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HH, Homosexuality and the PF Shameful Whoopla

Headlines HH, Homosexuality and the PF Shameful Whoopla

Former inspector General of Police- Dr Martin Malama

Kanchibiya Member of Parliament Hon. Martin Malama’s demand that HH denounces the African Liberal Network is part of the PF horrendous and shameful propaganda. We are a democratic nation, and the UPND’s association with the Africa Liberal Network is protected under the freedom of association. Regardless, why should the PF determine who HH associates with?

Hon. Malama’s private member motion seeking the ban on political parties and organizations that endorse Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) rights in Zambia is part of the PF hymn of homosexualizing the UPND leader; a major political challenger to President Lungu and Hon. Malama’s job ending Party. It is not by coincidence that Hon. Malama’s motion followed President Lungu’s denunciation of homosexuality as against Zambian and Christian values. HH joined the anti-gay hype, but little did he realize that, to the PF, his statement was useless. With things against PF, homosexualizing the 2021 elections would present the corrupt and inept Lungu administration as a Christian Party in contrasts to the UPND, which is liberal—thus gay supporting party. To the overt religious electorate, this contrast would be critical.

Hon. Martin Malama’s demands should not be taken lightly—they speak to the wider PF agenda of erasing freedoms of masses. This is not about UPND—the motion seeks to expurgate freedom of expression and association. I understand that most of us see nothing wrong with stopping advocacy on LGBT issues, but we should not cry foul when they come after other rights as well. We are a democracy, and people should have the rights of organizing without fear of state repression.

Hon. Malama’s anti-gay campaign is aimed at the UPND. Its effects, however, is felt by LGBT persons whose identity is demonized. This PF propaganda promotes what Ange-Marie Hancock calls “politics of disgust;” the political tendency to employ cues that enrage public disgust against a demonized social group. The PF, for instance, knows that Zambians consider homosexuality disgusting—thus by pairing it with the UPND, HH is forced to defend himself against such accusations.

The United Nations, the Commonwealth, and The African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights (ACHPR) are among the many organizations that protect LGBT persons

Politics of disgust is not evidence based but rides on perceived public negative assumptions about the shamed group. There is no evidence that gays have harmed our nation in any way. The PF propaganda, nonetheless, presents gays as the immediate danger to the nation. Yet, it is the PF’s promotion of the culture of corruption, lack of rule of law and politically sanctioned violence that THREATEN the nation.

Hon. Malama’s ignorance of sexual rights is enthralling, but not surprising at all. The Africa Liberal Network is not the only organization that supports sexual rights. The United Nations, the Commonwealth, and The African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights (ACHPR) are among the many organizations that protect LGBT persons. Resolution 275 of the ACHPR specifically called for the “Protection against Violence and other Human Rights Violations against Persons on the basis of their real or imputed Sexual Orientation or gender identity.” Adopted at its 2014, 55th Ordinary Session in Angola, the resolution condemned the growing violence on sexual minorities by state and non-state actors. It cited “murder, rape, assault, arbitrary imprisonment” as among them many abuses directed on sexual and gender minorities. It further called for decriminalization of same-gender loving relationships as well as the holding of perpetrators of such abuses accountable. So why is the PF associated with the ACHPR?

Freedom of association and expressions are fundamental to good governance and the rule of law! The Zambian government, for example, is part of SADC. Mozambique, Angola, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa support sexual and gender rights yet they still have sound relationships with the PF government. If President Lungu and HH benefit from these freedoms, so do LGBTQI persons. To rob them of these rights is not only unjust and undemocratic, but also sinful and immoral.

I wish HH supported sexual and gender rights, but he lacks the courage to stand up for what is morally right. Leadership demands standing up for what is right despite the assumed risks. Nelson Mandela was an African hero, yet he stood with sexual and gender minorities – making South Africa the first country in the world to endorse same-sex marriages. He may not have reflected African and Christian values as defined by Hon. Malama, but he died a hero. Indeed, leadership demands courage to walk uncharted terrains!

That homosexuality has become a PF campaign issue at the time when millions are living in poverty, electricity is a rare commodity, people are starving and the nation is buried in international debt points to what former US vice president Al Gore termed “an assault on reason”–something contributing to the current socio-economic and political crisis. We have many policy issues to run on, and LGBTQI rights and freedoms are not among them.

Enough of this evil and shameful whoopla.

Rev. Kapya Kaoma

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    • Rev Kapya Kaoma…seems like you’re gay yourself no doubt about it but please dont mislead the Zambian youth….just hide and do it in private like you always do because it looks like now you want to come out in open that you are gay

    • Like i said one day Rev Kaoma you will come face to face with God…and you will be Judged but meanwhile please preach about Gay to your gay lover, your friends and family…or else I will send you to Uganda

    • All political biases aside but this author has hit the nail on it’s head. I mean why maintain membership in the UN which openly supports LGBTQI relations meanwhile trying to run a propaganda plot to demonize the opposition for belonging to a small organization that protects these people? If you check the HR policies of most foreign companies in Zambia which are the majority employers you will find a clause in everyone of their policies that clearly emphasises non discrimination against LGBTQI people. So now Zambiana should start resigning from these companies ka? Such hypocricy ba chimbwi. Such primitive sentimentalism.

    • Three Mansions, Sex Hagainst the order of nature, Privatisation thief, Inside trading thief, Money laundering thief, Three mansions in Zambia = UNELECTABLE.

    • Ordained by Satan to carry out Satanic programme in Zambia! You see the agenda of HH and all is supporters is ANTI-GOD! No wonder UPND loves human sacrifice and Satanism.

    • To what extent will PF and all its frightened leadership not go just to make sure one HH will not be in contention for the next general elections? I have had high regard for Hon. Malama but its like he too cant ward off the virus which invades brains of many-a-politician making them less sensible in making decisions that drive the country forward. I wish a day would come sooner when a would be known homosexual or gay person assumes presidency of one of the countries Zambia goes to with a begging bowl and then decides that they would make an official trip to Zambia!

  1. Homosexuality will not derail the nation from atrocities it has been subjected to. The nation is in an abyss of load shedding, corruption, hunger and poverty. And all you can talk about are activities that will not build the nation. It is a shame that we talk about something that will not build this nation. Even if we love s8x, it will not remove the suffering that is being experienced in this nation. Homosexuals are not worse than corrupt elements. Corruption is the worst thing that can happen to a nation who foundation is built on sinking sand. We espoused Christian morals but our hearts are far from the Christian principles. The topic of homosexuality, is one way of derailing people from real issues that are affecting the nation. Hunger and corruption need critical analysis.

    • Mbaluso

      Read Romans 1:18-32
      Ba Mbaluso we are Africans and have a culture
      Lets not go against God, mind you create Adam and Eve
      and NOT Adam and Steve.
      If you dont understand the spiritual impact and imprecation of homosexuality
      sit down. Upnd is a sa.tanic party wanting to please sa.tan their master

    • The second creation in the bible states that god took Adam’s rib to create Eve. In that case, the DNA would be male so Eve is the first transgender. That means it was Adam and Steve, not Adam and Eve.

  2. The MMD tried this on late Micheal Sata.
    Dora Siliya , RB and Sunday Chanda were at the helm of the tax payers funded political campaign to insult and tarnish the image of Mr Sata. In 2011, everything came tumbling down.
    That MMD crew has regrouped under Edgar Lungu in the PF-MMD party.They are using the same tactics against HH. In 2021 ,everything will come tumbling down.
    Mark my words

  3. The Doctor should be too smart and old for this sh”t .
    All of the sudden we have too many PF moral custodians by day and bandits by the night.
    Ba Malama bringing non issues to the fore ignoring what Zambians voted you for, find solutions to what is hurting Zambians.

    • How can the whole former IG with a PhD title be so simplistic? Is this the calibre of individuals who can drive the nation forward in this modern day of divergent views?
      Lord, please help the nation of Zambia..!

    • Will you tolerate heterosexuality?
      All sexualities are the same; “innate”.
      There is no difference.
      You don’t get to decide what “floats your boat” or who you fall in love with.
      When you are born, everything is already in place.

  4. The Doctor should be too smart and old for this sh”t .
    All of the sudden we have too many PF moral custodians by day and bandits by the night.
    Ba Malama bringing non issues to the fore ignoring what Zambians voted you for, find solutions to what is hurting Zambians.ì

  5. its only fair to know if the Rev has seen in his entire life a male hyena huumping another male hyena, then it may seem a hyena has more sense than this rev who finds the anusss of a fellow man attractive despite the stinkk it provides, if the Rev was in the days of the Bible, he would have defended the right of men in soddom and Gomorrah to sleep with the angels sent to Lot. GOD destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of LGBTQ… useless Rev on paper.

    I’m breaker I’m transcendent and I approve this message

  6. Some people on this forum let’s not be too judgemental. Rev.Kaoma is just giving his opinion on the same topic that the MMD used to decampaign Sata in 2011 but lamentably failed. There are some people in this world(straight people for that matter) who have accepted that homosexuality is real and part of nature and that does not mean they are gay. Just a word of caution to homophobic people on this forum: You might just wake up one day and find out that some close relative of yours is gay. What will you do?

  7. This PF is a danger to Zambia! Are there any wise people left in this Puff party? Don’t you know you can bring economic sanctions on Zambia with your reckless statements? Your PF President went to address empty Chairs at the UN in New York! The chairs were empty partly because Chagwa’s homophobic stand is already known! Please don’t put Zambia in harm’s way! Homosexuality in Zambia is a non-issue! Just tell us who killed our brothers and sisters in the name of politics! Are there not enough problems to talk about? Some of these people will run away from Zambia because they have committed too many crimes against Zambians! Watch the space!

    • God has stated that he will punish with extra vigor teachers that mislead his flock. We are not judging we are only telling Rev Kapya Kaoma that God shall fry him for preaching nonsense. It’s not like we don’t have a bible and common sense. Sodom and Gomorrah were burnt to glass. We can talk about all evils, corruption, homosexuality and dull leaders, it is not that hard.

    • Tell Nzelu that many verses in Ezekiel declare that Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed because of their xenophobia and hate of the “different”. If he knows different, let him fry for his ignorant homophobia.
      Never forget that religion is the root of all evil.

  8. A christian nation declared by people can not be compared by a christian nation declared by God. No wonder Zambia is very much unchristian. I would not be surprised if one day she faces calamity from heaven.

    • Israel was Christian when Christ was leaving them. Does not mean that God himself was there, they didn’t act out. They had Pharisees and Sadducees too. Evil weird people a lot in the UPND and PF still exist too. Use logic, the making of Zambia as a Christian nation protects it from more vices that exist. One of them being the depopulation agenda of gay rights.

  9. Its clear Rev Kaoma you are Gay. Now do not think that we all tap into that nonsense you are advocating for. Its important tha UPND denounce its association with ALN , this country whether you like it or not , we are not going to disown our culture for a white man’s Gay culture, and there is no room for protection of such demonic rights in this country. The fact that there economic woes in the country is NOT LICENSE for those that want to provide such solutions, to bring with them support n advocacy of Gay rights in our society seeking to change our respectable culture, abominable acts God’s own eyes. For as long as UPND remains attached to ALN there will be issues with UPND winning 2021, coz it will be clear much as they want to provide economic solutions they will also be willing ALN…

    • Gay people and gay culture have existed in Africa since long before white people arrived. Religion is the demonic authority. The white man’s religion has destroyed all African religions and now rules the roost. Theft by religious creeps is ongoing in every culture.
      Gay rights are human rights. Denying gay people their rights is a sign of “who next”! Are you prepared for that?

  10. Me thinks Zambians would rather have a gay president that provides jobs and runs the country efficiently than this corrupt theiving lungu and his equally corrupt theiving , violent PF gang……

    • No Zambian wants that, what happened to Tonga bulls? From wanting “women” or was it a ploy all along. You preferred the loins or other men? This is an abomination to God and Africa. Study the homosexual past of Greece and Rome Italy then use reasoning. It shall show you what Europe’s depopulation agenda is.


    Following Chishimba Kambwili’s irresponsible, crude and irrational allegations against Mr Findlay we have observed with dismay a further misrepresentation of facts. From the running comments we have noted that most people have no idea of the truth except for a fact that some people enjoy peddling on baseless gossip.
    Recently, a court transcript detailing the prosecution of a purported drug trafficker called Goswami was posted on one social media platform from which a story was fabricated that Mr Findlay was a part too.
    We have seen and read the transcript. There is no part where Mr Findlay was mentioned. When you read it, you will notice that there is a Walden Finny who was also mentioned who we suspect some mistook for Mr Findlay.
    Question, why would…

  12. PF should then denounce being a member of UN an organisation that accepts male marriage. But chagwa was busy addressing empty chairs

  13. Where was he chairing empty chairs? let us pray and denounce people who wants to remove the declaration of Zambia as a Chritian nation. People who can not join prayers for the nation, they are really showing the entire nation that when given an opportunity they will promote Gay rights.

    • To call any nation that is not a theocracy a …. nation, is very stupid and foolish.
      Gods and religions are artificial: i. e., NOT REAL.
      A MICKEY MOUSE nation would be more appropriate in this case, considering the present leadership.

  14. How foolish it is for *****s to call one sexuality “shameful”. All sexualities are innate and condemning one is plain stupidity.
    You don’t get to decide what your sexuality is, religious creeps notwithstanding. What floats your boat determines who you love. “Innate” defines sexuality, like skin colour, height and thousands of other traits. No amount of trying can change anything innate.
    Ignorance of reality seems to be a speciality of “authority” figures.

  15. ohh my goodnes look and read homosexuals reasoning very silly without sound brains
    homos have no place in zambia this country will forever remain dedicated to GOD
    if there is a fight worthy freeing the country from filthy behaviour this is the right time
    KK freed us from colonial bondage and we shall fight to free zambia from debasing morals such as LGBT

  16. Foolish ignorance from MOANGELA indicates stupidity on a massive scale.
    While sexuality is innate and immutable, religion is artificial/not real. Gods are delusions of sick minds. To use that evil to assault and attack gay people for how they are born or whom they love is sick and immoral.
    Gay people make up about 10% of all people in all societies. Are you saying that Zambia is not a nation with regular people?
    As long as Zambia, or any other nation, has existed gay people have been part and parcel with all other people. Gods and religions change at the drop of a hat but the ratio of gay people in society always remains the same.

  17. Corruption pays. After failing medical school exams more than four times and appointment to IG post people now command respect and are now legislating !!!!!

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