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Zambia ready to support Zimbabwe develop small scale miners

Economy Zambia ready to support Zimbabwe develop small scale miners

Small Scale Miners
Small Scale Miners

The Zimbabwe Miners Federation (ZMF) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Small-Scale Miners Association of Zambia (SSMAZ), which will see the two countries sharing experiences on the small-scale mining sector.

SSMAZ representative, Mr Alfred Lungu, was in the country last week where he attended the ZMF annual general meeting and conference in Gweru.

In his solidarity message, he said the two associations have signed a MoU in a quest to learn from each other.

“As you know Zimbabwe and Zambia are like Siamese twins, we have also signed an MoU with ZMF that will see us exchanging notes as organisations and support operations of our small-scale miners,” said Mr Lungu.

He said Zambia stood ready to support Zimbabwe to ensure the country fully benefits from its vast natural resources.

“I want to assure you that we stand ready to share experiences with you. We have been in the business for more than 10 years now. We have prepared documents and data that we will like to share with our Zimbabwean friends “ said Mr Lungu.

He said the pact between the two organisations seeks to create uniform policies in areas like pricing and taxation, among others.

“Our people work hard and toil to get the minerals from underground only to be fleeced on pricing. We want to come up with a uniform pricing model that appeals to both Zimbabwe and Zambia with a view of spreading to the region in the long run,” he said.

Mr Lungu, who is also Zambia Stock Exchange chairperson and Zambia Revenue Authority deputy chair, said he also intends to use his influence to improve taxation of the sector.

“I would also use my influence to try and address the issue of taxation, which has become a big thorn in the flesh. Working with our Zimbabwean counterparts I hope this can be achieved,” he said.

Mr Lungu hailed Zimbabweans for being resilient in face of sanctions imposed by the West.

“Zimbabweans are very strong people who despite the sanctions, continue working hard. As Zambia we are in total support of the lifting of the sanctions that are affecting the day to day living of people,” said Mr Lungu.

ZMF president, Ms Henrietta Rushwaya, said the MoU seeks to create mutual benefit for both countries. “The agreement is going to benefit both countries. Zambia is more experienced than us and we seek to benefit both in technical expertise as well as financial benefits from Zambia.

“We have been working together with our Zambian friends and we look forward to our relationship to grow so that we learn from each other and help each other counter challenges we face as small-scale miners,” she said.

The Zambian delegation was part of the three foreign delegations that attended the AGM. South Africa and China were also represented at the indaba.


  1. This is silly. The levels of criminality in the zim small scale mining is ridiculous. And now you want to import the same to Zambia? In zim, cadres just grab land and start mining. Unlike in Zambia, Zim has gold, diamond, playinum and gold deposits EVERYWHERE. And yet there is wide spread poverty. Wanna know why? Because of the way “small scale mining is done”. If you thought the jerabos at their worst were bad, you aint seen nothing. These guys will grab your land, they have mschetes and guns. Get in thier way and they will hack you, and police will do nothing..These are the people you want to partner with?
    Really, we cant partner with countries that are progressive like Botswana, Kenya, Ethiopia etc? Instead we want to partner with a country that is headed into the stone age? Awe…

    • Journeyman and The Engineer: You hv no idea hw much I brood over this matter. Where’s the Zimbabwean state, where’s the Zambian state as these things are happening? Both are weak states that are unable tp do all those things the state is created for.

    • @ Nemwine
      Look anywhere in Africa. The moment the colonizers left the rule of law broke down. A black man has not understanding of regulations. He still prefers to live a stone age life.
      How do you explain a president who claims to be a lawyer and can not understand the basics of a constitutional judgement? He says its a difficult one…?
      Very simple:
      The highest court says pay back. You can not make any beneficial decisions were you were in the office in an illegal capacity. All decisions are null and avoid and you can not be paid.
      Whats difficult about that???

    • The Engineer: Wht can I possibly do apart from brooding? U hv wht passes for an intelligentsia who think Zambia is undergoing the best of times. Power does stranges things to most Affricans. They want to enjoy the benefits of citizenship but live wth the obligations of tribespeople.

    • Nemwine and Engineer you want to see yourselves as not being African. Leadership comes from its society so why have you allowed mediocre political leadership if you are better? You should be vying for leadership if you think you are better.
      I can’t help but see that you are suffering from inferiority complex as you can’t see any positives in yourselves as Africans. Africans who were brainwashed by Europeans into self hate don’t see anything positive in fellow blacks. They are usually the PHDs

  2. On paper Zimbabwe has the best small scale mining strategy. There is nothing zambia can teach zimbabwe. Our small scale mining strategy is in shambles and is politically motivated. Look at the si called black mountains!! Is that what you want to share with zimbabwe? In the African Mining Vision 2030 small scale mining is well covered. This document was drafted after wide consultation with all mining countries in Africa and you want to move from it and have your own small scale strategy with zimbabwe. Africa will never develop because we reinvent the wheels all the time. This conference is nothing but an allowance earning event.

  3. This is laughable please Zambia!!! Charity begins at home, look around your own before you think you can help your neighbour.

  4. The Zambian representative for the small scale miners association is also chair of the Zambian Stock Exchange and deputy chair of the ZRA? Quite confusing.

    Anyway, our mining, whether informal or formal is an unregulated shambles. Yet we are ready to exert our energies to supporting other miners? Zambia clearly reads like a country without any policy, plan or structure in any area of human endeavour.

  5. The Zambian representative for the small scale miners association is also chair of the Zambian Stock Exchange and deputy chair of the ZRA? Quite confusing.

    Anyway, our mining, whether informal or formal is an unregulated shambles. Yet we are ready to exert our energies to supporting other miners? Zambia clearly reads like a country without any policy, plan or structure in any area of human endeavour.

  6. The deputy ZRA chair wants to use his influence to “address” the issue of taxation… when its our people who complain about taxation issues you turn a blind eye and just increase saying we need to pay our faior share… when its a foreigner you are quick to say we will look into it to make it fair! you want to treat foreigners better than your oen people…. SMH

  7. Zambia is in a hurry to development and that the current government is trying by all means to make it happened, So far so good that the rains have come it is our time to focus on planting maize at the farms, no wasting time on social media let us work. God has given us land, air, energy, and free rains…

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