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Eduction Minister Suspends Grade 1 Enrollment in Lusaka

Minister of General Education David Mabumba
Minister of General Education David Mabumba

General Education Minister David Mabumba has with immediate effect suspended Grade One enrollment in all primary schools in Lusaka District until further notice.

This follows the video which circulated on social media showing women who were sleeping in schools to get enrollment forms.

Mr. Mabumba has implored the Provincial Education Officer and District Education Board Secretaries -DEBs- to design a system that will not cause havoc when parents come to enroll their children in schools.

The Minister also disclosed that the government has started building more secondary schools Lusaka in order to decongest the primary schools.

Mr. Mabumba was accompanied by Chawama Member of Parliament Lawrence Sichalwe when he made an impromptu visit to Chimwemwe and Chawama Primary Schools.

And Chimwemwe Head Teacher Lloyd Shamubotu admitted that women sleep in schools in order for them to get the enrollment forms.

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  1. Uyu nao!
    He likes suspensions. Isn’t there a better way to handle this?
    Be proactive not reactive Mabumba.


    • There is no plan for any sector in Zambia. it is chipantepante and corruption day in day out. Results of having a president without a vision.


    • Eduction Oh YeH I remember when I was at campus with Gary Nkombo and we were protesting against introducing school fees by Kaunda we also misspelt it and our pictures were Frontpage times of Zambia


    • This is the saddest day in our nation as far as education sector is concerned. How can enrolment of our children be so bad that the minister has to suspend till further notice. Really government all you do is buy expensive planes, GXs, build 45 houses, $42m fire wheelbarrows and forget the very future of this nation the grade ones. What a shame, how does the minister suspend the enrolment for the entire nation when other parts they are not affected by this maddest of Lusaka? Only questions at this stage


  2. ‘General Education Minister David Mabumba has with immediate effect suspended Grade One enrollment in all primary schools in Lusaka District until further notice.’
    ‘The Minister also disclosed that the government has started building more secondary schools Lusaka in order to decongest the primary schools.’
    Look at the contrast in the two statements instead of saying they will build capacity in Primary schools he starts talking about Secondary schools – what are u trying to address here????


    • Mayowandi, Mr Mabumba is actually hard working. His statement of decongesting primary schools is right and not contradictory as you put it. There are primary schools which go up to Grade Nine. When new secondary schools are built, Grade eights and Nines from the said primary schools will be relocated to the new secondary schools leaving room for Grade 7s & 1s alike. To me it makes sense. Of the debs and peos did see that parents were sleeping at various schools in order to have access to forms, but did nothing until his intervention, meaning the debs & pros had gone to sleep.


  3. Just to be seen working. There is a better way of handling this matter. Call headteachers and come up with a good strategy that will not make mothers and guardians sleep in schools just to get a form. Does it mean that its only after sleeping at the school that one can get a form. Are they only printed at night and not during the day.
    No need to suspend enrolments after all some schools are doing a better job and allow those wanting schools to learn from them its that simple bosses.
    This Ministry is full of utuntu. Suspend exams, suspend teachers, suspend accountants, suspend exams, suspend enrolments, suspend pupils, suspend students, suspend opening of universities, suspend lecturers .. list is endless. It seems that this is the only language this Ministry knows. Limited vocabulary!…


    • Rude Monk, look the minister simply solving a problem which indeed headteachers and their debs could have solved. Mind you this was after the issue went viral SM. Administrators of the schools like it this way as it may bring a bit of money to them. Already you have asked whether the forms are only printed at night. Its just shoddy work on part of school administrators. Not caring how they serve fellow beings. It had to seemly someone who cares to stop the rot. The minister to intervene. Within his mandate.


    [email protected]’s minister’s, Kaya!!?
    No matter what shame they heap on [email protected], he NEVER sacks them, probably too drunk to realise the gravity of his ministers /officials misdemeanors.


  5. GMS this shows the man is not working and is in the dark like most of us. I see why Sata used to call them useless very reactionary and not proactive. Sata was hardworking showing up unexpected in hospitals, councils chiluba was forced to make him a minister without portfolio. These ministers we have are lazying around like their boss ECL, and using orders to appear like they’re working. Let’s be real how is this government going to build schools when they have no money and also the little land for schools is being grabbed whilst they just sit and watch.


  6. I cannot believe this is the situation.We have more private schools than ever before so I thought getting a place at government schools was like a walk in the park.Zambia sure! Struggling in every sector


  7. Poor Planning as usual!
    Can’t plan 100 years ahead!
    Can’t even plan simple grade 1 enrollments, can’t project into the future! Even simple Grade 7 exams, they have to postpone, something that was unheard of during our KK days! It’s clear under qualified people have been elevated to positions they can’t manage. A classical case of cadres pushing technocrats out of sensitive positions! When is PF ever going to be PROACTIVE? They are always in Reactive mode! Shame on you pathetic failures!


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