children in this economy??? Awe bwafya….Namailiti takuli. Namenshi yalipwa.


    • I miss my cleaning duties at UTH when I used to see a NAMWALAN physicians who would tell me more about UPND supporters: TRIBAL.


  1. The quads were born on 22 September but they are just announcing now? Congrats to the parents. It is a very special birth


  2. fertility drugs are the most causes of multiple births…so this one is no exceptional. anyway, congratulations but brace yourselves.. diaper yeka is about K179 elo that is ones are K3 each multiply that 4 babies. elo when these tuma babies are just born, they p–oo-p even 10 times a day.Nan is now going at K75 per 500 grams tin,not to mention clothing, medicals, maids , zesco. anyway God does not forsake his own. all the best in this harsh economy.



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