The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) has sued Sun-foods Trading, a Chinese company on allegations of a forged Trademark.

The DPP has also sued two directors of Sun-food Trading Shengming – Li and Wenzhuang – Li as second and third defendants.

Sun-foods Trading has been accused of copyright infringement of Swiss Bake Limited’s Chelsea Biscuits Brand.

The DPP has also filed a Notice of Motion for the forfeiture of Three Hundred and 67 boxes of Chelsea Biscuits from Sun-foods Trading.

Kennedy Munangisha, a Detective Inspector of Zambia Police Service has filed the suit on behalf the DPP.

Mr Munangisha has contended that he was assigned to investigate the case of a forged Trademark linked to Sun-foods Trading on April 10, 2019.

He has also contended that investigation at the Patents and Companies Registration Agency (PACRA) has revealed that the Trademark of Chelsea Biscuits belongs to Swiss Bake Limited.

Mr. Munangisha has further contended that Swiss Bake Limited, a subsidiary of Trade King Limited has owned a Trademark of Chelsea Biscuits since 2015.

This is according to the affidavit filed in the Lusaka High Court.

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  1. You will not control those Chinese you have allowed into the country. Trump is still battling them for intellectual property infringements in the USA. Good luck guys!


  2. LT, you have a big problem writing figures. Why is it difficult to write 367? You should not mix letters with figures – bad, bad writing. Note that normally, lettered amounts should only be used (bracketed) to affirm amounts in figures as in official documents (eg. three hundred and sixty seven). Also note that the letter K in Kwacha should always be capitalised. Take note you other culprits – ZNBC, Prime TV etc.


  3. @Aghast
    You are so right. These children who are writing these news stories know completely nothing about notations and objective writing. Especially ZNBC! How can you write 305.12 as “3 hundred and 5 point twelve”. Simply write the number, your audience know how to read numbers. Editors are to blame for this nonsense. I have offered my services to edit ZNBC news for free but they don’t want to take the offer.




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