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Ronald Chitotela says Conservationist Nsama Learns is wrong

Headlines Ronald Chitotela says Conservationist Nsama Learns is wrong

Minister of Tourism and Arts Ronald Chitotela says the Black Lechwe is not endemic to Bangweule Wetlands as reported by Conservationist Nsama Learns.

Mr Chitotela said the Black Lechwe can survive in various parts of the country and not in the Bangweulu wetlands alone.

Appearing at the PF Media Interactive Forum, the Tourism and Arts Minister said Ms Learns misled the nation when she said the Lechwe is endemic specie.

He said the country has over 90 000 Black Lechwes contrary to assertions that the country only has about 35 000 animals.

Mr. Chitotela reiterated that the misinformation about the Black Lechwe will raise alarm among stakeholders among them the African Parks headed by Price Harry of the United Kingdom.

According to Ms Learns, the Black Lechwe loves water and when threatened, they stand in deep water completely submerged leaving only their nostrils exposed.

She said the Black Lechwes are good swimmers and they run faster in water than dry land which is why in the dry season they migrate for up-to 80 kilometers in search for flooded areas.

She challenged the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Authority whose mandate is to protect Zambia’s wildlife species to make the ecological assessment report public for review on whether Langani and Kiwisoko private ranches in Chisamba and Kazungula are suitable for the habitation of the Black Lechwe.

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  1. Ine nadabwa.

    When did Chitotela become an expert in wild life?

    Does he have a degree in wild life that we do not know about?

    Surely how do you argue with an expert?

    Chitotela himself should do a head count to prove that we have over 90000 black Lechwes in Zambia.

    • Chitotela is a known police constable. It is only under President Lungu that people of such qualifications occupy important government portfolios. Under President Lungu, professionalism has been thrown through the window. It is the worst we have had under any President in the history of Zambia in terms of matching qualifications with GRZ functions. To even have a Mr. Grin, Grin, Grin Freedom Sikazwe at state house is such a dressing down of the Zambian Presidency. Not to mention having a Peter Zulu as political adviser to the President when he has no qualifications other than those of a medical assistant. He uses the name Kaizer Zulu because he has been using educational qualifications of his late elder brother. But much of Chelstone Kapilyomba area where he grew up knows him as Peter…

    • Chitotela…………..There is no justification in stealing just take back those Lechwes to bangweulu which you were trying to smuggle!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have been caught red handed; those animal are exclusive habitats of Bangweulu for billion of years………………………

  2. Lungu and his gang with Chitotela have just been rattled ………..the main issue here is consavationists and other wild life experts and most in ZAWA were not informed of the capture ………..the thiefs with some rats on LT think because they are in GRZ , they can just go in an capture animals to sell without following procedure and informing stake holders…………they don’t want to informe anyone because this will highlight the rampant theft by this gang lead from statehouse

    We know of SA auction agents who can supply any amount of any animal from Zambia……that is how SA registered trucks were chased from mfuwe recently.

    Only the vigilance of chiefs and locals and all stakeholders will protect our wild life from these thiefs…….

  3. Chitotela will soon send for the capture of polar bears for our great brother leader Jonathan mateware. He claims polar bears can do very well on his ranch, because he has an ice making machine, all they need are ice blocks.

  4. This thief really after running away from that ministry where his acquittal is still questionable, he has been appointed again to another ministry this time to finish the remaining species of our wildlife ooooooh Zambia is being milked day and night by these crooks.

  5. Chief plunderer for his boss , in charge of plundering operations. Untouchable and above the law.
    Zambia , a whole , once prosperous republic now captured by a few Kaponyas. Reduced to sh*h*le level.

  6. You know I am imagining Chitotela saying “Ninshi? Ni nama fye ishi!” and then advancing his outlandish reasoning to justify his ‘pants-down’ posture. Imwe do not forget this guy was found wanting before for some funds (those in the know – know). He still believes he still has more lives to survive with his dubious behaviors. While we are on this, could he please share the website where we can read up a technical report on his 90 000 black lechwe count and where they are – please?

  7. This is what we mean when we say if lungu could legalize corruption he would,

    The main pain being felt by lungu and his gang is this revelation by the conservationist of this capture of lechwee without following procedure. No one was informed. This is how lungu and his gang want to run things in Zambia.

    The right and proper way is to informe all stakeholders of what you intend to do.
    What are you hiding ???

    Lungu any his gang want such shortcuts of not informing anyone of what they are doing to be normal , this helps in their looting.

    Those wild animals do not belong to lungu and his gang……they belong to all Zambians and Zambians should be informed when those animals are being sold…..

  8. He is trying to apply Lungu’s “ubomba mwilbala alya mwila” concept. When people tell him to stop, he becomes angry because he is mwibala.

  9. Well sir , if are to believe your assertions so be it. However tell us why relocate them to privately owned farms. How did these two ranches end up with the animals. If they bought from GRZ provide evidence and who worked out the price and qualifying criteria?
    Simple as that! Forget the technicalities you want to flout.

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