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UPND and HH have been receiving Funding from Africa Liberal Network involved in Satanism and gay rights.-Tutwa

Government Deputy Chief Whip and Kabwe Central Member of Parliament (MP) Tutwa Ngulube
Government Deputy Chief Whip and Kabwe Central Member of Parliament (MP) Tutwa Ngulube
Government Deputy Chief Whip and Kabwe Central Member of Parliament (MP) Tutwa Ngulube
Government Deputy Chief Whip and Kabwe Central Member of Parliament (MP) Tutwa Ngulube

THE United Party for National Development (UPND) led by Hakainde Hichilema has been receiving financial support from the Africa Liberal Network (ALN) to participate in all the elections in Zambia, deputy Parliamentary Chief Whip Tutwa Ngulube has disclosed.

And Mr Ngulube said it was hypocrisy of the highest order for the UPND to claim that they only belonged to liberal network which is an advocate of the rights of homosexuals, Satanism, gays and lesbians both in Zambia and globally, but not subscribe to its values.

Mr Ngulube who is also Kabwe Central Member of Parliament (MP) said this when he featured on PF interactive forum in Lusaka yesterday.

He challenged Mr Hichilema to personally come out in the open and tell Zambians how much financial support his party had been receiving from ALN for all the by-elections.

Mr Ngulube said he had information on the financial support UPND under Mr Hichilema had benefited from the network which sponsors elections for its member party.

“Let him tell us openly before we tell him ourselves how much financial support he has received from Africa Liberal Network for all the by-elections that we have been having, and also for the 2015 and 2016 general election,” Mr Ngulube said.

Mr Ngulube further challenged Mr Hichilema to state whether or not his party belonged to liberal network which is alleged to be involved in Satanism and gay rights.

He also wondered why Zambians should tolerate a political party that is aligned to a network that does not believe in God, law and order.

“And I want to also challenge HH to tell us himself not sending Kakoma (UPND spokesperson Charles Kakoma) or others people, let HH tell us himself whether the UPND is a member of Africa Liberal Network and when he has responded to this question, he must also tell us whether it is possible to belong to an organization that promotes such immoral conducts and claim that the acts were not binding on us,” he said.

Mr Ngulube also challenged the UPND leader to bring back all his money that he is alleged to have deposited in the offshore accounts if he meant well for Zambia.

“We also know that this man has been involved in a lot of what we can call scandals. For example on of the scandals that he is in public domain for many years is his involvement in the privatisation where he is being accused by the many people of Zambians including retires that when he did that exercise, he amassed a lot of wealth. And after he amassed a lot of wealth, he took it to the haven in South Africa, Panama, Bahamas and many other areas.

“This is another moral question that we want to ask him. If this gentleman has been eying the Presidency of this country and this is the country they themselves call a broke country, why does he not want to bring back his money back home?” he asked.

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  1. With the amount of hunger, greed and corruption in the country (don’t forget delayed salaries, adultery, alcoholism etc) from our esteemed guardians of Christianity in Government and in the Pulpit – I am at pains to figure out why we are so preoccupied with HH, satanism and gay rights. Wouldn’t your time be better spent trying to fix the many problems we have – bad debt, environmental destruction, lack of energy etc #MisplacedPriorities

    • Is it usually the case that when you join PF you get contaminated with mad cow disease??

      So what if they have been getting money…?? Better than you baboons stealing from government.

    • This is sinking so low Tutwa. As a lawyer, you should know better. What sort of calibre does the current PF so called “honourable” politicians have?? This is cheap politicking Tutwa and I hope you rot in Kabwe.

    • The same way you want investors to bring money to invest in Zambia is the same way any Zambian can take investments outside. Nothing illegal about that. It also helps one to hedge their funds against fluctuating currencies like ours.

    • Tutwa and jobless Malama, you guys are adding more rocks in Ba Edgar’s 2021 grave.
      Leave HH for a while, the issue this week is Stardy Mwale. Stardy is not a homosexual in Kabushi consistuency. The money Stardy stole was not from gays, it was from PF ministry.

    • This is the stup!d way of thinking, useless lawyer.

      Zambia is a UN member which supports gay rights president Lungu attends UN meetings and speaks at the UNGA. Does the president support gay rights? I guess Zambia need to stop going to the UNGA.

      USA promotes gay right & gives a lot of funds to Zambia. Does this mean that Zambia is a gay country?

    • This guy Tutwa is a real dunderhead. He could actually be a witch. Who can believe thos rubbish save for those with damaged brains.

    • If you can’t spend time to try and solve the problem of Satanism in a country that you you very much value Christian values, then we shall be at a very big loss. How can we ignore such a very big issue of Satanism which might be the root cause of all the social and economic problems that the country is going through? The country like Zambia will be ignoring to sort out Satanism, gaysm and all other aspects of social disorders at its own peril. There’s an English addage that says ‘prevention is better than cure’. Let make sure that a country like Zambia be cleansed of Satanism and gaysm before we tackle any other pertinent national issues. Ladies and Gentlemen Satanism and gaysm in Zambia are not petty issues as some people seem to suggest. Let us seriously investigate Honourable…

    • The PF govt receives aid from Western countries which hv allowed gay rights. Perhaps the PF should explain since they’re the governing party and therefore accountable to citizens. The UPND is a private club and not accountable to citizens hw it goes about managing its affairs. Are Western countries all about gay rights? Certainly not because life is broader than that.

    • When you have no vision, you point fingers at those that seem to know what they are doing..
      It’s time to look inwards ba Ngulube.. how can you stupe so low to raise nonsense when the nation needs serious guidnace?
      Are there no more principled men and women of mother Zambia?

    • Tutwa is right.
      These guys speak with boldness. They have a dossier of the h² filthness. Watch this space.
      ” I will sue you, I will finish you, I will make you bankrupt” will be the defense.

      The scoundrel and weirdo of h² surpasses all human understanding.

      How on earth does this tribadistic h² think he can rule over us?

      To much scandal and baggage for this human being.
      Tutwa is reacting to the walkouts.
      H² may end up selling Government to infestors. Amasampo yachila. H² is highly compromised by beasts.
      2021 won’t be laughing ka.

    • The government has allowed too much advertising by witch doctors from within and outside the country,saying get rich through evil spirits. Whose responsibility is it to stop this evilness. And what’s the difference with the much talked about Satanism? Political killings and fighting, stealing and injustices. Make me understand something here,what’s Satanism? For God or for devil that’s how I understand it añdmin this a lot of you politicians are Hippocrates.

  2. Zambians are tired of the fake story. Just fix the economy, bring electricity back, stop the Lower Luangwa Mining saga, bring back funds lost in those fire tenders, explain the 49 houses using the truth. What is the story with Findley?

    Give us back our country.

    • Which Zambians are tired…Only UPND sycophants and zealots and enemies of progress who are into group think mentality would like to sweep dirty under the carpet…HH is a sadist and crook who has hidden the privatisation loot in the paradise papers…

    • 1doit while you and your ka useless worst president in the world have bankrupted the country and sold it to the chinks, you p1ss of sh1t…. looks like every 1doit in PFoools is a dander head and a plain [email protected] Tutwa just go and steal poor Zambians money coz that what you know best in a party of monkeys and 1diots.

    • The deads are overloaded by their own dosage of deadly virus.
      This nigga is gasping for oxygen.
      Money from Satan is not for free.
      Since elite Zambians are awake, I see a nasty end for h².
      He will leave his disciples shocked in the end days when loads and loads of evil secrets are brought to the fore.
      “If you live in glass house, don’t throw stones and
      And if you can’t take blows brother Don’t throw blows”

      Chifundo ine amai.

  3. Iam seriously hoping the journalist only picked this issue which was of interest to him and that other issues were discussed like how the government is managing power shortages, political violence, corruption and missing funds/misuse; houses with owners! Iam hoping he also spoke about the increase in non receipt of goods and services but paid for(in the latest auditor report has short up to over 9m.) Hon Lusambo has also asked the police to arrest a named person for not completing a maternity ward in his constituency. Iam also hoping he spoke about shortage of medicines in government hospitals (prescriptions are a norm now) and lastly iam hoping he spoke about the hunger situation in some parts of the country and how we are managing that. That is more of a concern to be a citizen right…

    • Is that all you empty Tins can bring up ?

      Instead of brain storming solutions to the many problems we face to help your empty tin thieving leaders

    • Yeah using your same !d!otic logic, government attends UN meetings as a member but does not subscribe to the Gay UN Agenda, te?

  4. What are you guys in PF taking Zambians for, for you to be yapping crap day in and day out?why can’t you just concentrate on addressing the many challenges the nation is going through?

  5. The guy is a dim wit of a lawyer who has joined the tuma PR band wagon in their scare mongering political tactic of using satanism and gay to frighten people .Just explain the 48 houses without owners , poor sanitation, declining economy etc to the people not this crap .

  6. At this point in time , Zambians would not mind being ruled by a homo or lesbian or satanist , as long as the economy is fixed and jobs are created……

  7. The PF want HH to bring his inveztments back into Zambia so that they can squeeze him like they have done to GBM and Kambwili. His shares in various international companies is the reason they have failed to “kill” his businesses.
    I think HH is a very wise man.

    • Then he’s not ready to be President of Zambians because he’s more interested in his own money not majority Zambians… This is the reason the privatisation crook cannot be trusted by the majority Zambians but for his group think mentality UPND sycophants and zealots and enemies of progress….

  8. UPND danderheads and sycophants fear the Supreme leader HH of the UPND more than they fear death no wonder they will support the nosense but gladly intelligent Zambians in now more than 7 provinces cannot allow a privatisation crook who has hidden the privatisation loot in the paradise papers to rule them…

  9. Is this guy Zambian or Rwandese? does he have anything useful to say or he just wants to make a name by insulting Mr.HH..the man has done his homewrok so concentrate on your 2021..what does the name Tutwa mean by the way?

  10. Our grandchildren will laugh at us for allowing these people to govern us. Can we sink lower? Doubt it!

  11. What a load of rubbish!! Who cares about these backward accusations of HH this and HH that!! PF needs to stop wasting time on witch hunting and concentrate on moving this country forward. We are tired of these politics based on personal insults and fake news. We want to hear some intelligent solutions to all the problems people of Zambia have been complaining about. Non of this gay, satanism nonsense !! If PF are so against satanism or gay issues why do they accept donations from western nations that are in support of these issues? This is day light hypocrisy!!
    While PF are busy eating snakes, can we please hear from them how they are going to feed the hungry citizens??

    • @Elightened….I’m so in support of what you just said bro. ati while they are busy eating snakes…ba PF ni mfwiti mfwiti….full of empty heads like Chanda and this guy Tutwa….I wonder how such people pass through UNZA. Bushe kwena ninshi Zambia yachita kanshi to be taken for granted like this. I fail to understand. HH is a winner and will win 2021 elections to fix the country and all these PF BABOONS TO BE LOCKED UP INDEFINITELY. Zambia needs a Tonga President for once abantu batumpa sana. HH please do not even respond to such fake news. They(ALL PF *****S) want you to behave the same as them. This a cat and mouse game by PF. Ntau…TIME is running out for them. I want to see where Dora Siliti will end up.

  12. Pf trying to scare people with some unsubstantiated stories and some $diott will believe this colony. Believe these stories at your own risk, because you will be selling your souls to these koswes who will impoverish you further

    • Unfortunately, I am not an ***** as indicated by China. However, I would like to make the issues of Satanism and gaysm to be sorted out before I become comfortable as a Christian.

    • Moses, then petition the PF government to delink Zambia from the UN if you want that comfort because the UN supports gays mune. Don’t be dull.

    • If HH responds to this load of crap I will lose respect for him. I hope HH is wise to keep quiet and not answer to these PF goons as if they are the ones that employed him or feed him.

    • He will be suing and bankrupting people. I have stopped asking for his response.
      The last time he responded it was catastrophic naivety.
      His scoundrel and weirdo betrays his electability.
      It’s spooky.

  13. Zanbians should not worry about Tutwa’s rants and falsehoods. He is just appealing to the PF base.
    The PF base consists of brainless supporters who feel its okay to have 15 hours of load shedding,high food prices,poor medical facilities etc

  14. Useless ministers instead of talking about hunger in the country and load shedding you are busy talking about useless things this UN you belong to is it not promoting satanism but you belong to it you are busy begging IMF to give you money is not promoting gay rights don’t be so foolish think before you open your dirty mouth shallow brains butch of bandits.

  15. Hahaha. Tutwa since when has UPND been in government? People are looking to you the government for solutions. What has UPND belonging to that organization got to do with people’s lack of food on their table, or sale of a National park, or current load shedding, loss of production in the mines, high inflation, mealie prices, unemployment and loss of employment. The BOZ governor has stated that the economy keeps falling every year since PF took power is that the fault of UPND? Has UPND borrowed on behalf of Zambia. PF is the party in power and people did not elect you to keep pointing your gross failures on UPND. Your own councilors have lost confidence in you and that just tells how your party has lamentably failed in leadership. Let UPND sort out their party mess if any but you as PF…

  16. Continued: but as PF you have got to sort out the mess you put this country into. The heat is on, you got no answers to pressing issues and people are losing patience and fighting back on every opportunity you try to steal money or sell country assets. So the only thing left for PF to do is simply point at other people trying to shift the focus of people. People and know and feel what is real because it is visible everywhere in this country things are not good right now. So if you have nothing better to say just just up.

  17. Instead of talking about hunger in the country and load shedding you are busy talking about useless things this UN you belong to is it not promoting satanism but you belong to it you are busy begging IMF to give you money is not promoting gay rights don’t be so foolish think before you open your dirty mouth shallow brains butch of bandits.

  18. Our former MMD information minister turned PF information Minister alleged the same about Late Michael Sata. Sata was said to have been receiving money from Taiwan and LGBT community. Fast forward to today, the same Dora and her children Tutwa, Makebi and Tayali have continued their best known strategy. You wonder how such low characters escaped the ZIALE scrutiny. Gives the impression ZIALE is not perfect after all if these are the goods it’s able to offload onto the legal market!

  19. There are too many PF cadres working for lusakatimes now there busy blocking our comments it will not help them people are tired of you.

  20. Instead of talking about hunger in the country and load shedding you are busy talking about useless things this UN you belong to is it not promoting satanism but you belong to it you are busy begging IMF to give you money is not promoting gay rights.

  21. Comment :You are just afraid of HH and those are chop politics you are saying . Zwaaaaaaa poorf you are a failure and when people change its positive with no going back . People are dying of hunger when you are there talking rubbish .

  22. @ SPAKA
    With all due respect mind how you approach situation’s we can not have a homo,lesbian and satanist as peolpe that can rule the country all in the name of creating job’s for the zambian citizen’s .As a christian it is totally wrong for HH to be involed in the receiving of funds from a network thats liberal compared to our customs and values as a christian Nation , him doing this simply shows that he is now backsliding from being a Zambian citizen all in the name of achieving his game plans in order to become the zambian president .

  23. It’s strange that the so called lawyer can not discern truth from stupidity. We have a situation where every Jim and Jack looking for relevance has to blame HH for anything and everything .

    There is this belief that if you are “rich” you must be a Satanist – whatever that means. This kind of mentality is very prevalent in the shanty compounds , where anyone doing better than the neighbour must be involved in some form of witchcraft that collects monies from people’s houses. To see people who are educated propagate this kind of stories is a sad situation and a loss to the education system.

    With all the problems that the country is facing you have people who went to school to help solve these problems are engulfed in petty politics of witchcraft. They want to be noticed by Lungu…

  24. These guys sound like Trump supporters in the United States. Baseless and *****ic sentiments. Here is the link to the organization so you can learn about their own mission.**google africaliberalnetwork***
    Personally I wonder why we are so backwards, don’t gay people deserve rights to live freely and love who they want? Why would a straight person be afraid of gay people? Are you not confident in your own sexuality that you think we need to monitor what two other consenting adults do in their own room? How does that affect your life? Satanism? Please visit the site and tell me if this is a Satanist organization, that is slander and when you tarnish an organization like he did, he needs to be sued. I’m personally non Religious and I think Religion is a Cancer that has withheld…

  25. Only if these accusations were coming from Ba Edgar Lungu then HH should respond not these small men like Tutwa,Malama & CO. That’s how ama levels works.

  26. I think there is a serious disease in PF. Whoever joins this party becomes something else. Education in PF is of no value. Why did we go to school in the first place if we still reason like someone who has never been school? Tutwa, you are to major disappointment to many Zambians because of your outbursts. At first you were one of the few Characters in PF who was considered as a voice of the voiceless. But the moment you chose HH as your topic in your debates you lost it dearly. As a party in government, your priority is to tell Zambians what you doing to address the many challenges we are facing as a people and the way forward. It is very disappointing that whenever it is PF interactive forum, the daily agenda is HH. Dont you think that you are indirectly selling Him? To tell you the…

    • @ Eeeat, You are entitled to your own opinion. Now What do you exactly call the snake eating antics by edgar huh? Snakes were meant to be trampled on not eaten. I think lungu is more satanic than HH.

  27. Ba tutwa what you are saying is nonsense, it dose not even hold water. Instead of telling us how your govement will reduce poverty in this country you are just saying rubbish as if you are not a lawyer. I now know hh is giving you sleepless night more volume team hh.

  28. No issues, just desperate witch-hunting. Another PF dunderhead coming out of the woodwork to try and divert people’s attention from the social, political and economic crisis. Instead of concentrating on how they will sort out the mess, the PF’s agenda is to malign HH with tired, idealist nonsensical – whom are they appealing to with this nonsense?

  29. Let him tell us openly before we tell him ourselves how much financial support he has received from Africa Liberal Network for all the by-elections that we have been having, and also for the 2015 and 2016 general election,” .You are the telling a story,just finish it since you have information

  30. Tutwa means what? In our local language it means insect Ant. Is Tutwa biblical name or a devilish name. Do you see the spirits attached. Eg. Mulungushi university. Mulungushi is not a name but a question ” which god is this” Did HH give such a name. NO. Satanism started in Zambia years back. Judas was a satanist feeding from the house of God. You are also feeding in the treasuries of the country and what are you doing to the people of kabwe. God loves sinners but he hates sin. Mr Tutwa do you love HH. If your answer is NO then who are you? You are preaching hatred. Let love lead. Repent and stop throwing stones for you are not the judge. For you will be judged.

  31. Thank you Tutwa. Thank you Canisius Banda. Thank you Makebi Zulu. Thank you Sunday Chanda. Thank you GVBM. Thank you
    That contribution and revelation is great for Zambia going forward and has reinvigorated our resolve to corner this tribal entity away from the corridors of power.
    I am still learning more atrocious evils about h² as 2021 draws near. Bring it on.
    No wonder that sit remains elusive.

    Short live h².
    Abash illuminati in Zambia.

    • Thorn in the Flesh,
      do you know what and who the “Illuminati” are? Do you know were the word Illuminati is derived from?

  32. That is a well known factor and only a fool can defend this Satanist,who doesn’t know that he is a Satanist.who doesn’t know about this secrete organization ( a sectarian organization),only a fool can say there is no God period.

  33. Kenneth Kaunda, Grey Zulu, Aaron Milner, John Mwanakatwe, Reuben Kamanga, Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe, Rupiah Banda, just to name a few,, worked with Elijah Mudenda, VJ Mwaanga, Mainza Choma, Sikota and Authur Wina..for the good of Zambia and Zambians….it is very difficult to comprehend where this tribalism and hatred for certain tribes has come from? who will help restore the unity we once enjoyed? when will we “stand and sing of Zambia proud and free” or “brothers under the sun”…maybe our National Anthem needs to be revisited to suit the current situation. It is so sad…. How can one man be a target for the entire Govt to redicule, insult, condemn etc etc? Find solutions to the current economic problems, insulting HH is not the solution at all…


  35. Bati zoona ndiye kosoba vokamba.

    No matter what they say, PF is losing in 2021 and I’m just counting down the days for this stup!dity to end.

  36. I thought going by an animal name is madness, however, going by two wild animal names is sheer craziness. For a lawyer, this man is really absolutely an amazing SOB, ni nkumba ya chiwewe. The country is today stinking in debt and corruption and all this fool can think of is satanism. People in this country like Ngulube need to be put out of their misery by being shot dead!

  37. I’m beginning to think being an absolute ***** is the criteria PF looks for in it’s members or is it merely coincidence? This party is full of extremely stupid dull retrogressive backward thinkers including its president ECL. Fish rots from the head first. I hope Zambians have learnt something from this tribal poor vote. ECL was a borderline peasant with no integrity. What did you expect! You can’t have the Fox guard the hen house. Today his daughter Tasila calls herself a philanthropist. What is her source of income?…taxpayers money.
    Poor man = poor thinking = Zambia today.

  38. Can a private individual constitute a Commission of Inquiry or this is a preserve of the President. we want to know who sold Monarch to the Zimbambweans who srripped the company and left a shell only to take the machinery to Zimbabwe and never to return.
    We also want to find out why the highest bidder at $20m to the Hotel in Livingstone was ignored and the one with $5m was picked in the meantime a valuator became a major shareholder in the same hotel. There re a lot of people who have come out and are now aging. Lets not waste time until the inevitable is done.

  39. And you receive money from America, you do business with South Africa a gay state, and you say all this nonsense double standard fools, no wonder you only win by rigging elections and violence. The most useless party on earth

  40. You got that right!

    It’s okay for HH to be a member of the ALN if he so chooses.

    The only concerning matter, to Zambian citizens, is that he HIDES this fact and goes a long way to hide that he is a full member of the organisation and it’s beliefs. AND now we hear he has been funding bye elections with their funds……..COME OUT OF THE CLOSET HH, and liberate yourself. Start wearing Pink instead of Red proudly!

    • HH’s election manifesto and sought Mandate 2021……….

      1). Make Zambia “Gay as a lark.”
      2). Harness the Power of the Pink Dollar in Zambia.
      3). Boys an’ Girls playing with each others ‘body part toys’ instead of the deciding matters in a multi gender Parliament
      Etc. Etc.

      This could be fun guys……….mmmmmm

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