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World Bank to release funds for North climate interventions

General News World Bank to release funds for North climate interventions

World bank building in Washington

The World Bank says it will soon release US$100 million for the implementation of a climate resilience project that will uplift over 1 million people in three provinces in the northern part of the country.

World Bank Zambia Country Manager Sahr Kpundeh says the Breton Wood financial institution will give Zambia the funds to implement a five-year Transforming Landscapes for Resilience and Development (TRALARD) project.

Dr Kpundeh said the project was approved in May, 2019 and that unforeseen delays prevented it from taking off to help mitigate climate change effects.

He, however, added that delays that were preventing the release of the funds have since been cleared, to enable rolling out of the project in 16 districts located in Luapula, Muchinga and Northern provinces.

Dr Kpundeh pointed out that the TRALARD project is an upgrade of the recently concluded 6 year US$25 million Pilot Programme for Climate Resilience (PPCR).

The World Bank Country Manager heaped praises on the PPCR as being a global model for climate change adaptation and mitigation.

And Dr Kpundeh noted that the World Bank is also keen to support Zambia’s climate action due to the success of the PPCR.

The TRALARD project is an upgrade of the Pilot Programme for Climate Resilience (PPCR) and is expected to deepen and diversify livelihoods, increase agriculture and agro-forestry productivity and help government mainstream climate change in economically vulnerable sectors.

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  1. This is what makes people cry foul. All the time its Luapula, Muchinga and Northern provinces. Luapula, Muchinga and Northern provinces. Just why??? Are these the strong hold of climate change also???

    • I don’t care where please don’t release funds to PF. Look at the track record. No malaise here look here at the track record of abuse of funds please. Just manage it yourself/ The most high profile people are the ones abusing funds. Please world bank find a system to keep money away from these people.

      But help our country


    • Its such projects that bring division in African countries. tribal pf leaders also adds to the problem because when they are lobbying for funds, their tribal thinking makes them lobby only for their villages. Aid must be evenly distributed in the country and its about time that zambians start getting reports of how projects are distributed in the country. The president flies to northern province to commission road works and the following week flys to western province and tells the people there that road projects have been stopped due to lack of funds. Are funds only available for roads in northern province and not other provinces?

  2. The world bank should realize that climate effects are felt in the Southern Area of Zambia. I don’t know how they ended up with those areas they selected .

    • @Sikana, the southern part does not recognize the zambian government and they have their own representative. their president was recently in america where he clinched a 25billiion deal. lol

    • I am sure the 1doits in PFoools and their ka useless worst president in the world cant wait to get their dirty hands on these funds…. bakabolala

  3. Listen to the PF cader ministers shouting

    ” shaingila ageni ”

    Watch the PF ministers and officials now aboundon construction companies and be experts at climate change mitigation with their new companies

    Meanwhile lungu and gang continue to decimate reserve forests and push for mines in game parks

  4. The PPCR projects are currently only run in Southern, Western and parts of Eastern Provinces. The Resilience Ready Conference is currently on at Mulungushi Conference Centre where these issues are being discussed. The Dudumwezi Kalomo and Shanhombe road is an exàmple of PPCR project if it may please you.

  5. So Wandi, assuming you are in the know, why is a pilot project that did not show expected results being scaled up? There is no maize in Southern province because of climate change effects. How come that was not mitigated?

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