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Presidential stretch routine

Photo Gallery Presidential stretch routine

President Lungu does some stretches with some government officials

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu (third from right) helps Presidential Affairs Minister Freedom Sikazwe (second from right) to stretch during the morning Presidential Exericse at State Lodge in Lusaka on Saturday, October 19,2019.

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  1. At first I felt dizzy accompanied by a slight headache.
    When I checked my weight and BP they were 95kg and BP was 190/150.
    By the time I rushed to the clinic, I had suffered a mild stroke. My walking and speech were impaired.

    • @Luapula Premier, so do I. Unfortunately the facts are these: 60 percent of people live below the poverty line and 42 percent are classified as extremely poor.
      60% of Zambians do not know where their next meal is coming from while they are exercising?!? You really need to keep some of these pictures to yourselves….

  2. It’s not the brain, it is what you choose to do and whom you choose to associate with to achieve an objective.

  3. ZAMBIA is for JESUS therefore, Leaders who are aspiring for the highest office in this country should be scruitinized in the way they respond to Christian values. Country MEN and WOMEN its our time to ask God to show us leaders who fear Him. You can have money but if you do not fear God then that money is nothing, you can have world connections but without Jesus those connections are in vain. The challenges we are facing in this country are worldwide it takes Spiritual understanding through prayer what exactly God is telling us, for it is written in the Holy Bible that the end times are near, so lucifer is fighting the believers to start receiving his marks through his agents, who are calling themselves rich. The riches are in God in the name of Jesus Christ, The Children of Isreal…

  4. Thats why he/ she has a crazy name ati alangizi such people can not even think about the future of his/her children coz of the distruction these guys are causing to this country 4 him/her as long as they have filled their tummy its ok time is coming when u face the reality of life ba alangizi. zambian problems are global, are righttfully in your sense

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