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Zambians urged to live as one big family

General News Zambians urged to live as one big family


Zambia Catholic Chaplaincy UK Parish Priest Fr. Henry Mobela, has urged Zambians both home and away to live as one big family.

And Bread of Life Church International United Kingdom will join Zambia in observing the National Day of Prayer, Fasting, Repentance and reconciliation, set for today.

The day of prayer will be held under the theme “Receiving Times of Refreshing from the presence of the Lord through Reconciliation with one another and the environment for a prosperous Zambia.”

Commenting on this year’s National Day of Prayer, Fr. Mobela who is the current Zambian Parish Chaplain said Zambians, as a people need to love and forgive each other as they are members of one family which is Zambia.

And Fr. Mobela further called on Zambians in the Diaspora to participate in making it possible for reconciliation to become a reality in the nation by being their country’s ambassadors who should be in the forefront to promote and project a good image of the country.

“Violence and economic challenges are a result of human conflicts or misuse of one’s rights which may affect others in the community. How do we deal with these challenges then? As believers we go the Scriptures, the word of God where Jesus challenges us to reconcile with one another and with creation”.

“For reconciliation to take place there is need for humility. Therefore, as the Nation prays for peace and reconciliation, we are all encouraged to pray for peace and prosperity in our country. Every Zambian should feel that there is something that they can contribute to our country that can bring about true reconciliation between people and creation or environment for us to enjoy the fruit of our prosperous nation. We need to seat together with open minds and hearts sharing and listening to one another and coming up with solutions that emphasise the common good,” he said.

And Bread of Life Church International United Kingdom Pastor in charge Austin Makota said there was strength in unity and called on Zambians to embrace love, peace and harmony.

“As we pray for Zambia and our leaders. We pray that God grants them wisdom. God will Refresh, Renew and Restore our nation. The atmosphere of the Nation will change as more and more people will unite for one cause. There is coming a great move that will shake our Nation and return things to the original owner- God. All things will be restored,” prayed Pastor Makota.

Issued by: Abigail Chaponda (Mrs.)
First Secretary | Press and Public Relations
Zambia High Commission in the United Kingdom.


  1. I can’t fast, but I can pray for you LT people.
    How can someone reconcile with Mumbi Lenshina Phiri.
    How can someone pray for Sunday Chanda and Mtewewe?
    How can a man can forgive Kaizer?
    Martin Malama need withdraw motion in parliament targeting closure on UPND.
    Kampyongo is number 2 sinner who struggled NDC, he need reinstate there certificate he cancelled today.
    Seriously it is simply too much sinners, even Lucifer is overwhelmed with these PF.

    • God bless Zambia. God protect Zambia! God cast out demons of confusion in people bringing confusion. God cast out the spirit of sex against the order of nature demons are trying to bring in Zambia. God remove confusion itself out of Zambia. Thank you JESUS!

    • Let’s face it; prayer is NOT an alternative to Competence, Hardwork, Commitment, Honesty and Discipline. Of course it can harmonize society, but there’s work to be done. Don’t take advantage of some people’s gullibility; it’s EVIL !!!!

  2. I have nothing against those who are praying as wrong as they pray and worship the only true God. However, pastors should be careful not cause children of God to close their eyes and let criminals rape the country or execute destructive “leadership”. Criticising the “leaders” should not be seen as condemning the country but as defence for the beloved country. We love Zambia more than the “leaders” do.

  3. Yes, the message is delivered to all. God is not going to bless Zambia if the people are not willing to submit to His Word. It is a waste of time to pray National Prayer when the leaders in power are not submitting to God. God will never violate leaders wills. It sounds so spiritual to have a National Prayer when the leaders are not willing to give up greediness, fight other opposition leaders and are not servants, but are slave masters. The same is true if opposition is not building together with the ruling leaders. When opposition suggest something which will benefit the nation, then the rulers turn down a good suggestion, then Zambia is not blessed in that area. Sometimes it is better to cry to God in churches and private setting for agreement than going to Nation Prayer were the…

  4. When men of God begin to call a spade a spade, it will make sense to issue these statements. Take a look at the story of David in the Bible, Gods prophet called him out after he killed the husband of the woman he had taken advantage of. …… David was contrite and God forgave him. We have pastors, religious ministers, so called prophets who cannot call out the sin of people in leadership, they placate them with flowery language, honestly, God will not be mocked. The very people kneeling and screaming have such distaste for anything that is not PF. There are many Zambian who are seeking God’s face and do not need to parade with righteous piety. We need to go back to the basics. Nalanda chapwa

  5. Christianity is an Abrahamic monotheistic religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. Its adherents, known as Christians, believe that Jesus is Christ, whose coming as the messiah was prophesied in the Hebrew Bible, called the Old Testament in Christianity, and chronicled in the New Testament.


  6. “…..Violence and economic challenges are a result of human conflicts or misuse of one’s rights which may affect others in the community……”

    He means ones democratic rights are a cause of violence……rights like freedom to peacfull protest , freedom of movement and freedom of speech will cause violence….

    In other words just accept PF corruption and mismangment …….

  7. Does this “homily” include the ten percent who just happen to be gay or transgender? Does this indicate that he wants the government to support equal rights for everyone? Does this mean that he no longer considers gay people to be subhuman and worthy of death? How much money does he expect his church to collect because of his sermon?

  8. Its like people dont even know why they prey. The bible says prey not only for yourselves but for your enemies as well. Singleling individuals who you are not willing to prey for is in itself sin.
    And you cant demonise people who went to prey as if they dont think. Be carefull what you breed in your thoughts. You may end up cursing yourself.
    We are all only human and if you think you are holier than thau, think again.
    Respect is very cardinal

  9. Since some people have decided to criticise these prayers, they are not only cursing themselves but their supreme leader too. God doesn’t listen to prayers of the rightious only, but sinners too.

    • Seven million children starve to death every year. Does your god not hear their cries or does it enjoy their suffering? Perhaps because they have no money it ignores them. What a moral and loving god you have!!

  10. Just look at them kneeling and praying in the baking sun the whole day……….

    Other progressive leaders organise mass tree planting movements …..not these lazy thiefs who see planting trees as too much work and would rather organise people to kneel the whole day and pray………for what ?????

    Useless lungu….and his useless religious ministry…

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